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Porgy and Bess

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This list includes in chronological order the important and unavoidable albums. A list updated regularly
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I'm reviewing an album from every single genre on this site. EVERY ONE. It's gonna take a while to get through it all (probably due to me being lazy) but I'm willing to take the risk. And yes, there ...
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So I'm gonna listen to as many critically acclaimed albums from the last 70 years (according to RYM and AOTY) as possible over the course of God knows how long and document my experiences here. Why? ...
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some call me the jazzinator because of how much i know about jazz. it's a lot by the way. i definitely know what im talking about when it comes to jazz. for sure
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> Top 100 albums > A selection of heartfelt favorites / singles
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Miles Davis (1926 - 1991) (65 Years) From: Illinois Main Instrument: Trumpet Others: Piano, Cornet, Flugelhorn Genres: Modal Jazz, Hard Bop, Jazz Fusion, Cool Jazz, Post-Bop, Jazz-Funk. This list ...
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Average Score: 72
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this is way too many albums wtf is wrong with me yes i know this is a lot of /mu/ nerd bullshit
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One album per genre. Inspired by @RakkSmells.
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Includes mainstream/influential albums not included in any RS 500 edition (in chronological order until 2019).
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Including EPs January- 31 records February- 47 records March- 98 records April- 68 records May- 48 records June- 63 records July- 17 records August- 50 records September- 33 records October- 26 ...
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Got Jazz?
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