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Will be updated as the year goes on.
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Albums I've reviewed/scored from the 2020s (EPs included)
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Figure I'll try and maintain one of these this year. This will contain every 2020 release I listen to enough to rate.
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This isn't a ranked list it is just a way for me to track releases I've listened to and enjoyed this year.
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An ongoing list of all my favourite records from this year so far, listen and enjoy!!
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Other projcets that aren't on this list yet (mostly because I need a few more listens): A Written Testimony - Jay Electronica, Be Up A Hello - Squarepusher, The Professionals - S/T, Pabllo Vittar - ...
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From BEST to WORST in January 2020
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Full length 2020 Alternative/Rock releases I've listened to.
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