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Encased in lush, warmingly touching instrumentation, exquisite charm and mellow introspection, Circles is everything a posthumous album should be: fulfilling an artist's intended vision and completing the important final touches to a closing chapter when they're spiritually not with us. With much delicate care, it is truly the appropriate finale of Mac Miller's career.

As an outsider who finds difficulty in truly investing myself in Mac's music, Circles serves as perhaps that rare moment of ... read more
Watch this album hit #1 on this site, then fall from everyone calling it overrated from 30 reviews

Edit: that didn’t happen, it’s a great album

Extremely happy with this, with such a beautiful polished sound, this is no doubt the best possible send off for Mac Miller, and the first time I have ever truly connected with his music. I find myself now at tears every time I hear Good News. Powerful stuff.

There are definitely cuts on the second half that are just as good as the first ... read more
Perfect closure.

Over the last decade, posthumous releases have tended to be absolute disasters. In many cases, the labels have simply put together a bunch of unfinished songs, added a ratty production, released them to the public without much concern for artistic legacy and made a lot of money (eh, Cleo and Empire?). I'm honestly relieved that "Circles" doesn't belong in this category. Mac worked hard on this record until his death, and finally the task of completing its production ... read more
Edit: Yeah, it’s not just a fantastic send-off, but it’s the culmination of his gradual maturation as an artist through the years. A fulfilled vision that I have all the respect and admiration for.

A posthumous album done right. Everything is handled with care on Circles, and it’s the sweetest send-off someone could have in a time of such turmoil.

Circles, and it’s companion album, are times where Mac’s heavy reflection on mortality, family, friends, and love ... read more

“Circles” follows the same funky, soulful sound seen on “Swimming”, but adds another level of instrumentation that breaks the mold and never disappoints. Mac’s subdued delivery and poignant, disheartening lyricism aren’t just sad. They are completely heartbreaking and carry this album to its final goal: a spectacular send off to a spectacular artist’s discography. Thank you Mac❤️

Color: Blue
FAV TRACKS: all of them!
Take notes, XXXTENTACION's label. This is how you actually respect a late artist's legacy, although I don't think that's your goal anyway. But onto the album itself.

As the follow up album to Swimming, Mac steers more in a soul direction with elements of soft rock, while still keeping his signature style and aesthetic, and in the process even delivers some of his best songs to date. I'd say this is even better than Swimming as it's more engaging throughout and the new sound palette just makes ... read more
I'm incredibly happy that Mac's legacy is on good hands. This project is made with care, and actually delivered on Mac's visions and thought before passing away, instead of being feature-horny and hungry for money.

So apparently Mac wanted with this album right here to extend the Lo-Fi, surreal, synth-driven aesthetic on Swimming, and I think Circles is an improvement over that album, that I find kind of mediocre as Miller's performances lacked enthusiasm or didn't fit the environment of the ... read more
On September 7th of 2018, Mac Miller had an unfortunate and untimely death from a drug overdose. The world was understandably upset because they wouldn’t be able to hear new music. Little did we know, however, that Mac had been in the studio writing and recording a new album shortly before his passing... and the results are surprisingly great.

This time he was going for a more laid-back, more lively sound. The calming, patient bass grooves, the soft percussion and other sweet ... read more
Well it’s obvious that we are all just shocked over his death. It’s also obvious that Mac was a good human being and he had great respect to the genre of hip hop. I can’t hate on the guy coz he was a good artist and made decent records. But I know for a fact that a posthumous release from Mac no way deserves a better rating than his older albums. This is definitely not his greatest albums. We’re all just in shock and are just giving him sympathy points. RIP Mac.
This is a hard one to review, as with all posthumous albums, I always try to separate the implications that the lyrics have in accordance with the artist's death, and solely focus on the project as if it were just another album. So, after listening to this, I have come to the conclusion that I will split this review into two sections. The first being a relatively objective review of the technicalities, just like every other review I would write. With the second, I will delve into my personal ... read more
R.I.P Mac Miller

Honestly, I think The ending of Everybody is one of the only times I actually teared up at a song.

Anyways, I’m not gonna be too based in this review and actually review it as an actual album, just to keep everything fair.

What are my thoughts on this album? It’s actually pretty solid in my opinion, this album felt very dreamy with the very lo-fi Neo-Soul production and Mac’s very soft and sweet vocals.

There are moments on the album where the ... read more
Jon Brion deserves some credit for producing the textures to fit to match Miller’s somber mood.

Mac's growth here is of a different type—toward a patient spirituality, toward being okay with stasis for the purpose of self-care. “Some people say they want to live forever,” he muses on “Complicated,” before adding, “That’s way too long, I’ll just get through the day.”

I've finally received some closure on his passing.
The question is begged. Did Mac know he was going to die? Now I know we all will die eventually, it's inevitable. To some, it may come sooner than others and, that was, unfortunately, Mac Miller's case. Did Mac know his death was nearing? From what is portrayed through this now posthumous record it sounds like he knew something we didn't. Now this isn't an album about death, it's more a celebration of life, not just Mac's life but everyone's lives really. It's not an album that's meant to make ... read more
tldr: in his final artistic statement, mac miller explores the cycles and regrets that drive our everyday lives. a fitting farewell from one of the best rappers to ever live. thank you malcolm

if you aren't familiar with mac, his death was one of the most upsetting in the history of hip hop. a kid who started out as a "crushingly intolerable and bland version of wiz khalifa" (circa pitchfork) has, over time, evolved into an established multi-instrumentalist and master songwriter. he ... read more
& forever & ever &
& forever & ever &

bend time,
circular; cyclic.

beyond and gone
we go back
we never left

----- circle -----
This album is beautiful and serves as a great companion to swimming nonetheless a great send off. Mac brings new versatility , some good acoustic ballads on this. Its a great sound , its emotion but beaurtiful. My album of the year as of right now January 17th 12:01 AM. I love you Mac. For being amazing, inspiring and someone that served as a light for me in middle school and because you cleaned my mouth from that below average eminem record
Great send off. RIP Mac.
Mac Miller delivers a heartfelt and introspective final album. This is the first posthumous album I've listened to that I have actually enjoyed and felt that it truly reflected what the artist wanted when they were alive and respects the artist. This is also the first Mac Miller album I've listened to and while he was an artist I had heard here or there, this is the first time I've really went in and listened to an entire project by him. The album is just polished all the way with warm ... read more
If I was to say that I was a huge Mac Miller fan I wouldn't really be being honest. I was never really captivated by his music but I can definitely say this was a good album. Mac delivers some of the most potent rap lyrics I've heard in a while and given his passing, they take on a whole new meaning and hit a lot harder than I think they would otherwise. Mac's performance is really solid throughout and his voice shines through every track. My only real issue with the album is as a whole I found ... read more
Jon Brion, you fucking legend!

Mac Millers first posthumous album has finally arrived and not jumping the gun or anything but it’s honestly my favorite project of his. His two most recent records (circles and swimming) are easily my favorite, due to them taking on more of a neo-soul aesthetic rather than Mac’s typical fun loving pop rap that we all knew him for. These two albums or more toned down and somber, especially Circles. There are some moments on there where Mac is so ... read more
Rest In Peace: Malcolm James McCormick (1992 - 2018)

When evolution is brought up into rap, especially in the last decade, there comes a handful of artists that come into consideration for such a category. You’d have artists like Tyler The Creator, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, only to name a few. Then comes Mac Miller. From where I stood, to not witness the growth coming from someone like Mac was unavoidable. It almost felt as if it was only just the beginning. When he passed in the ... read more
I was scared when Circles was announced. Posthumous albums have not been very good lately, and I was scared that his family would use this opportunity to make some money while not caring about his legacy. But that all went away when I heard Good News, a near perfect song.

It’s hard to put my thoughts on this album into words. Listening for this first time was an extremely emotional experience, and I honestly wasn’t even a big Mac Miller fan when he was alive. I enjoyed the music ... read more
Enjoyed this a lot. This truly is how you do a posthumous release with respect and care. This is probably my favourite Mac Miller album, but Watching Movies With the Sound Off is second and it definitely gets a considerably high and good rating from me, too. This was really good overall, I liked it a lot from start to finish. Full of pop songs, pop rap songs, psychedelic pop songs, synth funk songs, and of course neo-soul songs. A definite great send off to the man. It's certainly an album I ... read more
I'm really impressed with how Mac's family and producers handled this record. This is exactly how a posthumous album is supposed to look and sound like; no features, no unnecessary additions to the sound, etc. It's just 40 minutes of Mac Miller, and nothing more.

Production is super clean; quiet and subtle at times, but it fits the aesthetic well. The lyricism is really touching and ultimately takes on a new meaning given the current circumstances. Mac sings several bone-chilling verses on ... read more
Ngl teared up a bit listening to the album

Rest in Peace Mac Miller

Best Songs: Good News, Circles, Blue World, Once a Day
Worst Song: That's on Me
Cameback to give this a 100 and dip again.
I found it tough listening to this album, knowing that this is the last piece of Mac left to be offered to this earth, but I'm ultimately glad it came out, this album feels like a continuation to Swimming, the late rappers 2018 release. Which was another solid record that I heavily enjoyed, and in this record we see the same themes, and ideas expressed as in Swimming, although, this album is inherently more sad, with the idea that mac is no longer with us, matching that to the albums themes, I ... read more
Malcolm James McCormick died for a reason. God will only know the reason he passed but it's not hard to tell. To simply put it, Save yourselves because the end of the industry is near.
deathplaysitsownstrings as the lines pluck and pull away at soul. This feels a laid bare, emotive piece. Mac Miller is in his David Bowie "Blackstar" bag here, perhaps without even knowing that's the scary thing with introspection. For me personally it was at "Woods" I knew this record was it and by "Surf" I was lost in its small world.

To be, swimming in circles, what a concept and I'm a fiend for dualities. I'd always thought Swimming was the heartbreak record ... read more
I think all we as people can ever hope for is that someone could love us enough to put genuine care into our legacy after we’re gone. People who not only will always remember you, but will always smile when they look at the times you spent together. I’m happy Mac had people who loved him so much, even if he may not have realized it. Circles makes that so apparent, and it’s a beautiful thought.
Circles is a fitting, poignant finale for Mac Miller. Unlike so many posthumous albums that feel like heartless attempts to recoup lost investments, this album has care and earnest carried throughout the 12 tracks here. Executive producer Jon Brion has done an incredible job salvaging and refining these tracks to the point where these hardly sound like the bloated, demo-quality posthumous albums from other deceased performers like X and Peep. However, while there is emotion on Circles in ... read more
I cant help but emphasize with this album, I was not an avid mac miller's fan when it came to his music but listening throughout this album made me realize that all this was inevitable. Miller's themes on isolation, loneliness and trying to achieve a self-comfort was always prevalent with his past music but felt fully realized on here. The production on here is actually a massive step up to his last tape swimming as the soundscape of lo-fi, synth-pop sounds caters heavily on mac's lyrics and ... read more
On Mac's final album, a sister record to "Swimming," groove and sacred simplicity shine. While some of "Circles" feels understandably underwritten compared to its predecessor, Mac soars into the project more confident in his singing and more adept at interweaving colloquialisms and aphorisms without anything said registering as platitudinous. Despite feeling wispy and often disembodied, a ray of bittersweet warmth is present.

Rating: Great (73).
I’m split again.

The hurdle I always have had a problem with clearing with Mac Miller is his delivery. It always sounds like he has a mouthful of sand. It’s unique, yeah. I’m sure that’s why some people liked him a lot but it’s just not for me.

What is great on this album is the instrumentation and production. It’s always in motion and very fluid and helps to neutralize my negative feelings of Mac’s delivery.

The lyrics are haunting. They jab in ... read more
"Circles is a beautiful, deep and personal testimonial. With simplicity and softness, Miller managed to single beautifully and with veracity the lyrics that contemplated all kinds of problems that Mac went through in the most beautiful, poetic and true way."

See the full review and support me:
Despite this not being quite as good as Swimming, Circles is still a solid record that is surprisingly well put together and faithful to the artist's vision for a posthumous album.

Best Track: Good News
Worst Track: Circles
I was planning on NR this regardless of how I felt about it before it released. Now that we have it, the sources claiming this was largely compiled and finished prior to Mac's death seem true. This largely feels as if he was present for the creation of most of this. The overall sound of Circles is somewhat unexpected, feeling like a refined version of The Divine Feminine. There's a liberal use of groovy, electronic, almost dance samples that I don't think one could have predicted coming out of ... read more
It’s got a nice feel, but obviously it’s a posthumous album which does get rid of some of the perfecting of the album, especially with some vocal takes that I think could have been performed better (obviously I can’t blame anyone for that), however, it still had a nice range of songs that I did find pretty enjoyable. And even though it did bring down the score slightly, I think this is still a really good posthumous album, since it’s very difficult to complete one ... read more
This is how you manage and arrange a valuable piece of art posthumously. MVP of this record has to go to producer Jon Brion, elegant and peaceful production the whole way through. It is obvious in places that choruses or certain vocal pieces were repeated but not to an annoying level. I can definitely see the parallels with Swimming. People will want to compare this and rank it alongside other Mac releases but you really can't do that, this is a delicate situation. Overall, this is a ... read more
A Posthumous Album Done Right.

The album is really tough to swallow. I've never been the type to cry to music but this album almost got me. The lyrics are so heart-wrenching knowing that he passed away. Every time a lyric relating to death comes up on the album I just stop moving in utter shock that Mac is actually gone. Mac has a pretty damn good singing voice that kept me hooked into the album all the way through. But, it seems like his vocals are always delivered the same way, like some of ... read more
If I died and someone made "Circles" be the first track of my posthumous album, I'd come back just to pull everyone's feet.

This being my first Mac Miller album... Is quite embarrassing. I had spent a considerable time of my life knowing him as "Ariana Grande's [ex] boyfriend". Pop culture may still pick some fights with the hip-hop community (and to be honest, even I do), but something about "Good News" made me look forward to this. The feeling of safety Mac ... read more

To preface this review, I was in two minds about whether to do a full length, in depth review of this album or not- however I have ultimately decided against it. This isn't to say the album doesn't deserve one; because it most certainly does and is probably my favourite album of the year thus far. I decided to only do this very short form review due to not feeling capable of discussing this album with the added context of Mac's tragic and untimely passing prior to release. ... read more
What a beautiful way to end the story of Mac Miller. We have seen Mac Miller's music evolve into something so special. It hurts me that he is no longer with us...
I can feel the family, friends, and loved ones behind the mixing board on this one, letting Mac guide them to what he wanted. When words are just enough, it's good to hear a familiar voice again.
Yeah this is his best studio album...

R.I.P Mac Miller

Mac miller from swimming to this is very interesting since circles feels kinda feels sonically a continuation of it. But doesnt really since due to how mac feels more laid back and more subdued and instrumentally this album excelles with this type of more soul-ish texture he has goin on here.

Mac Miller here feels more sad here in context to his death lyrically he isnt as expressive like on swimming but mac miller here sings more on ... read more
The first posthumous release, and perhaps the last, by Mac Miller serves as a proper sendoff to an artist who clearly was in the midst of musical and artistic evolution before his untimely death.

Circles is an incredibly soulful and introspective release, really exhibiting the talent that Mac Miller was as a vocalist that really started to take shape later on in his music. For being as young as he was in his career, you could tell that he really was improving on his music and was potentially ... read more
I don't even know what to say.
Rest in Peace Mac Miller
EDIT: This album sounds like Mac came to earth one last time to give us a proper goodbye
For a long time i have never been a huge Mac Miller fan,sure i was a fan of his but i wouldn't be like a die hard,i didn't grew up in the early 2010s with Mac Miller or other rappers like Lil Wayne,in fact i really didn't grew up with music or video games and if i did they were mostly just songs on the TV or games my mom would play and she would let me watch her play these very basic early 2000 office games

Mac Miller was a great artist and i always appreciated his effort and a lot of his ... read more
Circles is beautiful. The vocals and the instrumentals create a very relaxing and intimate atmosphere.

✅shit goes hard
Circles on a loop, I'm not used to reviewing posthumous albums, especially since most of them are rather bad and/or badly exploited, however Circles is one of the rare albums to make an exception. Honestly I was bluffed by this album (and I've been a big Mac fan since Kids) which is clearly for me his best "project" since his mixtape Faces and may be narrowly his best album in my opinion with WMWTSO, but for now it's still too early, time will decide.

If Swimming was unfortunately a ... read more
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