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West of Eden
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CW; child murder, dysphoria, toxic friendships, suicide, self harm, death, Stockholm syndrome.

I believe that HMLTD's debut record, West of Eden, is a rock opera concept album based on the mental anguish of millennials living in a post-apocalyptic 21st century and the mental unraveling of a suppressed trans-gendered women named Joanna.

But before I go deep into the concepts and themes explored in this album, I should probably speak on the actual music only slightly. Overall, I think this ... read more
I would by lying to say I wasn’t impressed with this record, mostly because it completely phased through every sort of bleak expectation I had for it. I had a few people I chat with say it was rather boring, some say it was fantastic, and for me going in blind? I really didn’t have much hopes of being blown away.

However, this album gradually grew over listens into one of the more unique albums so far this year. HMLTD, although I never heard their previous work, sound a lot more ... read more
I feel like this is gonna be the breakthrough record of 2020. It is bold, theatrical and packs a heavy punch. The West is Dead is an outstanding opener. What sets this apart is the ambition, it just keeps adding more and more with every track. It is truly genre bending in that AOTY is forced to call it Art Pop. I feel like there is a bit of filler (Wheres Joanna, Why?, and Death Drive) and it is a bit all over the place at times. Overall though, this is one of my favorites this year.
Edit: just ... read more
Glam rock enters the modern era.

After having watered the world, since 2016, with striking singles accompanied by music videos of a rare eccentricity, and having followed an inexplicable trajectory making them evolve from an avant-garde glam-electro-punk to a worldly generic pop by signing with Sony, the Londoners of HMLTD have finally switched to the LP, and release their debut album, "West Of Eden", on Rough Trade Records.

In 2015, while Fat White Family was busy tracing a new ... read more
"West of Eden" is an unexpectedly fun record that pulls so much out of the kitchen sink yet a lot of it actually works! The variation is off the wall, with one going through a post-punk/trap fusion (it's way better than it sounds). While there are a couple moments of filler, the overall record was a joyous experience for me. The goth and glam stylings are great, the production is creative and the lyrics are frighteningly hilarious.

Fav Tracks: LOADED; Where's Joanna?; To the Door; ... read more
Been waiting for this album for months. It did not disappoint.

Throughout the 20th century, one of the most prominent cultural products of the West was rock'n'roll. Bands like Beatles and Queen were the symbols of the English-speaking world. In many ways, West of Eden inherited its spirit from rock'n''roll but took it to new lengths. All in all, this album is emblematic of the death of of rock'n'roll, as it combines rock with an amalgamation of genres, some of which includes Eastern ... read more
HMLTD artistically has the positive attitude that any artist should have, while possessing the talent, which is not given to everyone. West of Eden is a dazzling atypical work that takes you on a journey through paths and landscapes that are both delirious and prodigious. They knew how to capture and impregnate all their 70/80/2000 influences to give a new excellent album to the Post Punk style which never stops showing how much it has no limits, by adding electronic sounds and ... read more
Holy shit. The first album of 2019 to truly blow me away. I have no idea what to even make of this right now. It's the same feeling I felt listening to Schlagenheim last year. Unbelievable record.

Fav Tracks: The West Is Dead; LOADED; The Ballad of Calamity James; To The Door; Satan, Luella and I; Mikey's Song; 149; Joanna; Where's Joanna?; Death Drive; Nobody Stays in Love; Blank Slate
Least Fav Track: Why?

The drama kid in me is shaking

The best kind of debut is the rare one where the artist comes through with a sound that isn’t just refreshing and unique, but fully-formed. HMLTD have delivered exactly that. For as long as some of these songs have been out there, it’s incredible that The West Is Dead isn’t merely coherent, but a consistently charismatic and engrossing experience. The dark Western flair gives the band a quirk with which to twist post punk with the ... read more
West of Eden is a huge mixed of genres form post-punk to art rock to art pop, glam punk with elements of dance and synth. It had to label this record but want is more importantly this record is so fun to listen especially with this wide range of songs it truly never gets boring during the 15 tracks but even with this amount of sounds and styles the album itself never loses that much focus. Honestly, this is a fantastic debut and excited to see what HMLTD has install next

Track Review

The ... read more
HMLTD have had one of the most tumultuous times as a band. From major label angst to social media disputes to losing a band member, the production of this album has been a long, painful process. And despite every hurdle thrown at them, they have still managed to develop a deliciously dark, witty, and glamorous debut that oozes creativity.

Don't expect the music here to make much sense, but do expect to enjoy it immensely. It is art pop at its finest, and as weird and wacky as it is, it manages ... read more
i believe these londoners just made the album america needed in 2020

overall, this ‘debut’ release is a journey which took a quarter decade to complete , and it rightfully shows.
a way of describing this is punk music with electronic infused alt vibes, and it’s much more w/ rap type production which fuels storied songs
This album is pure genius. It's hilarious, edgy and brilliant. Probably is the most genre-bending album of the year, with is mix of punk, glam rock and glitched electronic music. Considering this is their debut album, I think that HMLTD have what it takes to change radically this decade.
Where is Joanna?????
HMLTD are pushing the boundaries of modern pop music on “West of Eden”, where creating a theatrical and eclectic musical landscape is taken as more important than showing off cohesiveness or theme in subject matter. They are masters of blending genres without the use of boring gimmicks or fleshed out ideas, and each track here shows a different side to the ever-expanding, multi-facetted dodecahedron of modern music.

Color: Green
FAV TRACKS: all except least fav!
If you take a look at different mediums that recommend other artists similar to HMLTD, you get the sense that the act is hard to categorize. On this website acts like Weyes Blood and Mitski are mentioned, whereas on Spotify bands like Shame, Idles and Viagra Boys are suggested. This is quite obviously a strange juxtaposition, but I would argue HMLTD do something completely different from arguably either of these comparisons on their debut record West of Eden.

From right out of the gate, HMLTD ... read more
It's been a while since an album's put this much a smile on my face. This is stellar. It's an incredible post-punk album integrated with elements of synth-pop, noise-pop, and art-rock.

This artful fusion has allowed them craft a fantastical groovy soundscape drenched in experimentation. The songwriting on this album's so witty, somewhat manic and honestly hilarious. Henry Spychalski has gives me such a dynamic and flamboyant performance only akin to Freddie Mercury.

I don't have too many ... read more
This record makes me feel the same way Everything Everything's Get to Heaven felt when I first heard it. It may seem disjointed and fragmentary at first, but there's a gorgeous and unexpected cohesion in all its incohesive glory.
The moment I heard the cinematic Spaghetti Western style guitars mixed with a trap breakdown, I knew I was listening to something else. What a tour-de-force this album is! The first leg of this album is completely flawless to me, and even after the slight dip in the riveting composition department in the second leg - this is still and incredibly cohesive album with a message! Stylish to the core, HMLTD's riveting, consistent, hook-filled debut is chocked full of fantastic songwriting and ... read more
The debut album by HMLTD is as interesting and great as you should expect.

Though I have read some reviews that dislike it, the western elements really really do it for me, they're fun and interesting and I think overall they work cohesively and unfairly well where they are used. The West is Dead and LOADED are just punchy as hell and a perfect way to launch you straight into the album and just when you the think the album is going to start to drag through its 15 tracks around the middle you ... read more
Hell. F*cking. Yes. This is it boys. I feel like every year, a band releases a debut album that absolutely kills it. last year it was fontaines d.c, the year before it was snail mail. and this year its HMLTD. West Of Eden is an ambitious blend of art pop, glam rock, dance punk, post punk and more. it is loud, it is fun, it is thought-provoking and it is outrageous.

The variety on this LP is outstanding. When it comes to post-punk albums, a lot of the newer bands have the tendency to stick to ... read more
This album is fantastic. This sounds like Bauhaus, Depeche Mode, The Prodigy, Voltaire, and 80s Bowie had a horrible bastard child that came to make you dance and call you a twat. The West is Dead kicks off the record with throbbing techno that absolutely will not let up. Loaded thumps with gothic, grimy synths that churn and it has the vocals to match while it throbs along. By the time you get to Mikey's Song it is a wild mix of Bowie and Voltaire theatrics set to piano and funky bass lines ... read more
EDIT: Everything I said below is true, but there are its moments of filler and some of the lyrics can be corny at times. None of this stops it from being super groundbreaking and refreshing, but I don't think it's consistent enough to warrant a 9/10.

This is one of those rare albums that makes me realize why I listen to music. The joy of hearing something amazing for the first time, the way that many subsequent listens allow the peeling back of layers of detail, and the ... read more
As much as I have been a huge fan of these guys since their EP, this just really didn’t resonate with me all that much. Yes their sound is unique and fully formed, and it’s definitely something great to build upon.

Their EP was one of my favorite projects of 2018 so to say I was excited for this was an understatement. And don’t get me wrong there are a lot of fantastic moments on this record, but there’s a lot of dull ones as well. I think some of the western flashes ... read more
Impressed with how much I enjoyed this and how shocked I was to expect something different but got something totally unorthadox yet familiar. I loved the anthemic cuts from this project that made the album larger than life and the synth pop that totally went against the opening and closing tracks. HMLTD feels like New Order but in the apocalypse, if I can give em that tag. This is going to turn a lot of heads this year, I feel it.
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