Baxter Dury - The Night Chancers
The Night Chancers
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Almost 18 years ago, Baxter Dury emerged as one of the oddest, promising acts in the British indie rock scene. An enigmatic musician, he spent much of his career, album after album, piecing together a sound that was truly his own. In 2020, reaching the pinnacle of his artistic ingenuity, Dury cements his place with not only his finest, most formidable, fully recognized work, but musically, it's a glamorous celebration/culmination of all his notable accomplishments as ... read more
Guys, I Breathe, Eat And Sleep Baxter Dury. Ever since I found Prince of Tears on Metacritic in late 2017, I've been obsessed with his Music. Look at my scrobbles for him, Its insane! Seriously, he is one of the best-kept secrets in the music industry. Everything he releases is gold. So here is a summary of my thoughts on his other projects.

Len Parrot's Memorial Lift: He brought back the sound of the Velvet Underground and "modernized" it. Its lo-fi, grimy, and incredibly ... read more
Not reliant on a certain suave or calm demeanor to get his point across, Mr. Baxter Dury, with the aid of his compatriots provides an album that thrives on straightforwardness but is beautifully constructed. Dury’s gravely voice is tasked with delivering stories spun out of irritation, disgust and love, choked full of crude grievances and vague sentiments. All of these unusual but familiar features compile for one fascinatingly irreverent display of sarcasm and surprising musicality. ... read more
"The Night Chasers" is an undeniably well-produced and sharply-written album. I love the slick grooves on this thing and I especially love the bass. It's acceptably short and while there are maybe a couple of tracks that could've had a bit more time on the drawing board, Dury still kept me engaged with his stories and alluring compositions.

Fav Tracks: Saliva Hog; I'm Not Your Dog; Carla's Got a Boyfriend; Slumlord; Hello, I'm Sorry; Say Nothing

Least Fav Track: Sleep ... read more
With wisdom and experience, Baxter Dury has not only delivered an album as successful as Happy Soup, he has perfected himself, pushing his limits, offering a very hot and endearing The Night Chancers!

I'm not a big fan of Baxter Dury, and I must admit that the first listening of this album was relatively disappointing and banal. However, by giving it additional chances, I was trapped to my great surprise. This is often the case with Baxter and this is one of the strengths of this artist, at ... read more
A new gem from our favourite English dandy, "The Night Chancer" offers an amazing walk between gutter funk and shallow indie pop. On the protest side of the British chessboard, there are the IDLES, on the other there is the poetic Baxter Dury, two aspects of the same culture, two facets of the same civilization, two different filthy atmospheres.

His humour, his way of not singing while singing, his sibylline poetry, his natural indolence which borders on casualness without falling ... read more
So I'm currently waiting for DOOM Eternal to unpack on Steam, so I thought I would go and check out the new releases of today, and this one caught my eye as, as of writing this this has a user score of 93, which is pretty damn high! So I just had to go see, then I saw Kengoji praising it so, yeah we're listening to this now. First listen? Loved it. Second listen? Liked it. Let's tear it apart.

So I haven't listened to a Baxter Dury album before, in fact I hadn't really heard of him until ... read more

Sorry @KengojiUltamYT
I’ve never heard a Baxter Dury album prior to this one, so I went in totally blind. I just wanted to mention how I don’t enjoy some of the vocal inflections on some of the “spoken word” passages. They feel very forced and awkward, making the listening experience feel less immersive. I just wish there was more things here to sink my teeth into, as nearly half of these tracks are very forgettable. However, these tight grooves are what hold ... read more
If you've never heard of Baxter Dury, one couldn't blame you, I haven't either until tonight. His music has never been a big chart-topper, few have reviewed his albums, and his presence outside of the UK is relatively nonexistent. I'm not a betting man, but I would bet on this new album The Night Chancers. One might say I'm willing to take that chance on it.

These songs mix between slick and sexy synth and bass to swelling and lush. Tracks like Saliva Hog come in with a dirty and mean bass ... read more
This album is in a different league to the rest Dury's discog - it displays a newfound confidence, focus and mastery of his voice/persona.

The production is well judged, certainly his most slick recording, but all in service of the perfectly cultivated moods that shift smoothly as the tracklist progresses.

Not only are Baxter's vocals more varied and entertaining, even the trademark female backing vocals sound sharper. This time the soundbites from the lyric sheet come thick and fast; this ... read more

Shout out to Kengoji for making me aware of Baxter Dury, because I don't know how eager I would have been to approach this so emphatically had I not been somewhat familiar with him already.

'The Night Chancers' is an absolute gem of a Synthpop album and I think Baxter's unique spin on the genre is at its most refined and polished here. It's the soundtrack to walking confidently down a suburban London street at 9pm and winking at everyone you pass because you're just ... read more
This is a really relaxing and intriguing experience. This is my first ever listen to Baxter Dury, and I am incredibly impressed! I really, really like his entire style. The way he tells a story while you drift away to the beautiful melodies and soft words is really amazing. The songs felt relatively complicated but so unbelievably cohesive. Very unique.

Also, thanks to Kengoji for letting me know about this great record.
Baxter loves you.

Edit: Increased rating from original 85 to 90. Really, ... read more
I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here but it feels good.
WOW i didn't except this to be this good, i mean i loved ''Len Parrot's Memorial Lift'' but everything after that i either liked or didn't care much for but this album right here THIS ALBUM RIGHT HERE is easly baxter's best , the production slaps hard i love how slick and and groovy it is and the atmosphere is top notch , the songwriting is really interesting i don't know how to exactly interpret everything yet but the lyrics are so well crafted and put together to me and the atmosphere ... read more

Unbelievably good opening, it just sucks you right in completely.
You can't escape the pure grooviness and sexiness of this album.

"In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god's blessing. But because, I am enlightened by The Night Chancers' excellency."
Thanks Baxter, you just made me bob my head uncontrollably at 2am.
Three months into 2020, I can already confirm that this is a year of musical discovery for me. Expanding horizons, exploring new genres and artists. Baxter Dury is one of them.
This is the first Dury album I've listened to in its entirety. And it's very good!
Let's talk about "I'm Not Your Dog" first.
Heck of a track to start off the record. Intense, vibrant and intimidating. Both the backing vocals and Baxter's vocals remind me of french "Chanson" artists like Serge ... read more
Oh, Baxter Dury, you gone and done it. You made one of the best albums of 2020. The Night Chancers is Baxter Dury's 7th studio album and even since 2002 was an interesting musician in the up and coming indie rock scene but always managed to developed not only his sound but his maturity and it all comes together to this beautiful album. This album sounds so simple but yet it is so streamlined with interesting production and the vocal performance truly shining giving this album so much ... read more
Baxter Dury was sent here by the gods (well, equally brilliant dad Ian Dury) to rid us of all doom and despondency.

Overall, this is not a bad album but it's a messy one. Baxter has a "sultry" way to create the music here and the groovy synth perfectly blend. However, he has a tendency to cut too much his sound (at this moment : violin, in that moment : spoken word, etc) rather than blending it. It could have been so silky and so sexy to unformize everything ! Sometimes, he also adds unecessary effects (because Trends ? like some autotune or vivid violin notes for example) and it really doesn't ... read more
Baxter Dury's best, most cohesive, project yet!
Kengoji's wet dream has become reality. Eh, it's fine.

Baxter Dury is a name I have heard a bit, but never really cared for. He just seemed like a basic indie pop artist, so looking deeper into his discography probably wouldn't be worth it. At least that's what I thought, until this album came out and I decided to give it a quick listen. The grooves here are prominent and pretty enjoyable, but Baxter's delivery of spoken words over these instrumentals got me a bit confused. It might just be me ... read more
That's a fancy butter right there.
At the risk of starting this review with a bad dad joke, it's safe to say that I took a chance on "Night Chancers". I had not heard of him before listening to this new release and as a result was surprised to acknowledge how much I ended up enjoying this album. Dury combines elements of new wave, synth-pop, and noir tinged indie rock to create a listening experience that is consistent thematically and tonally throughout. The bass lines on this thing are fantastic and the female ... read more
Very good psychedelic pop/rock album. I'm pretty new to the genre but I've enjoyed it.
Baxter Dury isn't really an artist I'm familiar with, but this album certainly has me excited to go through his discography.

This album is honestly a bit of an interesting listen, to say the least. The groovy, textured synth-pop instrumentation makes for such a odd experience when paired with Dury's lowly and somewhat monotone singing. I love how well the female background vocals mesh well with both Dury's vocals and the production as well.

Dury's lyrics seem to tell these vignettes full of ... read more
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