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Remember how I said Hermann Holsgr's Hypnoise would be a decent entry point into noise for anyone interested? That applies to Incinerator as well, but about tenfold. This is basically what happens when you filter a dance record through hundreds of layers of distortion. It's very rhythmically-driven and when it comes to structure, this is some of the most accessible noise music I've heard. That being said, this album isn't for the faint of heart, either. As with ... read more

if you enjoy what merzbow is doing, but don't love his super freeform and chaotic style, then check this goddamn thing out. Incinerator is a hellishly brutal listen straight from the get-go, blasting harsh noise straight in your face within mere moments of beginning. the soundscapes on Incinerator are thick and textured while managing to be distorted and loud as all fucking hell and remaining diverse through the entire tracklist. while each song is loud as hell, yes, they ... read more
i can appreciate harsh noise but cant appreciate this, it's quite literally some beats with a lot of distortion on it. quite repetitive. the noise seems to indicate that something big or chaotic is happening but nothing happens besides a beat with distortion on it.

Let's get this out of the way first. There are some part of this where I wish the wall of sound dropped so I could hear it better. There's some great lo-fi mixed with hip hop and other great sounding stuff. I have a sinking feeling I'm going to have this complaint for every album on the list. And, I don't want that. But luckily, this desire isn't as bad a the Holsgr album.

Dreamcrusher gives an experience that can only be described as "existential rage." like a ... read more

This album was totally not what I was expecting! It was almost like, 'dance-noise' in a way. While it still had that staticy drone sound, it had some beats played overtop of it, which I think is a cool idea since I've never heard it done before. And I'm sure it had been done before, "deconstructed club" is probably that genre. Did I like this? Yes. But some of these songs really dragged out for way too long. For example, the last track, Bane. I do like this track, ... read more
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Added on: October 25, 2019