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Every Album I Listened to in 2020
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Out of 28 albums... Flawless albums: 0 Amazing albums: 4 Great albums: 9 Good albums: 5 Decent albums: 4 Okay albums: 3 Mediocre albums: 0 Bad albums: 1 Horrendous albums: 1 Cursed albums: 0 Hot ...
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EPs and LPs count towards this list, I will update it consistently. Will mostly be first listens, but I will adjust it accordingly when it revisit some.
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(meus albuns favoritos, nao os melhores ok)
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I'm not crying, you are.
Updated 2d ago 1
some of them were good some of them were (not) good check out my [2020 soon] list if you wanna see what's on my radar
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All albums are ordered by how much I personally enjoyed them.
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These are albums that I would listen to from the beginning to the end and not be disappointed at all. Scores: 80+ // No Order At All
Updated 2d ago
Whether the album is bad or good, these are some albums with a really cool album cover.
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Updated Whenever I get new ones. With small descriptions on the quality of the record and the quantity of the contents it comes with.
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Updated 2d ago
Just a list of 2020 albums/ep’s and my rating if I’ve heard
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All the albums I review in order of release date
Updated 2d ago
wiggly air from twenty twenty i'm looking forward to albums removed a week or so and moved to other list after they've been c o n s u m e d
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As the title settles, a year ends and another starts with new releases and projects, which brings this list of assumptions, hopes, and hype about 2020. PD: These albums are divided into a sort of ...
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January Playlist
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