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Code Orange is going full WWEcore... and it has potential!

In spite of a recent popular and commercial conception that is sometimes irritating, Code Orange is basically an experimental metalcore band. Dressed in layers of technical magic and thunderous and violent harmonies, it is the bone structure of a band that thinks outside the existing parameters, outside of what is allowed in the hardcore universe. After "Forever" in 2017, the last three years have seen the band experience a ... read more
A natural continuation of their 2017 release Forever but to even greater effect, Underneath is an incredible follow-up album that sees Code Orange amp up the heaviness even further while simultaneously delving deeper into industrial noises, jittery production and the occasional melodic track provided by the standout vocals from Reba Meyers. The pairing of unique vocals, the wholly new and developed sound Code Orange bring, and the inventive realm of instrumentals give the act the hope that they ... read more
This record is filthy. Remember to wash your hands!

GODDAMN this album is invigoratingly intense! Code Orange have managed to find an incredible sound that mixes in metalcore with industrial metal and a FUCKLOAD of glichiness! It's heavy, it's addicting and I have a huge soft spot for this shit! The vocals, production and instrumentation is simply incredible, and fugly too as it pounds your eardrums with crunchy riffs and face-punching drum work and inventive soundplay! The lyrics are pretty ... read more

I never would’ve thought that I’d be enjoying a hardcore album ever, but here we are with Code Orange’s “Underneath”, a nightmarish, demonic state of music that’s pretty native to my taste. This record is just so cohesively harsh, and its subject matter is anything but pretty. I had an image plastered in my mind throughout my entire listening of this record: maggots, flies, spiders, and worms feasting on the corpses of the last dead humans on Earth ... read more
The Pittsburgh natives seem to have pushed the limits, as if unleashed and unstoppable, with their best efforts to date in my opinion.

Code Orange clearly became after their previous album Forever one of the leading bands of the hardcore scene and they have gained a consequent popularity that allows them to have more impact. For my part I had already found that it had offered a bluffing and solid work on Forever, but on Underneath the band has been able to perfect its formula, while offering ... read more
PSA: In case you weren't aware, Code Orange will be streaming their record release show at 9PM EST on Twitch tonight! They decided to stream this show, from an empty venue, because they would otherwise have to cancel it altogether because of coronavirus. So, if you're stuck at home because of it, you should definitely check it out! If you've heard the record, you know this will be a fun one to watch!! If you do, comment and let me know what you think, I'll most definitely be watching with you!
Why tf does this have a 3.1 on RYM? At least people on here are based smh
Since it’s out here, I’ll write my thoughts down.. first of all, a pretty good album, it offers a striking balance of industrial, metalcore, alternative and nu metal, and even glitch. It’s like industrial meets beatdown meets glitch with alternative-esque vocals similar to radio friendly post-grunge. But then there are vocals that sound like the devil coughing after a bong hit, it’s crazy. One thing I will give them credit on, they know how to experiment. The heavier, ... read more
If it's one thing this album can certainly do, it's two things; give me ear damage, defeat the Coronavirus. I advise all my quarantined brothers and sisters to mosh in the center of your home to this industrial fueled hardcore grace from the chads themselves, Code Orange. I went in with high hopes and was met with much surprise for the first time in a long time! The first and third halfs of this album absolutely obliterate, with the middle being sort of weak but not at all awful, just a bit run ... read more
Holy fuck I think I need to buy some new ear drums

Pittsburgh hardcore band Code Orange broke out with their outstanding sophomore album “Forever”, an absolutely punishing and visceral listening experience filled with vicious beat downs and pummeling vocals. Their signature style is nothing but relentless, and that’s what I love about them. They just go fucking ham for the entirety of their records, much like some other bands I love such as Nails and Incendiary.

With this ... read more
Code orange comes back with a record that is the definition of a rager.
Walmart metal chart stop-start fart/shart in multi-parts...

is it art?
Code Orange are single-handedly carrying the metalcore genre. You can tell they put a lot of work into this record, making sure it was really thorough and varied with lots of strong songs. This album is brutal and menacing in all the right ways. The cleanly-sung choruses aren't as much my thing on a record like this but they really do work here for the most part. This is easily going to be one of the best rock records of the year and I am thankful they continue to work hard and retain their ... read more
Edit: this record is a hard listen, but for the better imo. I rarely come back to it sadly.

Let me just say one thing, this album is INSANE. Production wise it’s phenomenal, lyrically it’s the same, but musically...
Fucking fantastic.
Each member shines on here as giving their best performance in the code orange discography. Overall this album is very consistent. HOWEVER, I have way to much to say about it for a bland overview of how I feel. no, I’m gonna do track by track ... read more
Not only do I think that the more glitchy, electronic and industrial sound of 'Underneath' is an expected progression of this style of music, I also believe that Code Orange's attempt at that approach is respectable and has potential to be incredible. I do, however, think that this record is a bit awkward and uncertain in its execution. At times the albums glitchy production style delivers moments that elevate and emphasise the power, energy and unpredictability of the music, but most of the ... read more
After Poppy's turnaround in her career with the insane "I Disagree", the world never imagined any human being would possibly challenge her current reign in the Alternative Metal genre. "Five Nights at Freddy's", COVID-19, Shawn Mendes' p*rn f*kes in Blogspot websites... What's there left to be scared of? Here it is: Code Orange's "Underneath".

Who is Orange Code, you ask? Your now most beloved US hardcore punk band. Not assuming you like Donald Trump's hometown, ... read more
I can't tell whether the taste of blood in my mouth is because I just bit my lip listening to this record, or because everything on it feels so disgustingly metallic.
Code Orange rips the Metalcore genre up by its roots, drenches it in kerosene and sets fire to it on Underneath.
Code Orange's 4th studio album is a blend of metalcore and industrial metal to create one of the most hard hitting and just plain dirty listen. It will easily be one of my favorite metal records this year and i can only see myself enjoying this more and more throughout the year

Track Review

(Deeperthanbefore) 8.5/10
Swallowing the Rabbit Whole 9/10
In Fear 9/10
You and You Alone 9/10
Who I Am 8/10
Cold.Metal.Place 9/10
Sulfur Surrounding 8.5/10
The Easy Way 8/10
Erasure Scan 8.5/10
Last ... read more
Beneath my skin lies an empty body consumed by my own malice. I am truly empty.
Oh man.... I think I'm gonna be in the minority here....

I hate to say it, but I feel like this album would be ahead of its time......... If it was released in 2001, but here and now, in 2020, i feel like this album sounds pretty dated. They added some glitch aspects to maybe give it some extra modern flavor, but the novelty wears off after the first half of the album. To me, it wasn't as tasteful as it was on 'Forever'

That's not to say that the album doesn't have enjoyable moments on it, ... read more
I didn't survive nu metal just to get suckered into listening to it again fifteen years later. After this and the last Liturgy album, I believe I can come to the conclusion that I really do not enjoy glitch elements showing up in my metal. The in-song pauses are awful and make me think I've lost connection. They're a talented band with ideas, but this feels like squandered potential.
Code Orange come back with a brand new full length album, and a brand new sound they are experimenting with on "Underneath".

The intro track (Deeperthanbefore) sets a noisy, murderous tone, and then Swallowing the Rabbit Whole kicks your face in with very classic metalcore tropes, but with modern, glitchy production quirks that give this sound a sense of belonging in 2020. The beginning of Swallowing the Rabbit Whole almost feels like Nine Inch Nails, only for Code Orange to beat ... read more
Genuinely don’t understand anything about metal. It was never a thing and I never had family members that would play Metallica or Black Sabbath in the car, but I might play this in my car if I feel like blowing my brains out (in a good way).
My stigma with metal isn’t even a stigma, I just never gave it a fair chance because to me everything sounds the same (okay maybe it’s a stigma I’m sorry metalheads). But hey, I liked this album, I might not understand it, but ... read more
I'm sorry, I just dont get metal 🤷‍♂️
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