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night-time drive like tunes
Ok so its been 3 months now that no future came out, fully digested the album and this is my final thoughts on this LP. It's kinda bland and stale but the potential is there. I like the ideas and the production on where its going, but i feel like it needs more work on it. EDEN was going for a new sound and a new style, which i appreciate the man has talent, but at the same time he lost some key factors on vertigo and i think you think too much of me.

The introduction track on this LP is ... read more
Errrrr, this is gonna be a hot take (please don't hurt me) so I have listened to EDEN since he was known as The Eden Project days and I wasn't always the biggest fan of his work but I always enjoyed a couple of songs from his bodies of work, especially in End Credits and Entrance but vertigo was a disappointment in some regard and so is no future (imo). This album to me just feels stale and just quite simple alternative R&B. Maybe, given some time i will warm up to this album but I can't ... read more
This isn't a terrible project, but EDEN isnt a creative artist, this project ended up sounding like most of his past work, which makes it boring considering it is an hour long, and the worst is that while his past projects are quite enjoyable, this was definitely his worst and most lazy attempt to date
"no future" is a beautifully-produced album. It strikes a pretty consistent tone too, with relaxing, ambient soundscapes throughout. Unfortunately, despite some really good tracks, it's also kinda bloated, forgettable and derivative. It also lacks variation in the tracks, further enhancing the bloated nature.

Fav Tracks: hertz; good morning; untitled; love, death, distraction; projector; so far so good; 2020; just saying; isohel

Least Fav Track: $treams

EDEN's sophomore effort is fantastically produced and less dull than his debut. Jonathan Ng has always had the ability to totally stun me with his music. With that said, even with no bad tracks, the album sadly feels a little bloated. The first half is amazing, but I think cutting a few tracks in the second half would've made the album sharper. Furthermore, I think Eden could better his writing as the album doesn't feel fully conceptualised. No Future is ultimately a step in the right direction ... read more
after the release of 'vertigo', jonathon ng went quiet for the better part of 2 years, releasing tracks and small EPs here and there to entice his fanbase for more and in the year 2020, here we are!

while EDEN has heavily matured over the last couple years in terms of his lyrical content, his sound hasn't changed that much unfortunately (minus the inclusion of samples, which are a breath of fresh air for him) and he refuses to take enough risks to really impress me beyond the fact that he ... read more
This album is way more interesting and powerful than vertigo, and the lyrics really do so much more than Vertigo Ever could. And the production... OH MY GOD. Just like his past works, he mixed and mastered it all on his own. It's truly impressive, and he brought back the electronic sounds of his roots. It's especially impressive in songs like "Good Morning" and "Projector" with more influences slipping through on the album.

Also can someone explain why Good morning is ... read more
As an EDEN fan, this is the most disappointment I have ever faced listening to an artist I love. I think I may come back to this when I feel ready and do a comparison to his old albums plus a track-by-track analysis.

Color: Red
Favorite Tracks: good morning, projector, isohel, untitled
Worst Tracks: $treams
Eden is my favorite electronicmusic man but this is really bad. Bad album. Sometimes he does loud BLEEP BLAP BLOOP and sometimes he does happy sings. He can be boring and he can be stupidand sometimes cool but i dont like when he does sing songs and hes bad. There is also too much songs. NO BODY WANTS TO HEAR MANY MUCH EDEN SONGS BEACUSE THIS IS A BAD ALBUM EDEN STOP MAKING SO MUCH SONGS!!!!!!!?!. I like some songs but very much songs are really bad and terible. Bad album. Bad.
I think it's important to put into context that EDEN had made a breakthrough with his first 2 very promising, enticing and modern projects, but afterwards he had to face mainly negative critics on his first solo album vertigo which must have had an impact on the conception and the state of mind of the new no future. Personally, despite a few mistakes and the inequalities that vertigo presents, I don't think it's a bad album, he had found for me an identity and a sound more his own.

Besides, ... read more
"No Future" put me to sleep. It started off good, but it quickly became so derivative and predictable that the gentle guitar arpeggios and EDEN's semi-emotional vocal performances sent me straight to my dream world.

I would be lying if I said this project was not enjoyable, but every time I put it on I involuntary start zoning out after the song "just saying" and only come back to it in full focus by the track "2020". The aesthetic is generally one that I can vibe ... read more
EDEN's cover of Billie Jean was dope. This however is mostly monotone and too long if you ask me. Quite forgettable unfortunately.

Best track: rushing
Very consistent. Could've been a little shorter but didn't retract much.
I can understand how people can find this dull like most people found Vertigo. It's certainly flawed like that album is. No Future sets itself apart from its predecessor by being a lot less bleak. It's got a lot of the sadness, sure, but the instrumental pallet is brighter and has a bit more synth. I listen to it when I'm moody and need something pretty sounding to soothe me. I listen to Vertigo to feel devastated.

You need a lot of patience to get into this album. Some of the songs should've ... read more
I enjoy a lot of the things on here but it pales in comparison to the music that he has made in the past. I went to see him in concert a few weeks ago. It was really obvious to me that no one was there for the material on this album and everyone just wanted him to perform the classic songs. I think that he has really lost his touch as of late and i really want to see him come back to form with some songs that blend catchy songwriting with interesting production. I do think that there is ... read more
While lots of effort was clearly put into the production here, I wish they had taken some time to work on its memorability and hooks.
i was a big fan of vertigo, but i hadn't kept up with eden for a while. while this album has less highlights/memorable tracks, it's a consistent, extremely well produced, and emotionally draining record. if vertigo was personal, no future is completely transparent. eden still sings about the same themes of heartbreak and regret as his previous records, but he does so with a staggering honesty this time around. love it on first listen, and i'm pretty sure it'll grow on me
Fuck it, I'm mad and im drunk as shit.

This album is corny, and bad. Modern electronic music is hardly even good.

Fuck EDEN corny ass boy if u want good shit to dance to bro just vibe out to 2017-2019 by against all logic

Been following Eden for a while, ever since he went by "The Eden Project", and sort of lost interest when he took on the persona of EDEN, and went with the stylistic cliche of all lower-case letters for titles. But every time his name gets mentioned, I remember songs like XO and Times Like These and hope to god I get something similar. I was skeptical of the fan-boys rushing in here with 100s, and sadly, the first five seconds of the album put a bad taste in my mouth.

I don't know ... read more
As beautiful and consistent the record is in its long runtime, a few of EDEN's career-high songs can't hide the fact that the album slips away to the faded mass of indietronica cliches.

For what it's worth, the cliches, when done right, work in his favour very well. Emotions run high and memories play by, like the very best of his works. EDEN knows how to play with the atmosphere of a track, how to build-up, how to lead, when to crash it all down, when to subvert and subdue.

But that's only ... read more
As "vertigo" was a very influential album for me, I think whatever EDEN released next would never quite be able to live up to his debut album. However, this more mature, sophisticated album remains true to Ng's roots while introducing new, more experimental and unconventional ideas to his sound. A subtler release than "vertigo" for sure, requiring far more spins to really sink in, but incredibly satisfying and I'll certainly be returning to this album a lot.

Favourites: ... read more
At times the production and sampling is interesting, but generally the album wanders too much disrupting any sense of cohesiveness the admittedly ambient atmosphere could have produced. The vocals are generally dull and too laid back, and those few times they shine, it is too little too late.

Fav. Track: Love, death, distraction, ????, 2020
After seeing EDEN live, and listening through the album over and over again. I can definitely see his maturity and his old music together. Good Morning sounds just like Interlude in the END Credits EP with a lighter tone and it gives me goosebumps, Projector has the flow of a song like XO, and Isohel has it's own unique style but doesn't stray too far from his own sound. Amazing album, only few bad songs.

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Although I still stand by my original opinion on "It's in a ... read more
I certainly like it, but it all kinda just runs together for me, and drags a bit. I do really dig EDEN's overall vibe though, with this album further cementing that idea.
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