Halcyon Digest
Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest
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Based on 30 reviews
2010 Ratings: #14 / 833
Year End Rank: #8
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2010 Ratings: #2
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No Ripcord

Halcyon Digest goes by like a breeze, and when it’s finished there’s nothing better to do than play it again.


Halcyon Digest is a record about the joy of music discovery, the thrill of listening for the first time to a potential future favorite, and that sense of boundless possibility when you're still innocent of indie-mainstream politics and your personal canon is far from set.

A.V. Club

On Halcyon Digest, Cox’s two halves finally meet in the middle on a collection of grabby pop songs sung by a witty weirdo with newly discovered sex appeal.

Drowned in Sound

Yet I think conversely it’s Cox’s inability to totally connect to an audience that makes him such a spectacularly special songwriter.

Tiny Mix Tapes

As difficult as it might be to find fresh plaudits with which to laud Deerhunter, they continue to deserve every single redundant bit of acclaim.


Halcyon Digest is a triumph of multilayered nuance, and repeated listens reveal its genius buried just beyond the obvious.


It’s not as immediate as previous Deerhunter albums, but Halcyon Digest has an appeal all its own: It’s as difficult to grasp -- and as hard to shake -- as a memory lingering at the back of your brain.

American Songwriter

While most of the songs on the album are propelled forward by primal stomp-clap rhythms, the four-piece band from Atlanta, Georgia still manages to create its share of musical variation. 


Halcyon Digest is, to my mind, the best we’ve seen from Deerhunter, and a hint that their best is still to come.

Feb 11, 2015
This songwriting still amazes me. The production on this thing is also sick. It's just 45 minutes of great music.

Fav tracks: Earthquake, Don't Cry, Memory Boy, Basement, Helicopter.
Jan 29, 2015
Deerhunter's "Halcyon Digest" is a concept album that captures the innocence of youth, then suddenly thrusts you into the despair of adulthood.
Aug 13, 2014
This will always be Deerhunter's magnum opus. I always thought that 'Microcastle' was a bit too safe considering how experimental their previous material was, but this just blows everything they've done out of the water. The way the songs seamlessly flow into each other is just incredible and Bradford's dark lyrics have never been more intriguing.

Favourite tracks: Revival, Desire Lines, He Would Have Laughed
Sep 30, 2017
Memory is a theme that is tackled every now and then in music, but in very few occasions is it tackled in a way that is actually striking and compelling. Deerhunter's masterpiece, Halcyon Digest, tackles with memory in a near-perfect way, and the result is an instant indie rock classic. The songwriting is as strong as ever in this album, and the band fleshes out their sound at its fullest. One of the most remarkable albums released this decade.
Sep 24, 2017*
Many artists have tried their hand at inter-genre instrumental experimentation within an album. Never has a rock full-length that tries to accomplish this sound so cohesive as Halcyon Digest. From the bagpipe-esque wails of "Memory Boy" to the melodic saxophone on "Coronado" to the plucked strings of "Helicopter", Deerhunter's instrumentation not only surprises but creates a sense of glee unto itself.
Track List

  1. Earthquake 
  2. Don't Cry 
  3. Revival 
  4. Sailing 
  5. Memory Boy 
  6. Desire Lines 
  7. Basement Scene 
  8. Helicopter 
  9. Fountain Stairs 
  10. Coronado 
  11. He Would Have Laughed