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Submerging myself in the self-examining, contemplative lyricism, I imagined, swallowed up within the sand dunes, Kevin Parker in his mid-30s, married and successful, years of weight piling up by his doorsteps, finally getting a grip of reality, a brief moment of clarity out of the sand. Seeing the light in the clearing at last, he steps forth for self-liberation, overcoming the obstacles that've sheltered him for so long: the pressure of his music career, a dead father, an unhealthy fixation on ... read more
When I wrote about Innerspeaker I discussed a conversation that I had with a local record store owner about how the albums of Tame Impala represented different decades of music. Innerspeaker exists as an homage to 60s psychedelic rock music, with a distinct garage feel - still incorporating the heavy perfectionist production employed by mastermind Kevin Parker but still working more with some distorted elements. Lonerism moves towards a more 70s style of psychedelic rock, with even heavier ... read more
The Slow Rush is finally here! It’s been an especially long five years, but you know what that means, no more days of wondering what the release date would be and uselessly longing for new material. We can finally sink our figurative teeth into this fresh new batch of tracks! Do i sound overly obsessed? Maybe. Now, on to the review. It’s a doozy.

Starting off, Australian multi-instrumentalist Tame Impala (Kevin Parker) is one of my favorite artists of all time, his music speaks to ... read more

In the world of indie music, a new Tame Impala album is a bit like Christmas. In the evening, Santa Parker stops in front of our thatched cottages to place twelve beautifully wrapped psychedelic gifts under the tree. This year, the gift wrap was signed Neil Nrug and the Christmas date fell on February 14th.

At midnight, the carefree fan rushes onto the streaming platforms, vibrating with excitement. But for the first time, his face is decomposing: he received the ... read more
Part of me was hoping that this would be my first 100...it Is not

However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the shit out of this.

Upfront, I am quite the Tame Impala fan, as many of us are. Currents is my highest rated album on AOTY, so part of me was hoping that Slow Rush would eclipse it.

I think Slow Rush expands on the vibe-centered, neo-psych elements of Currents. A lot of the tracks are drum driven, with swirly twirly synth leads and reverb out of the ass. Combine that ... read more
Um, hot take?

I've been listening to this for almost a week now, and listened to it twice after its release before talking about it now, and I can sayI'd use this album title to explain its making tbh, but whatever. Tame Impala is one of my fav bands that stood out to me with their psychedelic style and solid, consistent discog so far. I still listen to Lonerism regularly, and while I love Currents a bit less than its predecessor, I still find their switch to pop very great and ... read more
While this isn’t a bad record. this will go down as one of my more disappointing releases of 2020. However, anyone who has been following Kevin Parker for the last 5 or so years saw this coming from a mile away. Since 2012, Tame Impala has moved into a more easy-to-swallow pop friendly sound; and the flavor that once made the band interesting has all but faded at this point.
I wasn’t a huge fan of Currents - the album that Kevin felt pressured to make after years of being compared ... read more
Tame Impala’s first album in five years sees them move away from guitars and into mega-poop songwriting. The results are exhilarating.
Starts off insanely strong, but it is clear that most of the effort went into the first leg of the album. It becomes super monotonous and boring in the second half.
The Slow Rush isn't as immediately gratifying or extraordinary as Lonerism or Currents, but it expands on the atmosphere Currents had set up and steers it in a more synth-heavy disco type of direction that focuses more on being catchy than it does building up massive and emotionally impactful atmospheres like he usually does. Yet, Kevin still doesn't misstep as this is still an amazing album from him all over the board. He immaculately pulls off that sound and creates a really danceable album ... read more
I give this album a Tame Impala/10
Memories... the passage of time... these are subjects we have plenty of fun thinking about, but they’re also quite scary. As much as we love this, we also might regret it or have that one memory that we try to move past. The passage of time is also a huge factor into our lives, trying to figure out what exactly we want to do to make up for our “short” lifespans. Hell, I’m even trying to figure it out. We just have to face these things, somehow. This is a concept Kevin ... read more
I don't get it.

I've never been crazy about Tame Impala to begin with. I thought that they were a pretty consistent band up until now, with three perfectly good albums under their belt, but I was never as amazed by them as most people seem to be. I've always thought that Innerspeaker was a pretty boring and pointless albeit inoffensive album, but I can see the appeal of it, but up until now that was my hottest take when it came to Tame Impala's music. Both Lonerism and Currents are albums that ... read more
Kevin Parker really made an album full of uninspired white disco trash but with the phaser effect on it and y'all just ate it up
Aaah, the most famous export to hail from my humble small city in Australia, Perth.

One of my favourite memories is going to my workmates share house in Fremantle in 2011. We sat out the back of the house, which contained a tiny granny flat at the very back. I asked my friend who was staying in there. He said it was his other housemate and his partner at the time, and that it was largely used for him to make and record music. This other housemate and his band mates joined us and we shared a ... read more
Tame Impala? More like... More like... LAME IMAPLA AHA HA AH AHA AHHAH HAHA AHA

Tame Impala is a Neo-Psychedelia musical project started by THE KING that is Kevin Parker in 2008 (i think im not sure lol), and he grew to be one of my favorite artists, period. the way the synthesizers, the guitars, the drums, and the vocals are meshed together is just mind blowing, making every song feel like an acidic, dreamy, and organized mess. they do not have a bad album: Innerspeaker shows the more rock ... read more
(just a heads up, being Australian means we get most albums earlier than the rest of the world, so I just want to qualify that this rating is coming from listening to the finished product, not the leak)

Kevin Parker is a true perfectionist when it comes to his music. Its been five years since he subverted all our expectations with the electro-oriented Currents, so I was imagining his next release to be something altogether different and exciting. Which is why I find The Slow Rush an almost ... read more
Right so I should get to reviewing this shouldn't I? I'm already late to the party. Right. So the new Tame Impala album was slightly disappointing, am I surprised? Yeah kinda to be honest but still, coming from an album like Currents, it's hard to top that. The Slow Rush while feels like a continuation of Currents still decidedly takes a detour from the more synthpop vibe of Currents and decides to go for a lot more of a lo-fi psych sound, similar to Lonerism, except this has less charm.

This ... read more
I don't know about this one. Maybe it'll grow on me, who knows. The production just sounds kinda watered down to me, and overall the album doesn't feel as massive as other projects like Currents and Lonerism. Also I really do be missin' those hot guitar riffs and the occasional grittiness of some of his older work. I don't think this is a bad album, it's just underwhelming and not super memorable. There are definitely some excellent tracks on here, but there are equally as many mediocre tracks. ... read more
It actually boggles my mind that the same person who created songs like Apocalypse Dreams and Let It Happen went on to create a record so utterly boring (comparatively). 
Like it’s legitimately sad to see, but I still think all the people that were introduced to Tame Impala due to the success of Currents will lap this album up. I understand that this is the music Parker said he’s always wanted to be doing but I genuinely don’t believe it plays to his strengths, at least this ... read more
On God if this isn’t the smoothest album I’ll hear all year...

Kevin Parker proves himself to be one of the greatest musical architects of his generation several times over on The Slow Rush, his most labored over yet relaxed project to date. Though it could be said that the record doesn’t quite have a mind-blowing high like “Let It Happen” or “The Less I Know the Better,” I’d argue that it makes up for that with its impressive consistency. Even ... read more
Although Kevin Parker seems to be back from his space trip, he delivers us the most down-to-earth album of Tame Impala, but make no mistake, this new fabulous sound journey, full of enchanting dreams, still shows one hell of a demonstration of genius. Let's be honest, there's not the same innovative difference between The Slow Rush and the previous effort, like the real "hole" that there was between Lonerism and Currents, placing it below for me. This one sounds more like a continuity ... read more

Plastered in the dream-like landscapes of the album cover, Kevin Parker’s newest venture seemed trapped in quicksand, unable to break free, and sinking slowly into obscurity. Apart from this unyielding analogy, I think the record is still very atmospheric and immersive, but it feels like his weakest release. The reverb makes me feel like I’m tripping on acid, so I guess that feels right and proper. The eclectic instrumentation is the star of the show here, giving the record an ... read more
Where, oh where do I even begin? Let me start with this... this isn't exactly the most unbiased review ever. I try not to let bias influence my music opinions, but this one will be hard. Tame Impala has always been one of my favorite artists/bands. I bought Lonerism on CD back towards its original release because I heard Elephant and thought it was tremendous. That album took me on a journey I'll never forget. It helped me through many trials of life. Then came Currents and I REALLY fell in ... read more
This album is beautiful. Knew from the singles that this record would just be great as always, such a unique and amazing sound and lyrically the album was so great too. This furtherly solidifies Kevin Parker as truly one of the most creative in today’s music scene and the psychedelic groovy anthems shall stay on repeat. With brilliant soundscapes and transcendy production on top of some great lyrics you can’t miss with it. ALBUM. OF. THE. YEAR.
Nah they killed it tho it's jus long innit
The Slow Rush was my introduction to Tame Impala, and let me just say that I'm impressed. Something about this album and the way Tame Impala presents the music on here has captured me. It just sounds really good. Also, I think "Lost In Yesterday" will be my favorite song of 2020. I'm obsessed.

Fav Tracks: One More Year, Instant Destiny, Borderline, Posthumous Forgiveness, Breathe Deeper, On Track, Lost In Yesterday, It Might Be Time

Least Fav Tracks: Glimmer, One More Hour

Yep, astounding psychedelic pop band Tame Impala have just released their fourth full-length LP titled 'The Slow Rush'. I've been anticipating this project ever since the first single was released. Despite the few teaser singles, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from this record. The band has shifted between slightly different sounds on each of their previous albums. While that uncertainty is very exciting, it can also be a little ... read more
Although it's a bit of an underwhelming listen for Tame Impala standards, it's still a good project. We still get what we expect from Kevin Parker and we have some amazing highlights such as On Track and Borderline. We still get the feeling of isolation going through this long tunnel but at the end of that tunnel we get a glimmer of hope

Best Tracks: Borderline, Posthumous Forgiveness, On Track and One More Hour
Worst Tracks: Breathe Deeper, Is It True and Glimmer
Tame Impala is the 21st century Pink Floyd. I don't give a fuck.
As a fellow Aussie it's quite pathetic this is my first proper listen to a Tame Impala album (I'll no doubt go back to Kevin's older work). My first impressions is that it is easily accessible to new fans like me with catchy melodies, hooks and synths throughout.

As I dig deeper into his work I might be able to understand the complaints others have made on this album, but for now it's very enjoyable and addictive.

βž• Borderline, Posthumous Forgiveness, Is It True, One More Year, On Track, ... read more
Tame Impala has never been a band I've had any remote interest in; I tend to group them into the same bracket of artists as The 1975 and Arctic Monkeys, and for the most part, I find those indie rock bands' tropes insufferable. And for the most part, the same goes for this project. Kevin Parker's dreamy falsetto just does not strike a positive chord with me and really removes a majority of my enjoyment of this album. Posthumous Forgiveness is one of the worst offenders, and although the second ... read more
If this had tunes on a par with the standout moments from 'Currents' ('Let it Happen', 'The Less I Know The Better', 'New Person...') then we'd really be talking.

Instead this offers us an even more enveloping production sheen than 'Currents' and also makes its kinship with the first two albums known with all those retro psychedelic washes of noise.

So better than expected.

Still, his weakest album all things considered - and a strict 40 minute run time might have served KP better.

Fucking great, the smooth psychedelic sound to Tame Impala always seems to pull me in. The synths on some of these tracks are fucking amazing. The production is so groovy. And the theming as with any Tame Impala album is great. Even though not Tame Impala's best work. It is still something I will be coming back too very frequently.

Best Tracks: Borderline, Posthumous Forgiveness*, Tomorrows Dust, On Track, Lost In Yesterday, Is It True
"Worst" Track: Glimmer
it's good but that's just it. the singles are the best part of the album - the rest of the songs are fillers and are pretty forgettable. not the worst album but it's definitely not the best.

favorite tracks: borderline, posthumous forgiveness, breathe deeper

EDIT: i've already listened to this 4 times since the album was released on spotify. had listened to the first leak and then the second. and this just keeps getting worse and worse.

‘borderline’ is definitely the track that ... read more
My 100th Review!

It feels very fulfilling to be able to associate the first milestone I have on this site with arguably my favourite artist of all time. Hi guys, TameImpalaStan17 here to give Kevin's newest piece of work a 100. I have been purposely postponing this review for a couple of days as I wanted to hear the album a couple of times before coming to any conclusion on it (also goes hand-in-hand with me not really feeling it on the first go-around). This also ties in with me being ... read more
I've listened to this thing over a dozen times and it kinda took that long for me to decide what I really think of it. It makes sense to me that this has been a bit more of a polarizing release because I can hear how this thing could be super boring to some people, which I think is a reasonable reaction to this record honestly.

For me though, this record really works and comes together into a super cohesive experience. I'm especially loving the groovy dance tracks like Borderline and Lost in ... read more
Y'know, I'm not one to do reviews of albums that just came out, but as a fan of Kevin and his discography, I'll make an exception for this album.

A lot's changed since Kevin dropped the bombshell that was Currents, but the 5-year wait was definitely worth it for this beauty of an album. Kevin definitely used the 5-year gap for make sure the music is as good as possible. Take for example, Borderline.

Though already released as a single, it really shows its' true colors with this album version, ... read more
The best Tame Impala-project to date, don't @ me. Not any unbelievable bangers, but unprecedented groove and consistency. Happiness suits you, Mr. Parker.
Tame Impala has always been a really solid band but this right here is the cohesive, conceptual, fully realized album that I have been waiting for Kevin Parker to deliver for years, and I am not disappointed.
It took 4 full listens for me to really get into the sound of The Slow Rush. Upon first listen I was somewhat underwhelmed so I drove to my local JB Hi-Fi and picked up a CD copy. Listening to this album in the car was the right choice as I tended to notice little details in the mixes of each track that bring so much colour to the songs Kevin Parker has presented here. After getting used to the feel of each track, my 4th re-listen was when everything clicked. The albums themes, the scope of the ... read more
Original score - 68

After Currents grew on me massively, I decided to listen to this album again to see if it would do the same, it sure did.

FAVORITE TRACKS: Breathe Deeper, On Track, Lost In Yesterday, Is It True

LEAST FAVORITE: Tomorrow's Dust (still great)
I like this a lot. Not much to unpack here, but it's just some good ol' psychedelia from Kevin Parker and the Tame Impalas. It's great, what can I say.
Basically exactly what I expected from them, which I have no problem with; but, nothing about it defies my expectations or makes me want to instantly listen again like their other records did when they first dropped. Definitely not knocking the quality sonically or compositionally in any way, though.
( β˜†β˜† ) — uninspiringly tolerable
The Slow Rush is a gut of wind compared to Tame Impala's stormy previous records but this new chapter feels like a new and immersive direction to Kevin's sound and expresivity. There's a suffocating aura, a giant fear upon all the record joined with a popish sound Parker incorporate to this record. In the end, maturer than ever, Tame Impala's songwritten remains imponent. The Slow Rush is far to be a failure. Opening new landscapes to their sound, this is a delightful package of fresh air.
Kevin is back baby!

One of my favorite artists of the 2010's, Tame Impala is finally back with a new album! Oh my god was I hyped for this thing. After the more pop-friendly Currents, I wasn't really sure where he was going to go next. Early 2019 singles, Borderline and Patience, actually kind of scared me a little bit. Was Kevin going to give in to an even more mainstream sound? What made me love his music was its mix of the melodies of pop and the experimentation of 60's psych rock. It felt ... read more
Doesn't have the same highs as Currents, but still pretty solid.
This shit made me feel like i was floating on Jah lmao
this is the first time I listen to a Tame Impala album y'all
I loved this, looking at it as a psychedelic pop album, this was pretty enjoyable, at least for me
it doesn't suddenly go over the top after a given time, but instead keeps a consistent pase while it keeps changing and adding more details that grab your attention while the tracks morph into something new and then goes back and it's such an entertaining ride from beginning to end
from what I could understand of the lyrics, when I ... read more
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