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Græ by Moses Sumney is a monumental piece of musical art. It is a piece of music - a piece of a life - no two ways about it. You will never get it out of your head, a phrase or a melody, as you walk through the uncrowded streets of your city, your street, your livelihood. The album as a whole is a masterpiece of cinematic mood.  He can do anything. He can create a scene. He can set the entire piece to an infectious hymn or a godlike prayer. He can compose a book of poems. He can ... read more
For some time now, a few years now, we've been observing this trend that some artists use to build an album by setting up parts that are spaced out and published over time like a TV Serie, I'm thinking for example of Denzel Curry, more recently Hayley Williams and of course Moses Sumney with Grae. Personally, although it's a very interesting approach that opens the door to a lot of possibilities for creation, narration and imagination, I generally prefer to have the whole album finished at ... read more
Next to TPAB and Homogenic, this is one of the easiest hundreds I have ever given. While I’m grateful for the time I had to become acquainted with part 1 (at first I thought that Cut Me and Colouour were 9s instead of 10s, I was wrong), immediately upon popping part 2 on on vinyl, this album naturally comes full circle. In the vinyl Booklet, there is a page smack dab in the middle of part two which is only half the letters of an explanation of the meaning of the album, and there’s a ... read more
Kehlani thought she had a good album cover
Just sublime.

Highlights include:
*Bless Me
*Cut Me
*In Bloom

Not too keen on:
*Keeps Me Alive
For those who listened to the first part of græ back in February, you may still be reeling from and repeating the triumphant return of Moses Sumney even today. Yet here we are, gifted a few months later with the second part of the record. Two part albums can sometimes be a difficult affair; maintaining the quality of the album across a longer length, justifying the length for the listener, maintaining a logical flow over the full course. Somehow Moses Sumney accomplishes this, revolving ... read more
Trey I swear I think it's good it's just not amazing please don't kill me

Hoo boy, I feel bad about this one. There are some INSANELY high highs on this record, from Sumney's beautiful writing and vocal range to the almost heavenly instrumentals, plus Cut Me and Polly being two of my favorite songs of this year. But... why is this being so highly acclaimed? Maybe I'm just not a neo-soul type of dude, but there are some BORING ass songs on here, and others just aren't as good as they should be. ... read more
Moses Sumney is a pop star in an alternate reality.
græ is dark, soulful, beautiful, ambient and so much more. This album is truly something special.

Part 1:
This is part 1 of Moses Sumney's græ. This first half is an incredibly well put together work of art. The themes of masculinity, race and self labels are well tackled with interludes of conceptual conversation. Moses mixes genres and has a one of a kind production quality. It's really gripping.
Part 2:
Making a double album ... read more
Revelatory and towering at its most challenging, this new double record from LA musician Moses Sumney is a striking concept record made with multitudes of genres combined into a forward-thinking, melodic piece of work blurring the boundaries and deconstructing what was initially built. There is so much to admire in his work, post Aromanticism. A sweeping, dizzying listen.
Review for Part 1: Okay, Okay, Okay this is probably gonna be one of the best Neo-Soul albums of this year and this decade. Everything here is fantastic; the production, the vocals and the lyrcis, all of it is so well done and well crafted. Now this is gonna be a double LP (as you probably already know) I will rate both parts separately and then conjoin both when the full thing is out but god damn i am hyped, hyped, hyped for part 2.

Now, that the second part is out I am putting part 1 rating ... read more
I first thought the amount of material was detrimental; i now realize that abundance is the best thing for græ. this double album is truly amazing. all 20 songs deserve paragraphs:
‘polly’ is astonishing and perfect.

‘also also also and and and’ : is the best part of græ. before you go’: is an aching, puzzling highlight.
‘Lucky Me’ is sounds like NIN scoring Zelda.
there are many points where one could perceive grae pt1 transitioning to ... read more
that sax on coleuoueoueourououeourour is truly the best sound to ever sound
Moses Sumney beauty voice and procedures makes breath stop and also is very much very pleasure to ear :)
græ is the second studio album from American singer-songwriter Moses Sumney, whose work I was not familiar with up to this point and græ would be the first experience that I would have with Moses musically. I didn't know what to expect going into the album, as I have stated I never listened to his music prior to this and I was kinda weary going into it because it's two discs but after hearing the first real track I had no reason to feel worried because I glided through this ... read more
græ is absolutely gorgeous. Sumney's angelic falsetto paired with the plucking of strings and piano notes is ethereal. That's it, that's the whole review. Listen to this to have your mind blown.

One word to summarize this album: Ethereal

This is too complex for my monkey brain to analyze, however, I will say it's beautiful.

Color: All shades of Green and Brown
Favorite Tracks: All of them! Especially 'Me in 20 Years'
Worst Tracks: None!
I think I'm missing something here. I wasn't particularly enamored with the more minimalistic approach to the instrumentals on this record. Maybe it'll grow in future listens, but as of right now I'm not huge on this.
I already talked about Pt 1 in another review and really don’t feel like talking about this again.
Can we please stop these pretentious album roll outs? It genuinely turned off my interest because it’s been so long.
Favorites: In Bloom, Polly, Two Dogs, Me In 20 Years
Least favorites: the interludes
'Græ' é trabalho exemplar, aqui, Moses Sumney uniu as duas partes do álbum lançadas em datas diferentes, mas que juntas, complementam ainda mais a proposta do artista em entregar um disco brilhante, repleto de influências e misturas das quais são conduzidas sob uma atmosfera confessional, que revela impressionante canções e melodias a par formosos vocais expressados de acordo com a intensidade de cada faixa, uma verdadeira sacada de mestre!
Moses ass vs James charles ass is a reoccurring theme in this album. This was a really long and really hard decision for me because both are very juicy. It's hard to give a cut and dry decision though because you can not see where Moses' legs are angled so it's hard to tell how far the ass extends. On the contrary, there are so many picture of James Charles that it's easy to see he's a snack. I'd say it's a tie though I do need more pictures.
Just finished my fourth listen and I still get the same chills as I did on my first listen. What an absolutely incredibly album. My only complaint is that the interludes, although very well done, appear a bit too often in my opinion. Other than that, the songs on this album are amazing. Gliding between slow-burning falsetto ballads and catchy art pop anthems, græ shows Moses Sumney's great versatility as an artist.
While I think releasing this album in two parts were a bit of a dumb marketing idea, græ is an abstract, sublime, and gorgeous project that is worth listening too. Truly felt like I was in this out of this world place while listening to this, the production is certainly creative and wonky, and the way Moses performs on this album makes this album even more alien. While I don’t think it’s 100% a masterpiece, I can totally see why someone would see this a masterpiece. Check it ... read more
I had my fears that more songs would only make this longer because „græ part 1“ was already among my favorites and I didn‘t think there was much better stuff that could come after „polly“ but I was wrong. This only adds even more quality. I‘d say part 1 was a bit stronger though but not a lot.

And I will repeat what I already said after listening to pt1. This guy reminds me of James Blake.

✅shit goes hard
Thanks For This recommendation trey! Singing The Beats And Everything is good but one thing it's a hour long and Sometimes you question your mortal existence But Overall Good Album 8/10 FAVOURITE TRACKS ALL BUT Insula
I listened to this and wasn't wowed? I was impressed by Moses' really nice and controlled head voice at the beginning of the album, but when he started to use it on every track, then I got kind of bored by it. The album was exhausting to listen to because of the very quiet instrumentation and because of the weird pacing of the album. There were some nice songs and ideas I can remember, like "Virile" and "Colouour." I guess I need to listen to this again...
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