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This is an archive of what, circa January 2021, what this critic considered the best albums of 2020.
Updated 6mo ago50 albumsRanked 8
Updated 7mo ago507 albumsRanked 8
I listened to over 300 albums last year and it was pretty hard to pick out my favorites so here It is.
Updated 2mo ago100 albumsRanked 2
All the albums that I listened to in 2020. I'll include some EPs.
Updated 6mo ago302 albumsRanked 2
Updated 1y ago69 albums 1
Updated 6mo ago61 albumsRanked
Updated 1y ago79 albumsRanked
From BEST to WORST in January 2020
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Updated 1y ago54 albumsRanked
Updated 6mo ago174 albumsRanked

July 2021 Playlist