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After Hours
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No more beauty, just the madness.
Water is wet, but these Weeknd reviews are wetter.

Abel's latest full-length LP is a fan-pleasing project that finds him embarking on a new synthpop/synthwave aesthetic. It's not a prompt return to his darker, melancholic alternative r&b roots as most fans would have you believe, but following a streak of average releases, After Hours is perhaps The Weeknd's most satisfying studio effort musically. It's loaded with lush, pristine production that serves as a nice cushion on top of Abel's ... read more
You people are truly smoking the hype bong this time around

I want a great Weeknd project as much as the rest of us, but this ain’t it. It has solid production, and tons of sweet pop highlights... but I swear this should have been so much more ambitious than it actually is. It is so fucking watered down. The lyrics are literally the same exact shit as every run of the mill Weeknd track, and I know absolutely nothing more about Abel from before I listened, to now.

Darkness my ass. This ... read more

Alright, it’s finally here! I remember when I first heard Abel’s music with his breakout hit we all know, “I Can’t Feel My Face.” I feel like we can all remember when we first heard that track. Anyway, roughly 5 years after his skyrocket in popularity, “After Hours” pays homage to his dreamy, melancholic trilogy days of yore... and it turns out way better than expected. These warm and sparse synths that envelope each track have been staples for ... read more
You guys should wait after hours after listening to after hours so you guys can drop a better review of after hours.

Update/edit: yeah this was actually fucking amazing, was never too big of a fan of this guy but damn the singles and everything work so well together. It’s very nostalgic sounding with the synths fucking my ears smoothly. Something I would listen to in Gta vice city or something like that like a real 80s vibe to it.
I’ve become a big slut for synths as of recently so this makes me happy, rating to come soon.

EDIT: I am a big slut for this entire album, I feel like Abel is having sex with these synths and I’m recording it. The ambiance is *chef’s kiss*. Big big fan of this one.
Abel knocked it out of the park with "After Hours", a drug-fueled journey through the sounds of the 80's and the future joining forces (I'd like to say that it's a mix of his pop stuff with the druggy, more experimental works in the "Trilogy" days). The results on display are magnificent, with thick-ass kick drums and eargasmic synths that accentuate just how well-mixed and produced this album is. Also, Oneohtrix Point Never produced on this album. If that isn't a music ... read more
BRB crying... Okay I’m back. This is already easily my favorite album from Abel. The production is insane how it blends all of the different elements within it so perfectly. Abel’s voice is incredible throughout the whole thing. All the songs just flowed super well which was my concern listening to the singles. I wasn’t sure how it would all blend together but he pulled it off. Overall, I loved this thing and can’t wait to relisten to it throughout this week. ... read more
The Weeknd/Abel Tesfaye is one of those artists that are so incredibly influential in heralding in an entirely new wave of musical culture, whose discography is unfortunately not of the highest quality from album to album. Call it an anomaly of some sort it is a paradox that has continued to occur with several artists of the last couple decades such as Drake and Chris Brown. Now, you could look at this with several different angles: for one you could view his albums as an extension of that ... read more
The Weeknd reinvents himself as the Scorsese of Pop music.

Abel Tesfaye knows he has nothing more to prove about its already international and award-winning success. With this in mind, he wanted to use this notoriety to give high art to our sad world, a more refined work than its previous albums, leaving behind the dull commercial habits of most mainstream artists. Between eighities obsessions and cinematographic references, will this new collection of tracks "heal" us as Abel ... read more
Before getting into this album, (basically along with everyone else) I listened to his entire discography. And I was very impressed. His best album in my opinion is Kiss Land, and judging by the singles for this album I had my suspicions that it would top it. And after listening to the album, I think it might have done that. The first single, Heartless, took a while to grow on me. At first I didn't like it at all. The mixing of the beat on the chorus sounded awful, and it was overall just a ... read more
EDIT: Abel keep talking about pussy

I don't really care about the Weeknd but I listened to this anyway. It's not exactly good. The production is really tacky throughout the entire project. Abel please STFU. We don't care about all the pussy you get.

Stream The Night Chancers!

Best Tracks: Too Late, Faith

"drug up dem bitches and get in their britches" - jonjy™
Unfortunately, the lush production doesn't make up for the hollowness of the album, resulting in a somewhat pleasing but overall painfully uninteresting listen; at best you'll get a tapping foot.
what is this? the 80s? 2070? who knows
Abel just never disappoints. After Hours' production is insane. this project sounds nothing like anything he's ever put out. surely his most cohesive project since the mixtape era. THE TRANSITIONS! DAMN THIS IS FIREEEE!!!!!

og score: 96
Im happy that corona didnt kill me before i listen to this

Fav Tracks: Alone Again, Too Late, Scared to Live, Faith, Bliding Lights, In Your Eyes, Save Your Tears, After hours, Repeat After Me, Until i Bleed Out, snowchild
Even if it will probably never be the best project it will offer us, with After Hours, we have the impression that The Weeknd managed to make a "perfect" album, as much in the sense of production as in the content.

I didn't expect such a good album, and even less to see The Weeknd finally make the right choice, which totally changes the trajectory of his career. After having impacted the world of contemporary music in the early 2010's with his influential trilogy, for me he had ... read more

Y'know I actually met The Weeknd once?

No seriously, I was at a party where he was performing and I tried looking for my girlfriend in the crowd - no joke - I finally catch her and the fucker in the bathroom... probably procreating for all I know.

"We WeRe JuSt DoInG cOkE," she says... bullshit, I knew exactly what y'all were doing.

So you know what I did? While the DJ was playing "Swimming Pools" by Kendrick Lamar, I threw The Weeknd on the ground. I got a ... read more
Man really made an album with no misses

This is a wonderful pop/rnb album from the weeknd and exactly what i want from the weeknd with him experimenting with new sound and being a artists who can evolved overtime. The production and mixing are very polished that makes this album feel so natural for the weeknd to make. There are no bad song's on here, abel really caught himself a second wave of creativity after a previous underwhelming album
Come shine or rain...

this sucker's vocals always sound the same
Lmao, it’s at an 82...20 minutes into an hour long album.

Y’all are so weird man
Elegant nu-disco synthwave and RnB fusion, 'After Hours' is a fantastic example of genrebending done well over fantastic songwriting and crisp production that shines like diamonds in the light. Make no mistake, this is The Weeknd's finest effort to date, reaching new hights in pop and becoming the richest sounding album in his catalogue.

Apart from the thoroughly impressive sequencing, this album feels like a complete story of how an innocent child becomes a villain in pursuit of success, and ... read more
Yeah I really enjoyed this thing. It is seriously some of the most fun I've had with an album this year.

On After Hours, The Weeknd uses synth-driven, groovy ass production and a drug-fueled atmosphere to deliver some of his best work in years. The production, along with The Slow Rush is some of the best I've heard this entire year as it's incredibly punchy, clean and sparse and just... I don't know, sounds so damn GOOD! With production credits from Metro Boomin, Oneohtrix Point Never and, ... read more
Although this album doesn't feature a lot of versatility in terms of lyrical content, the glitz and glamour in the songs presentation make up for the relatively mundane songwriting. The songs featured throughout After Hours are brilliantly composed in their synth tones and massive sound, and everything sounds complete and marvelous.

This should come as no surprise given the major supporters of this album, from the production assistance from Oneohtrix Point Never on Scared to Live, or even ... read more

The production is stellar, and the songwriting is impeccable. The tracklist flows insanely well and perfectly blends every album of his into this ridiculously good body of work.

There’s so much to unpack it’s overwhelming.

Full review soon.
I'm not the biggest or the most resilient fan of The Weeknd, but I couldn't help but wait for the release of "After Hours" with intrigue and good expectations on behalf of the hit singles that were released previously.
After a few listens, I can say I enjoyed the record...But it wasn't enough.
Most of the tracks feel bland in comparison to a few others, tracks like "Escape From LA" and "Scared to Live" that seem to lack the energy that should be present on ... read more
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