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Poppy - I Disagree
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A true masterpiece in almost every way imaginable - the only shortcoming being the fact that her brilliant voice wasn’t given more opportunities to shine - I Disagree, is the perfect album to start 2020 with.


‘I Disagree’ is her most accomplished record, full of daring theatre and snarling forward motion.


As both a symbolic avatar for her life changes and a strong empowerment statement, I Disagree celebrates Poppy's rebirth as a pop-metal alchemist and unabashed rule-breaker.


With I Disagree, Poppy releases her version of Lemonade; both channelling the pain of her recent controversy, sticking two fingers up to the past and translating her performance art into music.

For every comparison you can make of individual moments, there is little here that you can honestly say you’ve heard before, and little that can be judged on traditional terms. But that’s what makes her such a fascinating force.
The Needle Drop

I Disagree is metal-pop crossover that pans out remarkably well.


Whether viewed as empowered statement from a newly-free artist, or simply as a great record from pop’s new princess of darkness, ‘I Disagree’ is in fact, extremely agreeable indeed.


A major shift from her previous endeavors, I Disagree will challenge her established fans while amassing new appreciation for the artist.

Slant Magazine
The album tosses the singer’s pop aesthetic into the shredder with heavy metal and industrial rock.
The Line of Best Fit

I Disagree is the absolute opposite of a grower, and it’s better that way: Poppy gives you everything you need immediately, and then gives you more. It’s like being plugged directly into all of the Spotify “Alt-something” playlists at once.

Now, ‘I Disagree’ is not a novelty record. Sure, it’s fun and frequently funny, but for the first time the focus of Poppy and her collaborators seems to be on the construction of songs, the sequencing of the album and the content of the lyrics.

Part of the joy in I Disagree comes in how overwhelming it is. No single passage lasts very long, which gives even the prettier moments an unstable feeling, like everything might at any moment crumble into a void of distortion and noise.

The Guardian
Breaking free of her rigidly controlled persona, the former YouTube sensation’s new album is repetitive but sincere.

I Disagree is a record you’ll want to enjoy, but not necessarily analyze. It’s perfect for a romp down the highway at 90 MPH, or engulfing your personal critics in flames. It’s not going to spark much conversation intellectually or musically, with the caveat to the latter being the obvious hype that will emanate from just how contagiously fun it is.

The Observer
Overall, an enjoyable, imaginative and at times uncanny assault on the senses.
Q Magazine
Respite is offered up by the lilting Don't Go Outside, which reveals a beating heart beneath the conceptual framework.
This is a gimmick, a novelty concoction designed to be noticed. It's subversive in a fairly trite and lazy way, taking two things on opposite sides of a spectrum and mashing them together.
Loud and Quiet

Listening to I Disagree, it’s painfully clear that metal should have remained a flourish of Poppy’s music and not the focal point.

The Sydney Morning Herald
Tangled in a web of high-falutin aesthetics, Poppy fails to create something memorable, a feat for someone so enchanting.
Recently I’ve felt as if my music listening has been leveling off, so to speak. It’s felt like I can’t get into anything as much as I would like. I’ve been lazy in writing reviews with no determination to listen to anything new. I’ve been indulging in some of my comforting Spotify playlists that have tracks I know, and that sense of familiarity. I’ve never felt this leveling-off feeling before, but whatever the case, I’m so thankful that music exists ... read more
Here I am cozy at home, chilling by my desk with a pack of crackers and a bowl of wonton soup, writing this review and trying to get a grasp of this puzzling new Poppy album. My thoughts on it? Well...

The more I evaluate Poppy's evolution as a musician and Internet personality, the more I am engulfed in frustration. On one hand, kudos to Poppy for rightfully parting ways with Titanic Sinclair! Not letting an abuser take control of your creative freedom is essential to the well-being and ... read more
After constantly swapping and switching styles alongside her internet persona, Poppy manages to create a surprisingly great metal album with “I Disagree”! I feared the mix of pop and metal would get predictable and repetitive as it went on but there’s a surprising amount of variety in the second half. “Concrete” is a multi-phased journey through lolipops and blood-drenched spikes, “BLOODMONEY” is a skull-ripping industrial banger, and then the album ... read more
Well, not even 10 days into the year and we have an AOTY contender already. Holy moly!

Poppy, yes, that Poppy who was making bubblegum pop music like Lowlife and was well-known for her strange and bizarre YouTube videos that had ARG channels on the edge of their seats, just delivered an album I think could possibly be one of the best of the year. On I Disagree, Poppy swerves her sound completely in the metal direction, and combines her "poppy" sound and voice with a heavy and ... read more
Edit: NOPE

Your Poppy evolved into... Metally!

Wow... BabyMetal's Kawaii Metal style seems to make more and more disciples even outside Japan! After two albums with electro-pop tendencies, the mysterious American singer Poppy is now making the game even stronger with her third album, "I Disagree", by adding big badass guitar riffs to her soft bubblegum pop lullabies.

Discovered on the Internet in 2013 through very intriguing videos where one could wonder whether she was a cyborg ... read more
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Added on: September 30, 2019