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EDITED: some heavy personal stuff; just a warning

Here I am typing this up when I should be typing up a Literature essay... Typical me.

I'm honestly amazed. I was surprised to hear we would be getting another Nick Cave album so soon (?) after Skeleton Tree. Honestly, I wouldn't have been too surprised to hear that was to be he and the Bad Seeds' last. However, Ghosteen is here, and it's nothing short of stunning. It picks up right where Skeleton Tree left off in its bare and haunting ... read more
Warning: this is a long ass review

"The songs on the first album are the children. The songs on the second album are their parents. Ghosteen is a migrating spirit."

Ghosteen, man...I am absolutely stunned. It's fascinating to see that even in the darkest, most devastating, hopeless and troublesome of situations where your mind is in complete grief, agony and your soul has nowhere to go, there is still a light at the end of the tunnel. In the case of Nick Cave, the pain endured from ... read more
The clouds part on ‘Skeleton Tree’s existential despair and give way to existential acceptance.

This album sounds like the universe smiling, and then blinking, as humanity’s brief moment sparks and fades.
I'm gonna write one more review before I sleep, because I think I have my current aoty.

Ghosteen is an amazing album, when I first went into it I didn't expect to be blown away to such an extent, but god this is beautiful. From front to back, this thing delivers such a sweet and serene vibe that I haven't heard from anything else this year. To put it simply this album sounds like the cover looks, it feels like a fantastical forest and it's as beautiful as it looks. The album is over an hour in ... read more
adults see ghosts
DAMMIT, I was writing a review for this album and was look at the lyrics for reference for my review, but when I returned to this site, the fucking page refreshed and deleted my fucking review (I was using safari)

Let’s just say, this might be the most fucking depressing album I ever heard in my life
Never in my life have i seen such a thematic contrast between two consecutive albums by an artist. Ghosteen is, for lack of better words, the hopeful counterpart to 2016s “Skeleton Tree” all the sorrow and sadness has been replaced with hope and a respectful appreciation for the human experience and the world around us. I was not expecting new NCATBS album so soon, if I was even expecting one at all.

This album and lush and gorgeously crafted from beginning to end. The since of ... read more
Its the ghosts within Nick Cave's writing that sing these songs, not him. every line shakes the timbre in his voice with phantom pain,

"I lay in the forest amongst the butterflies and the fireflies
And the burning horses and the flaming trees
As a spiral of children climb up to the sun"

"And a man named Jesus, he promised he would leave us
With a word that would light up the night, oh the night
But the stars hang from threads and blink off one by one
And it isn't any fun, no it ... read more

Edit: This clicked. A super melancholy and depressingly look into Cave’s mind, along with some beautifully implemented ambient tones.

Original rating: Mediocre, 49

This album really disappointed me overall. Yes, the instrumentals are soothing and the songwriting is beautifully poetic, but everything just seems super slow. The pacing made me nearly forget if I was even listening to any music or not.

Color: Blue
FAV TRACKS: Spinning Song, Hollywood, Ghosteen, Bright Horses, ... read more
I get why people like this, but it's really not for me. Nick Cave has a good voice but it's so tedious listening to for over an hour, over mostly similar semi-ambient chamber pop instrumentals. The backing chords on Galleon Ship are my favourite on the album, but nothing else really matches that track in terms of memorability for me. The second disc, with two 10+ minute tracks, just feels like it's killing time for no good reason, especially the title track that sees little songwriting ... read more
Usually, when I review an album, I stick to it for a full opinion until I have my full thoughts or else I lose my train of thought. It was especially the case for "Ghosteen" because I was sick this weekend. Now that I feel a lot better, goddamn, I have plenty to say about this record.

I haven't checked out Nick Cave's discography yet (in fact, I'm starting the binge in two weeks), but I am aware of what happened to his son, Arthur. It's some pretty tragic stuff and I bet it had a ... read more
After mulling over this album over the last two days, giving it ample time to grow and soak into me, I cannot help but be beyond impressed by this breathtaking piece of music, one of which could only be expected from a genius mind like Nick Cave.

I took a long road down Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds albums earlier this year and found that the music consistently got better and better. Nick Cave was visibly taking elements from his music, transforming them and making something vastly new and ... read more
Ghosteen is incredible, what a way to bet on the Ambient, although it is not a new concept in the group, now it works much better.
The ghosteen song has left me perplexed, it is the best of the year without a doubt.
After the brutal and depressive Skeleton Tree,i see Ghosteen as a healing album for Nick Cave after the tragic passing of his son

If Skeleton Tree was Nick Cave expressing his feelings of grief and sadness
Ghosteen is the album where he fully heals himself.
please shut the fuck up man
Ghosteen's multiple layers of complicated themes and mind-bending subtext make it one of the most emotionally potent albums ever recorded

Best Tracks: Spinning Song, Waiting for You, Night Raid, Galleon Ship, Ghosteen Speaks, Leviathan, Ghosteen, Fireflies
Worst Track: Hollywood (maybe?)
I've had a shitty week, most of my weeks are shitty. I'm utterly exhausted from it. I feel like most things that could've gone wrong went horribly worse than I thought could be possible. I feel completely drained, but if you'd ask, I'd simply state that I'm tired.

Then I listened to this. I was hoping that the headache I've had all week didn't come back so that I could listen to it all in one sitting.

Tears were rolling down my face throughout most of my listening but then again a lot was ... read more
I've been finishing this album for a couple of days. It wasn't caused by the fact that I didn't like it, I think it's an album for which you have to have time and a lot of will. The songs are quite monotonous due to their vocals and minimalistic instrumentation. Only when you get to know the lyrics and what the vocalist has to tell us, this album starts to gain a deeper sense. Everything sounds really great here and I'd be lying if I said I didn't like it. The problem is that there is no replay ... read more
I already wrote a long and detailed review and now i have to do that again because i have a somewhat unpopular opinion? UGH

The instrumentation on this thing is great. The sounds used are very fitting and also differing at the same time. It's the one sole thing that makes this a good album. The rest of this is just kinda boring. I don't think this deserves this high of a score. It's really not that impressive. The narration singing is kinda meh. I lost track of what song i was on ... read more
The words that Nick Cave puts forth are an assembly of grief turning into hope. Coming off of his last album "Skeleton Tree", Cave battled a loss no one could imagine, his son. The grief and despair felt throughout "Skeleton Tree" provided some of the most heart wrenching material Cave had put out in his career and of the decade. Now, roughly 3 years later on "Ghosteen", he turns grief into hope. With angelic passages and organic songwriting, Nick Cave has not lost ... read more
This is a very complicated album to review.

After the extremely heartbreaking Skeleton Tree, Ghosteen is the Now Only of a crow looked at me. This is a logical follow-up as you need to standing up after the loss.

While Now Only feeled more like a direct extension of A crow looked at me, Ghosteen completely flips the sound made in skeleton tree to sounding more surreal and completely shifts the darkness to light.

The arrangements are gorgeous and encapsulate really well a warmed ... read more
My 1976th rating, sad.

Great project but I'm not sold on it being a masterpiece. The album artwork is probably the best of the entire year, although it sort of looks like the cover of a children's book. Might need some more time with this record, but currently, I can't see it being one I return to often, simply for what it is. Never been a huge fan of Spoken Word anything, but obviously this is much much more than that.

Great record-AOTY contender? Nope.
I’m gonna do my best to put this into words, but cut me some slack if I falter. This album will do that to you!

If Skeleton Tree was a devastating and rough collection of the first four stages of grief, this album is Cave’s best attempt at facing the final- acceptance! And this album has a beautiful yet tragic way of showing just how difficult of a path that is!

I was initially skeptical of a new Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds album to be completely honest. Many who know me probably ... read more
if skeleton tree was about nick's fresh wounds, ghosteen is him having to make his best attempts to suture those wounds. this album is gorgeous and tragic all at once and it is just indescribable.

nick might finally have his AOTY.
2016 boasted one of the most tear-jerking and gut-wrenching collection of tracks "Skeleton Tree", by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. As its name implies, the lyrics presented on it were skeletal and barren, laid on a landscape of minimal instrumentation that wonderfully complemented one another. The project was concise, to the point, and nearly unbearably depressing. It was one of the most heartfelt and rawest pieces of music this decade hands down.

In July, 2015, Nick Cave and his ... read more
Nick Cave, like many other consolidated songwriters, has a fairly flawless career, a respect due to him, but I cannot ignore those facts that this album is simply boring and slow, its strenght evidently are the lyrics but my criteria is always what the ear perceives, even these lyrics can become martyring and necessarily sad, on several arrhythmic occasions, always singing in prose and outside the instrumental (which is very well achieved) but in spite of everything it is completely audible, ... read more
What A Wonderful Forest :)
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds had an almost impossible challenge of following up Skeleton Tree. I almost can't put into words what that album means to me. It got me through a tough season of life and basically is responsible for me growing much more interested in diving deeper into music.

However, I think they really came through on this one.

This record is stunning. It is IMMENSE. Like seriously, the sound of this thing is gigantic, cinematic, and completely envelops you in lush ... read more
a gorgeous and luscious album about grief
Oh bloody hell this album gets better every time I listen to it. Bloody album being too good, not letting me listen to other 2019 releases. You notice new musical details on every bloody listen and it just adds to make a better bloody piece of ART.
Top Favorite: Waiting For You
Other Favorites: Hollywood, Ghosteen, Bright Horses
Least Favorite: Fireflies
Not a Big Fan of this whole thing tbh. There are a lot of interesting rhythms and instrumentals that harmonize very nicely together but the focal point of this album is the lyrics, which is overly pretentious and sentimental. On top of that, there is no gripping melody pattern whatsoever (if there is melody in here at all). Nick Caves Voice isn't exactly my Jam either and made the album hard to get through at times. All in All, this is peak boomer music.
I’m not crying. You’re crying!

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds follow what could be one of the most beautifully tragic albums you’ll ever hear, with another sonically similar album. It’s hard to listen to the lyrics of this album and not think of the sad end of Arthur Cave’s life. While not actually mentioning his name, you feel that he is ever present in the music, much like how Nick Cave feels he is there with him always. But this album does much more than dwell in ... read more
Think a few of the synthy bits are a bit dull, would've preferred if it had better pacing or a bit of trimming down maybe ? but yea still he's one of my fav songwriters ever though even at 62 years old, mad.
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds made one of the saddest albums of the decade in 2016 with Skeleton Tree. In 2019, they follow it up with a meditation on grief, love lost, and moving on.
I was not expecting such an album. This album is very effective at painting a picture and creating an ambience. Very impressive and beautiful. This is great
( ☆☆½ ) inconsistent but enjoyable composition here
To be completely fair, Nick Cave has been my favorite musician for twenty years, so my review may reflect some biases.

I am trying to gauge the album as an outsider. How would I feel about this if I didn't know the backstory and didn't have reverence for the artist? Lyrically, it is fantastic, repeating images and metaphors throughout, a work filled with horses and fireflies and boats and children traversing the skies. It starts with a king and queen in their castle, and ends with the author ... read more
What an album. Nick Cave rarely disappoints, and this ambient masterclass of songwriting is a fitting follow up to the fantastic Skeleton Tree. Cave is at his poetic best on this album, it takes multiple listens to grasp all of the subtleties he wraps up into his verses. This is not a happy album in response to his very real losses as one would expect. It is a long, winding vision on grief, with each song tearing at the heart but never delving into misery. On occasion there are glimpses of ... read more
i cant stop listening to this album. this album is just amazing.
Oh god where do i even fucking start
Where do i even start im so full of feelings i dont even know how to translate this into words there is no way i can do this justice

I can't remember the last time an album made me sob like this and aboslutely destroy me on this level.
The combo of this and Skeleton Tree has to be some of the most deeply personal, gutwrenching and cleansing music in my life. It tears me open and rips my insides apart but in the most beautiful and amazing way,

But where ... read more
Gorgeous and destructive beyond words.
This just keeps getting better and better with each listen.
A roller coaster of emotions with heartbreak being the most prominent one.

I had never listening to anything from nick cave prior to this album and I am honestly pretty impressed on how this album feels and sounds. His singing is fantastic giving a true feeling of pain intertwined within his words. The title track, Ghosteen, is probably the most heart wrenching songs of 2019. I actually needed to stop listening to the record after hearing that song just to really take in what I was ... read more
If ‘Skeleton Tree’ represents death, then ‘Ghosteen’ represents the afterlife.
Nick cave has a fucking gift to make you feel fucking stuff. The atmosphere is perfect, the voice is rough and old, the sustain voice that scrapes you. A fucking record to remember, to cry, to feel unsteady. Just feel in a downhill of yourself and you gonna wake up one hour later feeling somehow "lighter". This is a personal and emotional review. But the music, lyrics and voice are there purposely just to feel.

Nick cave tiene el don de hacerte sentir chingaderas. La atmósfera ... read more
Lmao stop this nonsense
Immensely dense album.
I need to listen more often to digest better.
omg this is better than skeleton tree
The album cover is incredibly misleading. It's seeming like this is something very ethereal and mystical and ultimately beautiful, which it ultimately is, but the haunting poetic lyricism and shimmering instrumentation layered across these tracks results in a heartbreakingly resplendent journey through the mind of Nick Cave to deliver one of his best albums yet.

There's something about the simplicity of these tracks that's really admirable, and is a true testament to the remarkable talent that ... read more
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