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Rina Sawayama is the best thing to happen to pop music since FKA twigs. No artist has me anticipating their next move more than Rina. Her "HYPERPOP" playlist on spotify is awesome too!
May the lord PLEASE bless Miss Sawayama with a viral Tik Tok hit so she can chart and receive the Grammy nominations she deserves. This shit is so powerful.
SAWAYAMA is a lively contemporary pop album, which has things to tell us, because behind the superstar and fairy-tale aesthetics, we feel a lot this human side.

To be perfectly honest, although the balance sheet of this album is positive when I think about it objectively, it's not the type of music that really makes me vibrate. A bit like Poppy's last album (although it's in a different register), I saw and felt many similar things on SAWAYAMA, that is to say a rather atypical character ... read more
The pop formula has been widely exploited in today's music scene as one of the most common musical tropes to grace the medium. It feels as if every time I turn on the radio, which is quite rare, I hear the same tracks over and over. While this definitely has something to do with the closed minds of the 'radio announcer people / disc jockeys', I think that pop as a genre is musically under-saturated.

And here waltzes in Ms. SAWAYAMA, and yes, I'm referring to both the artist and this record. ... read more
I wanted to listen to the leaks for this album so bad... so bad. But, I respect Rina Sawayama and instead waited until midnight to get to hear it when it officially dropped, and oh baby, it is good.

Personal Exposition:
I woke up about at 7:58am, two minutes before my attendance mandatory, zoom based college Spanish class. I was groggy, confused, and really just not feeling it. Classes continued until noon, and then I had a mandatory zoom work meeting at two. With four essays, ... read more
glitterzy/Jpop + nu metal. at some parts it’s aggressively cheesy, others are doomy.

the first five tracks (score: 48/50) establish SAWAYAMA as having the single best five track stretch on any album in 2020 (see comme dęs garçon or the final chorus of Akasaka Sad)

Rina makes music seem bleached down, and dyed in vibrant color. it’s like lady gaga + odesza and glass animals. also, it’s quite heavy, which can result in some true magic
Holy shit, what a fucking pop album!

I haven't heard "RINA" yet, and I will, but "SAWAYAMA" blew me away right from the first track! "Dynasty" is a roaring, angelic blend of pop and metal that gets me pumped up every single time! That pretty much continued for most of the duration of this record! It’s catchy, the production is fantastic, Rina's vocals are amazing, the flow of each track is seamless and the commentaries on society, culture and ... read more
Could I start by saying that since 2013 and her first solo musical appearance, Rina Sawayama's career path has been nothing short of flawless?

Between her first single "Sleeping in Walking" and this "Sawayama", nothing to throw away. An Ep that puts everyone in agreement, the stellar "RINA" in 2017, accompanied by her two flagship songs ("Cyber Stockholm Syndrome" and "Alterlife") a few appearances over the last few years and finally, this ... read more
i would give a proper review rn but THIS SHIT IS TOO GOOD RN

Okay here's the proper review:

SAWAYAMA brings the shimmering 00's pop formula which worked so well on rina's previous mini-album, RINA, and expands upon it, embracing more elements of nu-metal and rnb with incredible production from godlike producer Clarence Clarity. Her vocals have improved also, with her already wonderful voice being a lot more dynamic on this record.

Fav Tracks: Dynasty, XS, STFU!, Comme Des Garcon, Akasaka ... read more
Holy Jesus Fuck this is a goddamn masterpiece. What a fucking injection of straight E L E C T R I C I T Y into my veins. Tracks like Who’s Gonna Save You Now and Dynasty get me out of my fucking seat and beating the shit out of inanimate objects because of the HYPE. HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE GAAAAAAHGAHAGAHAGGAGAGAHAGAGAHAHHHAGGAAHAGGAAGAGHHHHHHH

On the other hand, there are plenty of tracks on here that have a deft touch and are very nuanced. All of the production and instrumentation is very ... read more
Updating review with the new track rating system. T

Tokyo Love Hotel is now my favorite non-single track of the year as well

We love you, queen Rina, thanks for helping make my year

SAWAYAMA is the year's most glistening, lighthearted, and aesthetically perfect project.

Ms. Sawyama dethrones fellow pop compatriots like Charli XCX and Dua Lipa to claim that title. The aesthetic of japan is something I absolutely love in music, as Kiss Land is one of my favorite R&B projects of all time. ... read more
To be honest, I didn't know what I was going to get myself into when I first listened to 'SAWAYAMA'. I was probably expecting a really good but generic R&B album, as I had no idea what this album could be. I was most definitely, 100% wrong. This was far from what I was expecting, however if we being honest, I honestly did enjoy what this dropped on to me.

Personally, I don't listen to a lot of this type of music, because that is just not like me, but this definitely made me at least a ... read more
It took a while for this album to really grow on me, but overtime I came to really appreciate SAWAYAMA, one of the most maximal and boundary pushing pop albums of the past few years. Through the mostly formulaic nature of pop music, she uses that to her advantage with the incredible production from Clarence Clarity, a nostalgic mixture of 2000's-esque R&B that can be seen in her vocal style and a very "live" feeling. With how expansive the album feels it's as if this is being ... read more
Lord God, I come to you a sinner

And I humbly repent for my sins

I believe that Yeezus is Lord

I believe that you raised him from the dead

I will ask that Gorillaz and Rina Sawayama will collaborate soon

And be my Lord and Savior

I receive Yeezus to take control of my life

And that I may live for him from this day forth

Thank you, Lady Rina, for healing me with your precious music

In Yeezus' name, Amen
Ok so I gotta be honest. I was not interested in this album before. From time to time, music fans tend to exaggerate how good a release is, and somehow I thought that was happening here... I was EXTREMELY wrong, oh my...

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that it was a god awful mistake to not check this thing before. Rina is an absolutely amazing artist, her personality is perfectly portrayed on this project, and most of these tracks (to exclude some small things that I do not enterily love) ... read more
As pop music has started to shift over the last few years, at least in terms of more artful "underground" pop is concerned, it has felt like there has been a changing of the guard. A multitude of artists have pushed the boundaries of the genre, even if not all have resulted in explosive commercial success.

Alarmingly, the debut full length by Sawayama does a wondrous job of both pushing the boundaries of pop music while simultaneously returning to many of the pop sounds that have ... read more
SAWAYAMA is pop that attempts to straddle wide gaps between genre, sentimentality, era, and accessibility. Most of the time, Rina is quite successful at merging the cathartic energy of the early 2000s with clean production and clever lyrics. 'XS,' 'STFU!,' and 'Dynasty,' are all bombastic and index a variety of influences like Evanescence and TLC. It's an exciting, engaging, and inclusive vision of pop that should be cherished and celebrated. Some of these songs are incredibly finessed; 'Love ... read more
I’m not gonna lie guys, I felt myself being rather disappointed here.

RINA has been someone who has been on the come up for quite some time now, with her EP garnering quite a bit of hype and critical praise alike. It’s quirky and unique approach to pop music was a breathe of fresh air in an otherwise lackluster year for the genre. And with such acclaim, naturally, lots of people have been looking forward to her debut, myself included.

I was already a bit worried about this just ... read more

'SAWAYAMA' is certainly an album that plays to Rina's strengths. The album instrumentally is very intriquite, ambitious and incredibly well-crafted but what stands out the most for me is how, despite all of this, Rina's voice never fails to shine. This balance between interesting and well put together instrumentals and brilliant and passionate vocal performances to me is a formula for a great pop record, and this is exactly that.
'SAWAYAMA' is a multi-disciplinary examination of definitive pop tactics, that are magnified to an extreme level of intricacy and prowess. Going into the album, singles, 'XS' and 'STFU!' were promising insights into what the project would entail. Truly soaring electropop cuts are abundant on this LP, from the glistening, 'Paradisin' to the passionately sung, stunningly grand, 'Who's Gonna Save U Now?' Rina's vivacious demeanour and track-for-track performance consistency, make this album such a ... read more
WOW! First listen since last night this thing is BRAIN-MELTING, Holy shit yeah this thing is probably in my top 5 pop album I have to make a list but goddamn this shit is oozing and goozing charisma and energy !!

1. Who's Gonna Save U Now? - 10/10
2. Comme Des Garçons (Like The Boys) - 10/10
3. Dynasty - 10/10
4. Akasaka Sad - 10/10
5. Paradisin' - 10/10
6. Tokyo Love Hotel - 10/10
7. STFU! - 10/10
8. XS - 10/10
9. Love Me 4 Me - 9/10
10. Bad Friend - 9/10
11. Fuck This World - ... read more
In her 2017's mini-album RINA, Niigata-born, London based musician Rina Sawayama showed incredible promise. Her own take on maximalist pop is undeniably familiar which explores her roots as a Japanese-British musician with tracks about sharp observations about society, family and what it takes to be on social media today was an essential canon to rising canon of pop stars paving ways to make pop stellar as ever.

You may be surprised to hear searing electric guitars and cacophony of sounds ... read more
A phenomenal contender for the place of AOTY.

Wow. I really really love this album! Rina Sawayama, before today, was a name that I've never even heard of, but I'm glad I did find her thanks to @TomBejoy. I'm big for R&B albums and this really struck me.

The opener "Dynasty" is very powerful, making this album come in with a very strong start, displaying just a part of her vocal range, preparing you for the rest of the album. "XS" is the only song I've heard before ... read more
O disco de estreia da cantora, compositora e modelo nipo-britânica Rina Sawayama, é uma mistura consistente de gêneros distintos. É um album suavemente interessante e audacioso, fazendo Rina Sawayama ser uma grande promessa da música, e nos deixando curiosos para o que ela vai nos apresentar no futuro.

"SAWAYAMA" é com certeza um dos melhores discos do ano, chamando atenção tanto da crítica quanto do público pela sua ... read more
Rina really be looking like a Björk cover over here

Anyways, SAWAYAMA is a really fun project full of one banger after another, the way she takes the styles of the 2000’s pop and makes them into some creative and unique is really great in my opinion. XS specifically remind of britney spears’s Toxic in the way that guitar sample is used and the way Rina sings on this track, it’s all done gracefully and easily one of the best tracks off the album, also the writing on this ... read more
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