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this is it. this is the one. this is EDEN's best work ever. he really improved so much; from production to vocals. I remember when eden dropped vertigo and i thought it was the best thing ever. now looking back from his whole discovery, he's change. he matured a lot, he changed his style, his work, production. he changed himself. this is such a good album i can't describe how much i love this album already. this is so far my aoty, thank you eden so much.

p.s. can't wait to see you in indy ... read more

EDEN’s performance on “no future” reminds me of a modern radio pop artist who actually cares about their overall sound and consistency. Throughout this record, the same consistent tone is presented, and its relaxing, ambient-infused sound is the highlight of the entire project. There’s nothing necessarily definitive or different about these sounds, but in the moment, they have the power to change the atmosphere at will.

Color: Orange
FAV TRACKS: good morning, love ... read more
night-time drive like tunes
The production and vocals carry it and the album felt like a whole, cohesive project.
EDEN's magnum Opus. This is it. I don't know if EDEN can top this. This is one work of art. It isn't perfect, but this is what EDEN is and what he Represents. This album is way more interesting and powerful than vertigo, and the lyrics really do so much more than Vertigo Ever could. And the production... OH MY GOD. Just like his past works, he mixed and mastered it all on his own. It's truly impressive, and he brought back the electronic sounds of his roots. It's especially impressive in songs ... read more
Errrrr, this is gonna be a hot take (please don't hurt me) so I have listened to EDEN since he was known as The Eden Project days and I wasn't always the biggest fan of his work but I always enjoyed a couple of songs from his bodies of work, especially in End Credits and Entrance but vertigo was a disappointment in some regard and so is no future (imo). This album to me just feels stale and just quite simple alternative R&B. Maybe, given some time i will warm up to this album but I can't ... read more
after the release of 'vertigo', jonathon ng went quiet for the better part of 2 years, releasing tracks and small EPs here and there to entice his fanbase for more and in the year 2020, here we are!

while EDEN has heavily matured over the last couple years in terms of his lyrical content, his sound hasn't changed that much unfortunately (minus the inclusion of samples, which are a breath of fresh air for him) and he refuses to take enough risks to really impress me beyond the fact that he ... read more
Very consistent. Could've been a little shorter but didn't retract much.
EDEN's sophomore effort is fantastically produced and less dull than his debut. Jonathan Ng has always had the ability to totally stun me with his music. With that said, even with no bad tracks, the album sadly feels a little bloated. The first half is amazing, but I think cutting a few tracks in the second half would've made the album sharper. Furthermore, I think he could better his writing as the album doesn't feel fully conceptualised. No Future is ultimately a step in the right direction ... read more
i was a big fan of vertigo, but i hadn't kept up with eden for a while. while this album has less highlights/memorable tracks, it's a consistent, extremely well produced, and emotionally draining record. if vertigo was personal, no future is completely transparent. eden still sings about the same themes of heartbreak and regret as his previous records, but he does so with a staggering honesty this time around. love it on first listen, and i'm pretty sure it'll grow on me
Fuck it, I'm mad and im drunk as shit.

This album is corny, and bad. Modern electronic music is hardly even good.

Fuck EDEN corny ass boy if u want good shit to dance to bro just vibe out to 2017-2019 by against all logic

I think it's important to put into context that EDEN had made a breakthrough with his first 2 very promising, enticing and modern projects, but afterwards he had to face mainly negative critics on his first solo album vertigo which must have had an impact on the conception and the state of mind of the new no future. Personally, despite a few mistakes and the inequalities that vertigo presents, I don't think it's a bad album, he had found for me an identity and a sound more his own.

Besides, ... read more
First time hearing this artist but loved the production and vocals throughout he project.
Muito muito muito muito bom. A produção é impecável assim como os vocais, pena que o álbum acaba se tornando arrastado (por causa das 19 faixas). Tirando umas 7/8 faixas, o álbum seria 100/100.
Been following Eden for a while, ever since he went by "The Eden Project", and sort of lost interest when he took on the persona of EDEN, and went with the stylistic cliche of all lower-case letters for titles. But every time his name gets mentioned, I remember songs like XO and Times Like These and hope to god I get something similar. I was skeptical of the fan-boys rushing in here with 100s, and sadly, the first five seconds of the album put a bad taste in my mouth.

I don't know ... read more
Discount James Blake has created a sound similar to Khalid and 6LACK but has done 1000x better than them combined.
sorry but this is way too long and one-note to be enjoyable or interesting

rushing is a beautiful song tho
os instrumentais e as letras são perfeitos, mas o fato de ser muito longo faz com que o album tenha um ritmo lento, talvez se fosse dividido em duas, partes seria o ideal
i’ve had trouble listening to EDEN in the past mostly because it’s easy for me to get bored with this style of music. although it’s more or less the same style in this album, it feels more refined and definitely an easier listen for me as i was able to complete the album without much of a problem. i think this is due to some good creative decisions in the production. there’s also no denying that he has a beautiful voice. i might end up listening to his older albums again ... read more
Being a very long time fan of EDEN, when this album was announced in Fall 2019 i was very eager to hear what he had in store, this album exceeded every expectation i had within EDEN's beautiful vocals to his amazing production all while not straying from his original sound he debuted with in 2014-2015. Beautiful album from EDEN, my favorite of the year so far and i feel it will stay that way for a while.
Rushing's guitar solo and climax towards is the best music moment of 2020
EDEN's cover of Billie Jean was dope. This however is mostly monotone and too long if you ask me. Quite forgettable unfortunately.

Best track: rushing
This was a really good album, but I definitely don't think that it was his best. EDEN drifts away from his old style on 'no future' with some success. It sorta felt like an amalgamation of EDEN's former albums into one, which can be very good. However, it can also sound a little more basic on some tracks which lack energy compared to others on this project.
I'm a huge fan of Eden and this album is much more than I was expecting from him after Vertigo. I didn't give it a full 100 because this is one of those albums that doesn't really hit you on the first listen. After listening to this for 3 days straight I'm finally starting to get the double entendre. It's not just about relationships, it's about climate change and the global impact of technology. I'm really in awe of this album now that I have caught the deeper meaning. It wasn't obvious on the ... read more
No future é um trabalho totalmente coeso com melodias e letras sentimentais que despertam a atenção de quem ouve. Eden nos trás uma verdadeira experiência entre ritmos, onde ele transita pelo RnB, Pop e Electropop; sem deixar o álbum igual a uma playlist... As melodias e letras são muito harmônicas e se conectam muito bem.
feels like this album goes for a james blake-type vibe, but all it does is make me wanna go listen to james blake.
Rating: 90/100
EDENs easily recognisable voice shines through in many songs on 'no future'. The flowing and experimental nature really keeps it engaging for the whole 57 minutes.
Stand out songs:
> 2020
> just saying
> so far so good
> ????
this album is amazing, being a long-term fan of eden its amazing, we can see how he's evolving with his music, the lyrics, the production and the vocals are just amazing, and the album structure is also great, he is literally telling us a story, it is one of his best projects without any doubt.

my only complain is that i miss something more like start//end or wake up; a part of the song when everything comes together, i think it would be better if some of the songs on the album just explode ... read more
Nossa, sem condições um álbum com 19 músicas. Cheguei na décima primeira nem sei como, até que tem umas músicas legais, mas é mais do mesmo, então ficou simplesmente chato.
The production is really well made, but I don't feel the same deep and powerful feeling that the old songs have. Is really a beautiful album, but for me sounds a little pretentious sometimes. Anyway, I enjoyed it, Jonathon know how to make gorgeous songs.
just eden doing eden things, wish he risked more on this record
overall better than vertigo imo
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