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Sweet Oblivion

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Updated 2y ago107 albums 19
Updated 2mo ago4,809 albums 11 Essentially 30 years worth of music in a mashup with each song being made out of music that was released in that calendar year. ...
Updated 12mo ago1,506 albums 7
A very long list of albums I wish to listen to soon.
Updated 3d ago2,544 albumsRanked 6
Updated 1y ago170 albumsRanked 6
Updated 3mo ago331 albumsRanked 3
it'll eventually be 1001... probably but it's guaranteed to have better takes than Rolling Stone. Ranked Best-Least Best Not Chronologically over ΒΌ of the way to 1001
Updated 20h ago303 albumsRanked 2
Every album here has had songs that have appeared in the rock band video game series.
Updated 1d ago1,182 albums 2
The albums in this list have had songs that appeared in the guitar hero franchise. List complete
Updated 6mo ago1,250 albums 1
Updated 2y ago24 albums 1
Updated 6d ago5 albumsRanked
In progress ranking off every major grunge record from the original run of 1988-1996.
Updated 3w ago36 albumsRanked
Updated 3mo ago183 albums
I mean, obviously these are good albums.
Updated 4mo ago38 albums
List of my all time favourite albums
Updated 4mo ago26 albums
Updated 5h ago28 albumsRanked
Title says it all. Albums on this list to be added on an ongoing basis :)
Updated 7mo ago15 albums
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