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Recently I’ve felt as if my music listening has been leveling off, so to speak. It’s felt like I can’t get into anything as much as I would like. I’ve been lazy in writing reviews with no determination to listen to anything new. I’ve been indulging in some of my comforting Spotify playlists that have tracks I know, and that sense of familiarity. I’ve never felt this leveling-off feeling before, but whatever the case, I’m so thankful that music ... read more
Here I am cozy at home, chilling by my desk with a pack of crackers and a bowl of wonton soup, writing this review and trying to get a grasp of this puzzling new Poppy album. My thoughts on it? Well...

The more I evaluate Poppy's evolution as a musician and Internet personality, the more I am engulfed in frustration. On one hand, kudos to Poppy for rightfully parting ways with Titanic Sinclair! Not letting an abuser take control of your creative freedom is essential to the well-being and ... read more
BOOM ahah BANG ehhe POP uh oh
After constantly swapping and switching styles alongside her internet persona, Poppy manages to create a surprisingly great metal album with “I Disagree”! I feared the mix of pop and metal would get predictable and repetitive as it went on but there’s a surprising amount of variety in the second half. “Concrete” is a multi-phased journey through lolipops and blood-drenched spikes, “BLOODMONEY” is a skull-ripping industrial banger, and then the album ... read more

I want to start by directly responding to Exclaim! and their criticisms of this record. Yes, this is a gimmick. It *was* a novelty concoction designed to be noticed. Trite? Maybe. Lazy? I Disagree.

This is a very good album.

The singles and marketing of I Disagree would have you believe this is an artistic evolution for Poppy. Realistically it's more like an artistic detour. This is still very much a Poppy album in it's truest ... read more
Your Poppy evolved into... Metally!

Wow... BabyMetal's Kawaii Metal style seems to make more and more disciples even outside Japan! After two albums with electro-pop tendencies, the mysterious American singer Poppy is now making the game even stronger with her third album, "I Disagree", by adding big badass guitar riffs to her soft bubblegum pop lullabies.

Discovered on the Internet in 2013 through very intriguing videos where one could wonder whether she was a cyborg or a real ... read more
Well, not even 10 days into the year and we have an AOTY contender already. Holy moly!

Poppy, yes, that Poppy who was making bubblegum pop music like Lowlife and was well-known for her strange and bizarre YouTube videos that had ARG channels on the edge of their seats, just delivered an album I think could possibly be one of the best of the year. On I Disagree, Poppy swerves her sound completely in the metal direction, and combines her "poppy" sound and voice with a heavy and ... read more
Really Exclaim!?
Really Loud and Quiet?
Literally, I Disagree
A lot's been happening recently

Over the past few months, it feels like the world has been chaos, and as hateful and agonizing as ever. There is a possibility of a Third World War happening. Missiles being thrown from a country to another, most notably, as most of you guys know, Iran and the United States of America. And because of that families have been affected, and countries that had nothing to do with the "war" between the two countries feeling obligated to interfere, like ... read more
I think one of the weirdest music threads of the last few months is some female artists adding a bit of nu-metal into their music, we got Rina, Poppy, and even Grimes doing bits of nu-metal of their music, it’s like been one of the strangest things. Like, did Babymetal inspired their new style of music? or is it coming from an artist stylistic point of view? I’m gonna need to ask Kowalski to analyze this one later.

Anyways, this was fine, this wasn’t as bad as Exclaim! or ... read more
Poppy's genre bending abilities are on full display in what i hope to be the album that spearheads the beginning of this decade. Seemless transitions and blending between the two extremes of the music spectrum and adding in sprinkles some of what's in the middle.

It's been quite a while since an album has legitimately surprised me with it's choices and it's way of flow. I haven't heard anything like this in my experience and I'm delighted to find something of this degree of quality and ... read more
Poppy has reached another level, so far... this is her best work yet. I love the way she's not afraid on pushing herself harder on every album/EP. She's in a constant change, a chameleon I think.
I appreciate the production value and technical skill that went behind this album but no. This is not "genre-bending" people are saying. This is just alt-metal with "cute" vocals album. It's not even that ambitious.

Sick of the Sun is a standout moment, In a bad way. It sounds like something Post Malone would write If he tried to rip off a deep cut from Beck's album Sea Change. It's incredibly off-putting even with Anything Like Me showing up earlier in the tracklist. The ... read more
2019 was nice, it had its moments, and now we move on to 2020 music. It's next decade music bwoii

The direction for this album right here is pretty admirable, as it delivers some cute pop tunes with industrial metal twists. Nightcore-ish at slight points, especially the intro track, but does run wild consistently through the record.
And after my listens to this album, I found the vast majority of the tracks here working very well on their own, however I found the whole album experience to be a ... read more
I wanted to rewrite this review as I didn't like it originally so here's a rewrite, probably going to be shorter but hopefully I like it more. The reason I disliked my previous review was I felt I was reaching and just trying to find some dumb excuse to why I really liked this album, in all honesty, there isn't really a reason why I love this album so much, but I feel it has something to do with the last leg, something clicked I guess at the end of the album. The final two songs mainly, Sick of ... read more
Ironic music done very very very very very very very very very very very badly.

See also: annoying.
uhm wow.....
I get everyone loving this, but Poppy's music continues to do very little for me. Sure, it's got a 'unique' blend of genres that clearly appeal to music nerds like us who want something fresh. But when I consider each element on its own I struggle to find anything impressive here. The catchy/poppy stuff is kinda bland to my ears and when the album gets heavy/industrial it's really just the most generic riffs in that genre. Just sounds like some kind of stock-metal music with over-produced ... read more
Alas, we've finally reached our first true new music release day for this decade, albeit a rather slow one. The new record that's receiving the most attention is Poppy's new record "I Disagree" for some obvious reasons. The recent split with Sinclair, the changeover to a sound that revolves around industrial metal, and some edgy lyrics make this the album that stands out amongst a small crowd of not so surprising releases. But what does the hype surrounding "I Disagree" ... read more

Basically for the past...let's say half a year now, I haven't been wanting to rate an album without reviewing it as well. This was a bit of a return to form, because for my first few months on AOTY, I never rated something without publishing an accompanying review. In 2020 (or at least a portion of the beginning), that'll be changing. I've been really unmotivated as of late (as you can tell by the lack of reviews in almost two months), meaning I haven't been able to ... read more
One of the most disorienting albums I have ever listened to, Poppy continues to innovate and juxtapose bubblegum pop and metal. It remains an intoxicating combination and I can not wait to see it live. Early album of the year contender for me!
Is this what they call "the first big release of the year"? Also known as "the first release of the year you actually care about".

It's no news I have a hate/hate relationship with Poppy. Being aware of the Mars Argo timeline made me be too sketchy about her releases in general - but her departure from Titanic Sinclair's claws got me too curious into trying out her new album. Despite my current expectations for 2020 music in general, this is still a work worth listening to ... read more
I think I'm still a bit conflicted with my feelings for this. All of the singles are incredibly strong in their own right, and leading the album off with them to hook the listener is a really smart move. The rest of the album is still solid, but it doesn't match up to the unbridled energy that the first four songs have, along with the seamlessly woven and brilliant lyrics. I don't think that Nothing I Need even remotely fit in with the rest of the project and definitely derailed my experience. ... read more
Holy shit this is amazing.
The singles Concrete, I Disagree and Fill The Crown reeeeally dont do this album justice, only BLOODMONEY does out of the singles.
The first half of the album is somewhat weaker however still holds up. Concrete is this sugary pop metal rush of energy but at the same time the pop parts kind of drag on slightly, then we have the title track which is a solid hard rock/trap banger but the vocal effects on the verses are slightly off putting.
HOWEVER, we then get to the ... read more
The first few singles were fantastic and just ear candy but the quality quickly dissipates throughout the rest of the tracks. The other tracks sound like as if they have no purpose - other than to make some annoying noises and have a somewhat a shock factor.

The key moments on this album are the cool soothing bits, especially the track "Anything Like Me" which has a lovely finale which incorporate gorgeous guitar riffs and breathy vocals. Fill The Crown has a lovely intro but later ... read more
Yeah I do too
Poppy's mix of bubblegum pop and industrial metal was certainly interesting as a concept in small doses on her previous efforts but on I Disagree it's obvious it doesn't work as well as the driving force behind the music. This album is completely all over the place and while it does shine on occasion it just seems lost in itself
Poppy's latest work is one that is imperfect and sloppy in places, however it proves to be a very enjoyable listen and shows an overall positive progression in her diverse discography of music.

After having parted ways with Titanic Sinclair, Poppy has started off the year with a bang through the release of this record 'I Disagree'. Going all in on the pop-metal fusion seen in some of her earlier work, I was very intrigued to see how Poppy would pull off the change in direction musically- ... read more
Not a big fan of fusion here, I can see why this album gets some of the praise it does but it's a bit too jarring for me.

Best Track: I Disagree
Worst Track: Concrete
Incredible. This record is such a rollercoaster and will have you thrashing and vibing at any given minute. My complaint is some of the lyrics are kinda basic and cliche but they at least serve a purpose as a theme. A few of the songs are also a little too predictable in the structure Poppy’s voice is just amazing. The production is amazing. And wow this album finishes STRONG.
oh my god she really did it... fuck it this shit is the best metal record of all time.

fav. track: BLOODMONEY, Bite Your Theeth, I Disagree

least fav. track: Nothing I Need, Sick of the Sun
If there is anything that I Disagree should be praised for, it’s for its ability to have a unique blending of genres and sounds. Although not always executed to perfection, the result is at the very least entertaining and engaging for the listener.

If you can locate another album that shifts between dreamy electro pop to heavy metal and even touches of industrial metal, I would love to see it. Poppy feels like she’s exploring uncharted territory on this record and it’s hard ... read more
in no universe would i predict that i legitimately enjoyed an album described as "pop metal" in the year of 2020

fuck u and the critics
I Disagree, is a refreshing project, and unlike most other music. It'll renew the senses that have that have likely been dulled by the swarm of generic and lifeless music that is now supreme. It is a rewarding and praiseworthy listening experience.

Despite these features...the project isn't much good.

Bubblegum pop-rock is a fascinating concept and can be enjoyable when properly executed; however, the genre requires a certain cohesiveness that I Disagree lacks. The project is removed from a ... read more
Space Vacation
I Disagree is currently my favourite song of the year and I guess by that logic, my defacto song of the decade lol...

Poppy's 2019 EP, Choke was really impressive in my opinion.
I never thought much of her before checking it out and I ended up really enjoying it!
So before listening to her new album I was very hyped... unfortunately I liked the EP more.

I like the noise aspects, the industrial, the pop but the nu metal influences are and will always be cringe.
Talk about a genre that should ... read more
Her first full blown pop metal album is exactly what her aesthetic needed. Poppy's visual style is built for this kind of music. However, if you aren't big on her visual style, you won't be big on this album.

Her original, experimental electropop sound seeps into this album and blends itself pretty seamlessly with the heavier, metal inspired instrumentals to create nightmarish songs that are pretty engaging.

I was, admittedly, a little concerned when I started the album since the opener ... read more
I never heard a single Poppy song ever, so I did not know what to expect going into this. Happy to say I am pleasantly surprised about the ambition and virtuosity that lives in this album. To say each song takes an unexpecting turn is an understatement, it's truly a head turning and not a head scratcher. Simply put, this album slaps.
Poppy's I Disagree had some pretty high expectations to meet. Poppy has always been a really interesting personality, both with her Youtube channel and with her music, and when she started going in a more pop metal direction she seemed to get even better. With I Disagree being the most industrial and nu metal inspired release from her, you would think that she had pretty much perfected this sound by now. Unfortunately, while the fusion of heavy, down-tuned guitars and an overall pop feel with ... read more
I Disagree with the critics.

We're only 10 days into the new year and I already have a top album of the year contender. Before this record, I was mostly unfamiliar with Poppy, only knowing her through a few singles I'd heard from her previous records scattered around, and from her incredibly bizarre, artsy, and disturbing YouTube videos. Boy am I glad I listened to this album, as it's one of the best metal albums I've heard, period.

Basically what "I Disagree" is is an incredibly ... read more
Consistente, creativo e inesperado.
Poppy regresa con este álbum de estudio mostrando una clase de genero experimental con toques pop, metal, industrial, algo muy arriesgado para ser honestos. Este álbum desde el inicio con su pista "concrete" nos deja ver hacia que camino va dirigido el álbum a decir verdad tiene sus altibajos y no me terminan de encajar pistas "nothing I need" y "sick of the sun" (actualizacion: Al re escuchar de nuevo el ... read more

The hard clash of pop, electronic and metal makes some truly ugly car crashes. Oversaturated production makes the guitars loose all grit, the agressive nature of the music with the "cute" vocals and pop flairs are just a mess. "Concrete" being the worst offender to me. Genres aren't done justice either. It's like a buffet of Sh*t. The average Five Finger Death Punch Riff is more exiting than these.

And it's all too edgy and gimmicky for my taste.

I suppose can ... read more
A bit gimmicky but it's actually pretty cool !
Poppy's new album seems to have an interesting breakthrough with respect to `` AM IA GIRL? '' With a little more bizarre influences, a style similar to Grimes' current music, but has included those contrast details in its genre I haven't finished liking it, I would still prefer your 2018 album


El nuevo album de Poppy parece tener un avance interesante con respecto a ''AM I A GIRL?'' con influencias un poco a algo más bizarro, un estilo parecido a la música actual ... read more
DELIGHTFUL. Poppy is properly starting off this new decade. She brings us in her universe that is for one bizarre and audacious, yet quite compelling and sensitive at the same time. This album is beautifully crafted, but most importantly is its own unique sound. Creativity will thankfully never die, and I will be listening to this record many times in the months to come.

Best tracks: I Disagree, BLOODMONEY, Fill the Crown
I think a good portion of the songs on I Disagree had some nice parts to them, however, throwing in all these insane changes ruined lots of the music. Usually I like an element of surprise but this wasn’t done very well. The metal parts were also just very generic and not super interesting to listen to.
I Disagree is the first new album of 2020 that I was really excited for. This is incredibly strange to me because when I first saw the Poppy character breakout on YouTube a few years ago, I would’ve never foreseen a reality where she would become a pop metal artist whose new material I would actually look forward to. And although I’m still not sure how I ended up in this reality, I’m glad I’m here.

My anticipation for this release mainly comes from her Scary Mask single ... read more
First bop of the year, friends.

I get why some are calling the writing too gimmicky. That's what ruins 'Concrete' for me. There are times when the songs get too formulaic and that makes some songs especially predictable. The closer 'Don't Go Outside' suffers from this the most. If these two things won't bother you that much, I think you'll get really into this album.
i disagree is the brutal breakthrough of poppy's harsh, noisy metal-inspired side that's actually great to listen to. when contrasted with her bright vocals and occasionally sunshiney instrumentation, the metal parts of this album feel like they take a dark, exciting turn that's less of a gimmick and more of a statement. the highlights of this fiery album are "concrete," which juxtaposes these styles very well, "bloodmomey," which is an industrial metal masterpiece, ... read more
Poppy continues to do very little for me. This pop and metal mash-up also sounds really aged somehow.
it’s notorious how Poppy doesn’t try to look for buried essences of her own or things she’s already worked with to put in “I Disagree” at any moment, she singlehandedly manages to come up with something completely different and fresh. although it’d be perfect if it were her debut album, she had to experiment a lot of things in order to follow the right musical path she’s on right now, and it was worth it. ultimately, she finally came out of her shell ... read more
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