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Future Nostalgia
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Are y'all really *this* easily impressed?

Idk i just gotta say the Grand Canyon is so fucking beautiful.
By the time you hear the next pop, th' funk shall be within you.

Lately, I've been contemplating over what makes pop music truly appealing and formidable. A friend once invited me over to a Dua Lipa concert back in 2018. I recall having a particular dislike for her music and "radio pop" in general. My biggest regret? While everyone in the venue danced their problems away and "lived-in-the-moment", I distanced myself, missing out on all the joy I could've had. Expecting 'la ... read more
As somebody who was never too impressed by Dua Lipa’s music up until this point, the praise around this album shocked me. But wow this is really good.

This is an album that effectively nails that nostalgic pop sound, as the album title suggests. The production is amazing, the hooks are catchy, and the album doesn’t drag on for too long. I generally think the first half is stronger than the second half, but the second half is still enjoyable. While it isn’t the best album ever ... read more
Put your sunglasses on, peasants - It's 2049! Charli XCX has finally fully converted into a robot, Sam Smith ascended to his fifth gender... And Dua Lipa is still way ahead of her time in terms of music. From releasing her album sooner due to a leak, indirectly challenging Grimes' bravery with such situation, to offering this world what could be the cure for bubblegum bass albums, the girl has it all. On her hands, white gloves due to COVID-19 - And the entire world.

Dua Lipa's "Future ... read more
Ms. Dua Lipa, beloved time traveler, delivers a banger-filled, funkadelic experience.
With punchy percussion, bumping basslines, slimey synths, and low-lying lyricism (that’s some articulate alliteration), “Future Nostalgia” is just that: something that sounds like the future of pop while also sounding like it’s right out of the 80s synth pop era.
PS: That concluding 3 track-run is spectacular. This grew on me so much.

Color: Yellow
FAV TRACKS: all of them!
LEAST FAV: ... read more
The release of Future Nostalgia marks an important day of celebration for pop music, but just a week away from the excellent Weekend, pop shows that it is constantly renewing itself with a few interesting actors who stand out from the crowd. So it's not going to stop celebrating anytime soon.

To be honest with you, Future Nostalgia didn't impress me, there's absolutely nothing new I've learned here, yet it's important to reward her for her work and especially because since the beginning of ... read more
Woah, that's a lot of praise for an artist like Dua Lipa.

Future Nostalgia is an album that fuses sounds from the past such as Disco and the mainstream pop of the 21st century, creating one of the most optimistic, confident, and fun albums in 2020. Tracks like Physical and Don't Start Now are absolutely stunning, making me want to get up and dance, and forget all of my irks and responsibilities, continuing in the Nu-Disco inspired sound. We have tongue and cheek songs like Good In Bed, that ... read more

From the moment 'Future Nostalgia' opens up with the groovy title track, to the final anthemic track 'Boys Will Be Boys', it's all gold. This is a masterclass in how to make a musically fulfilling pop album without letting go of mainstream appeal. Every track is fine tuned to near perfection and rarely slows down be it on the songwriting, or production front, which does follow the recent mainstream trend of taking inspiration from 80's synthpop, but unlike a lot of ... read more
While Dua Lipa's first album showed the potential of this new face in the pop scene, "Future Nostalgia" proves she can make a great record full of BANGERS!!! The record is surprisingly consistent, with every single track packing an outstanding hook! That also means that the album is quite formulaic, but it makes up for it with just how fucking fun these songs are! The production is great, packing in a lot of tasteful disco-influence with great grooves, funky-ass basslines and ... read more
« I want to conquer the world! » Dua Lipa, 2017.

To say that mainstream pop music is completely dead might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I wouldn't be totally against it. In any case, it has been going through a severe artistic vacuum for several years now. Between its old idols who are breaking their reputation on inaudible albums (Katy Perry), others who are trying to stand out at all costs (Miley Cyrus, Rihanna), mainstream pop has welcomed a whole army of new artists who are ... read more
Dua Lipa sets some serious standards for mainstream pop music with Future Nostalgia, a catchy, funky and pristine pop album that really just pulls you onto the dance floor. Yes, everything does follow your typical pop song structure but with this album that should be the least of your concerns. At only 11 tracks and 37 minutes, it doesn't waste your time. The production is just great; it's full of grooves that really stick with you, really sharp beats and a disco influence that separates it ... read more
Let me begin by offering the following quotes. AOTY contributor @holsgr gives it a "( β˜†½ ) — u n b e a r a b l e". While @lemuriams scores Lipa's album at 84 citing that it's an "Absolute pop revelation!" @TreyLikesBands scores it @ 90 while @Kengoji™ scores it at 5 writing, "I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU" ...which, to me, admirably covers the spectrum of the love/hate directed at this neo-retro album. By the way, each of these ... read more
200th Review! I wanted to do something different For this review because this is a once in a lifetime on this account Onto The Review

Dua Lipa Vocal Range is Great And Here production is great and it feels futuristic The song levitating is here best The vocals the beat and everything used in this song is good but The song pretty please kind of feels like a Beyoncé song not dua lipa But after that song we have hallucinate and it is a beautiful song The beat is fun and catch and vocals ... read more
Dua Lipa has a goal to figure out where she fits into the history of pop music. She goes from funk to disco to contemporary styles with ease. Future Nostalgia successfully shows off Lipa's nonchalant personality and supplies ample bops to groove to in isolation. While I was hoping for something a little more forward-thinking, Lipa doesn't disappoint in providing a nice breath of fresh air to top 40s pop. These songs are easy, light, and very fun. The fact that there is no ballad is probably ... read more
Dua Lipa has re-dreamed of the sound of past decades, and delivers a spectacular album. Many artists were trying to do the same, but only she managed to have this big and sonic bridge! It is a record that gives you all the feelings and detalhosa about productions and concept, it is impossible to highlight a really strong song, because each of them has its own originality and is worthy of becoming a new success. Thus strengthening Dua Lipa's position as one of the best pop icon of our time, and ... read more
This album is the definition of a chewing gum. You know what you buy, you know you'll enjoy your 37min17 of chewing this pink gum. You love the flavour, you like the variation of chewing your gum : slowly, fast, mouth open or shut or pop a bubblegum. Then when you know the taste and lose the flavour in the middle, you just like to chew this gum. Even if it passes 37min17, you'll keep it until you are bored of it and you'll throw the gum. Depending on your envy, you'll pick-up another one in the ... read more
Between this and The Weeknd's latest album, it seems that we might finally be getting a pop music reset that countless people have been looking for. I, for one, am all for it, as on this album, Dua combines funky Pop and Nu Disco with a sleek 80's throwback style that fits Dua Lipa's personality extremely well and, most importantly, bumps. While it's agreeable that she doesn't stick the landing, it's still an extremely consistent and promising sophomore album for a rising pop star.

Standouts: ... read more
A really confident follow up to her self titled debut. Dua packs this with 9 lead single worthy tracks filled crazy catchy hooks, slick retro but still modern production and her iconic cool confidence. A great album for these difficult times. For negatives, the last two tracks do feel off but are still pretty good on their own.
Faves: Future Nostalgia, Don't Start Now, Levitating
After being lukewarm but intrigued by her debut, I was curious the path Dua Lipa would decide to take. After hearing snippets of material that was released this quickly shot up my list of most anticipated of the year and needless to say it did not disappoint. I feel like that's all that of really need to say. In terms of substance, this shit makes me sweat.
Based on the reviews of this, I was expected pop to have been rewritten and revolutionized for years to come. What got was... um... well...
Average ear sounds at best, playing in a forever 21 or something; a huge let down at worst. It’s just not all it’s made out to be by reviewers. The repeating lyrics are annoying after the first go around, and the back tracks are so average it hurts. Future nostalgia sounds like a title that should be given to a cool album using oldies beats with ... read more
So I’ve never actually written a music review before but the current situation we're all facing makes me wanna try new things.

So with that out of the way let’s get to the review :D

I’ve never really been under the scope of Dua Lipa until the release of this album, as I have only previously heard her over a handful of radio singles that mostly would drown out as background music. But this album has really blown me out of the water and I’m looking forward to hearing ... read more
This is a powerhouse of pop. Dua Lipa returns three years later with her sophomore record, which is full to the brim of tunes that WILL get you dancing for the full 37 minutes.

Now I of course have heard Dua Lipa before, Don't Start Now has been on the radio nonstop for the past 3 months and I'd heard of her since before then, on shows like Top of the Pops, but I had never really sat down and listened to her, until now. I was planning to listen to this album to begin with but then I saw it ... read more

Dua Lipa didn't have to snap this hard! Future Nostalgia is a colorful and exhilirating experience as almost every songs makes you want to groove and ease your worries for a little while. The production is intricate but still manages to be very catchy. And while Dua Lipa doesn't have the most exceptional vocals, she's still able to give a powerful performance from front to back.

I remembered when I saw her winning the New Artist award for the Grammys, I admit I kind of ... read more
Relatable because I am Good In Bed
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