El-P - Weareallgoingtoburninhell-megamixxx3
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August 3, 2010 / Release Date
Mixtape / Format
Gold Dust Media / Label
Hip Hop / Genres
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Somewhere in the 10 years between Company Flow's Funcrusher Plus and his previous solo record, I'll Sleep When You're Dead, El-P's production style snapped its leash. Not like it was all that tightly restricted in the first place-- his late-90s/early-00s work knocked with dread but included both hardcore hip-hop breaks and glitchy squalls. Still, his work's gotten to the point where it can take a longtime fan about 10 seconds to recognize one of his new beats, and another 10 seconds to hear something fresh in his approach. More than 15 years after Company Flow's first single, El-P's ability to maintain a recognizable style while still staying restless has kept his work interesting. (That, and his tendency to do things like his deranged, spur-of-the-moment Justin Bieber remix.)


Ever wonder what J. Dilla’s Donuts would sound like if El-P made it? Of course you haven’t. That’s a ridiculous thing to wonder. At least, it is unless you are El-P, in which case you’ve already admitted that Dilla’s Donuts was a major influence on your latest release.

Track List

  1. Take You Out At The Ball Game
  2. Whores:The Movie
  3. Meanstreak (In 3 Parts)
  4. Dmsc
  5. Drunk With A Loaded Pistol
  6. Time Won't Tell
  7. Secret Police Man's Ball
  8. I Got This (El-P Remix) (Redux)
  9. Jump Fence, Run, Live
  10. He Hit Her So She Left
  11. Driving Down The Block (El-P Remix) (Redux)
  12. Honda Redux
  13. How To Serve Man (Stripped)
  14. Contagious Snippet (Wilder Zoby Feat. El-P)
  15. Eat My Garbage 2

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royalflush, philthy