Future Nostalgia

Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia
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2020 Ratings: #15 / 809
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‘Future Nostalgia’ is a bright, bold collection of pop majesty to dance away your anxieties to… if only for a little while.


Dua will be going down in pop history as one of the best.

The Independent

It’s a sheer bliss that she can deliver these hard truths to a soundtrack that’s ridiculously leotard and leg warmers. Honestly, there isn’t a duff track on here. Every beat is elastic, every note and sample bold and shiny. Future Nostalgia is 37 minutes of pure sonic spandex.

The Arts Desk
This album is the sound of a musician finding their own voice and revelling in it, and it is completely glorious.
The Sydney Morning Herald
Her '80s-infused, glossy pop productions were bound to be a welcome distraction, but Lipa has delivered so much more.
Entertainment Weekly

Lipa quickly established herself as one of pop's most compelling presences during her quick rise, and Future Nostalgia shows that she's going to be sticking around its upper echelons for a while.

The Line of Best Fit

Future Nostalgia is an artist in total control. It’s built on such an addictive carefree spirit that it’s hard not to let loose and go with it.

Her power resides in a winning combination of pithy lyrics, catchy choruses and music that makes you get up and groove – a power she has undoubtedly harnessed for the entirety of this record. The result is liberating, intoxicating and punchy.

With Future Nostalgia, Dua Lipa has brought a much needed joy into the world. She has shown she can be a powerhouse in the pop world and still allow her creative vision to be at the forefront.


Flipping her hair at detractors with a wink and a smile on "Future Nostalgia," she sings, "You want a timeless song/I wanna change the game." With this flawless effort, she manages to achieve both.

God Is in the TV

Dua Lipa surpasses her impressive debut and her ascent to greatness is fully realised.

The Young Folks
Not only does this record bring out the nostalgia many of us want to feel; but it also conquers a hopefulness for the future. One in which we’ll all be celebrating while feeling normal human emotions again.
Slant Magazine

Future Nostalgia leans into the latter half of its oxymoronic title, offering a well-timed escape hatch to pop music’s past.

Crack Magazine

Packed with full-throttle choruses, supple melodies and lashings of attitude, Future Nostalgia is a neon-hued sound of one of the world’s biggest pop stars smashing it out of the park.

The Telegraph
It is hard to tell what is going to happen to music in this suspended moment in time, but if you want to sing and dance your troubles away, Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia might just be the record the world needs right now.
Rolling Stone

Future Nostalgia is a breathtakingly fun, cohesive and ambitious attempt to find a place for disco in 2020. Incredibly, Lipa is successful: the upbeat album that she decided to release a week earlier than planned is the perfect balm for a stressful time.

The Guardian
Britain’s biggest female star tightens her grip on the crown with a viscerally brilliant second album.

Put on your legwarmers and some neon, for it’s time to dance away our fears while nobody’s watching. This vibrant, audacious collection of pop bangers signposts the way.


Dua Lipa's Future Nostalgia is near immaculate meta-pop that refuses to forego tight songwriting for nostalgic bells and whistles, helmed by a singer is exponentially more aware of what she's capable of.


The feel-good nature of Future Nostalgia is enough to momentarily divert our attention from the stress-inducing state of the world.


Future Nostalgia lives up to its namesake as a luxuriant second act that prognosticates that Dua Lipa is a much more formidable force than anyone could have imagined.

The Observer
The British-Kosovan singer has actually succeeded in audaciously mulching several decades of party music into an album so relentless it doubles as a playlist.
Spectrum Culture
Along with respectful nods to the past, Dua Lipa blasts forward into the future by proclaiming that girls will not only be women everywhere, but most certainly in pop music and most certainly on an album that is only the beginning of what this woman can do.
No Ripcord

Small quibbles notwithstanding, Future Nostalgia is the perfect antidote to quarantine-induced cabin fever.


The thrill of Future Nostalgia—the title itself a claim to modern classic status—is in hearing her tailor the retro-funk form to suit her commanding attitude.

The Needle Drop

Despite not sticking the landing, Future Nostalgia is a significant leap forward from Dua Lipa's so-so debut.

FLOOD Magazine
After a three-year hiatus, she delivers a set of “alpha female” dance hits, simultaneously shimmying amidst heartbreak and romance.
Under The Radar

It is an effective, and at times exceptional, pop record but while there is much nostalgia to enjoy here, there is precious little of the future.

Are y'all really *this* easily impressed?

Idk i just gotta say the Grand Canyon is so fucking beautiful.
By the time you hear the next pop, th' funk shall be within you.

Lately, I've been contemplating over what makes pop music truly appealing and formidable. A friend once invited me over to a Dua Lipa concert back in 2018. I recall having a particular dislike for her music and "radio pop" in general. My biggest regret? While everyone in the venue danced their problems away and "lived-in-the-moment", I distanced myself, missing out on all the joy I could've had. Expecting 'la ... read more
As somebody who was never too impressed by Dua Lipa’s music up until this point, the praise around this album shocked me. But wow this is really good.

This is an album that effectively nails that nostalgic pop sound, as the album title suggests. The production is amazing, the hooks are catchy, and the album doesn’t drag on for too long. I generally think the first half is stronger than the second half, but the second half is still enjoyable. While it isn’t the best album ever ... read more
Put your sunglasses on, peasants - It's 2049! Charli XCX has finally fully converted into a robot, Sam Smith ascended to his fifth gender... And Dua Lipa is still way ahead of her time in terms of music. From releasing her album sooner due to a leak, indirectly challenging Grimes' bravery with such situation, to offering this world what could be the cure for bubblegum bass albums, the girl has it all. On her hands, white gloves due to COVID-19 - And the entire world.

Dua Lipa's "Future ... read more
Ms. Dua Lipa, beloved time traveler, delivers a banger-filled, funkadelic experience.
With punchy percussion, bumping basslines, slimey synths, and low-lying lyricism (that’s some articulate alliteration), “Future Nostalgia” is just that: something that sounds like the future of pop while also sounding like it’s right out of the 80s synth pop era.
PS: That concluding 3 track-run is spectacular. This grew on me so much.

Color: Yellow
FAV TRACKS: all of them!
LEAST FAV: ... read more
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Added on: December 2, 2019