Creeper - Sex, Death & the Infinite Void
Sex, Death & the Infinite Void
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A far more nuanced and layered album compared to the rest of the pop punk scene of modern days, Creeper deliver with something in the same domain as My Chemical Romance by incorporating anthemic, glammy, gothic, and emo elements that give this a denser feeling. For anyone who listened to their 2017 album Eternity, In Your Arms this progression for the band shouldn't come as a deep surprise. Many of these elements appeared on their debut, and their sophomore album merely enhances the qualities ... read more
Creepers debut showed a lot of promise but felt pretty mediocre and somewhat generic, overly dramatic and cliché at times. But it also showed hints of a theatrical sound, and this album gives up the overly dramatic and cliché feel for a more theatrical sound, that's more diverse, unique and creative. Also this is a concept album although honestly I haven't payed much attention to the lyrics to figure out what the concept is about.

The album starts out a bit lame though, the ... read more

Creeper are back, and they brought the HOOKS! Every song here is sewn together with such a powerful blend of catchiness and camp, to the point that I can’t listen to it without a smile growing on my face. While Sex, Death, and the Infinite Void does lay off some of the in-your-face aggression of Eternity, In Your Arms, it doubles down on the macabre theatrics. The result is something that feels a touch more timeless but every bit as fun. Definitely not for everyone, as I imagine a ... read more
If I wanted to reminisce my teen years by listening to 2000-esque pop-punk à la My Chemical Romance, I would've listened to My Chemical Romance. At least the second half offered something different, but to be quite honest I still preferred the first half.
Creeper is proof that glam rock isn't dead. and while the concept is a little hard to follow, it's a fun listen. it deals with religion, sin, longing, alcohol, love, death, and jealousy. if you're a queer kid, this album is easy to connect to- due to the reclamation of religion and the hard-hitting feeling of love that's not meant to be.
"We count our sins beneath the sun. We know no one forgives the Fugitives of Heaven"
"I drink her every night. And modern love can feel like ... read more
This is less a sophomore slump for me than a very well executed experiment that just doesn't quite have the same magic as the debut.

I adored Eternity, In Your Arms because it was fast, aggressive, anthemic gothic punk with hooks for days. With this new release, Creeper have sadly dropped the speed and intensity for the sake of making everything larger, grander, and with even greater emphasis on the catchy choruses.

Now, of course, that isn't entirely a bad thing. For the most part these ... read more
This is everything MCR wasn't.

Simultaneously worshipping the ground My Chemical Romance walked on and completely missing everything that made them good, Creeper totally fail to make anything more than a watered-down, forgettable, pretentious, weak, tame, embarrassing pop rock album that feels like how soggy cornflakes taste. A couple of decent songs are scattered throughout the tracklist, but the quality is severely hampered by the pointless, pretentious interludes and melodramatic lyrics. ... read more
Another album.
Another time travel.
I preferred the raw aggression of Eternity, In Your Arms, but this is good.

Top Tracks: Paradise, Poisoned Heart
Rating: 7/10
Not too much depth to this project. Lacks an original style, same soft verse booming chorus format. Some decent tracks in here, though, despite this.
Creepy attitude and energy is what defines this album. 'Sex, Death & The Infinite Void' makes you want to experience hell, as no one will survive in paradise. Unique and captivating melodies.

Hallelujah! / Be My End - 10/10
Born Cold - 8,5/10
Cyanide - 10/10
Celestial Violence / Annabelle - 9/10
Paradise - 7,5/10
Poisoned Heart - 8/10
Thorns of Love - 10/10
Four Years Ago - 9/10
Holy War / Napalm Girls - 10/10
The Crown of Life - 7,5/10
Black Moon - 8,5/10
All My Friends (Hidden ... read more

Track Review

Hallelujah! 5/10
Be My End 4.5/10
Born Cold 6/10
Cyanide 7.5/10
Celestial Violence 6/10
Annabelle 7.5/10
Paradise 7/10
Poisoned Heart 6.5/10
Thorns of Love 7/10
Four Years Ago 6/10
Holy War 6.5/10
Napalm Girls 9/10
The Crown of Life 6/10
Black Moon 8/10
All My Friends (Hidden Track) 6.5/10

Average: 6.6/10
very good production, catchy rhythms and good melodies. Really this band has a huge future
Wow... it's like a car crash between pop punk, pop rock and goth music... can you already tell I don't like this very much. It sounds like my least favorite elements of My Chemical Romance, AFI and Alkaline Trio, all bands that I at least like some material from, coming together to make an annoying amalgamation of an album, and I'm not really finding much that makes this band unique. These genres they are fusing are in desperate need of something refreshing, so if Creeper are the answer to ... read more
This album is about sex, death, and the infinite void like it says on the tin. But it's a more sanitized, light version of those things, it's like The Addams Family of spooky records where it plays with dark subject matter for fun. This album is a return to early 2000s emo in a way that I really appreciate but I understand middling scores. The comparisons to My Chemical Romance I would say are fairly apt which is not a criticism from me. I could also see comparisons to The Hush Sound which is ... read more
This is very My Chemical Romance inspired, and the MCR I love (3 Tears and Black Parade)! This is a nice change of pace and return to form for Rock nowadays when we have dogcrap bands like Imagine Dragons and Fall Out Boy. With that being said, it's nothing innovative and lacks on the heavy moments. I'm excited to see where this group goes! They could make a classic.
i fuckin' love this album...
why you ask? nothing's just hands down my favourite rock album of the year.

seriously this album is great and i adore their debut but this is on a whole other level.

everything has improved since their last album. the production is excellent, the performances are beautiful and the writing is pretty interesting too.
there really isn't much i don't enjoy here, tho if i were to have some complaints it would be the in the spoken passages and slight vocal ... read more
Some records really show you which publications are bought and sold, and this piece of unoriginal, surface-level mediocrity is one of them.
This one hurts. Yes it's more versatile, yes it doubles down on camp, but it lost that spark for me that made the debut so charming.
Sometimes, an album just feels special. Sometimes an album is just so intangibly good, it leaves a mark. To me, that’s the sign of an album that deserves 100; an album that doesn’t just stay with you, but becomes a part of who you are. Those albums are rare to find, and even rarer so are those albums that feel this way before they have even been released. Sex, Death, and the Infinite Void is one such album.

Creeper’s debut was a brilliantly fun foray into goth punk sounds, ... read more
this is just cringe honestly
The latest from Creeper may take a while to grow on you. This is far from the Pop Punk infused Horror spectacle of a few years back. No, this is much more tragic, much more emotional, much more theatrical in a weird way as well. At times it’s ridiculous, and almost always ultra cheesy. But if you can look past that, as well as the album’s countless pathetic interludes, Creeper have put together a blast of an album.

Give A Listen To: “Be My End”, “Born ... read more
a little glitzy & glammy for my taste, but i can definitely see a unique value in what these guys are putting out making this totally worth a listen.
yeah, the critics are overreacting.
I never heard of this band or anything they've done before, so I've went into this record completely blind. The biggest compliment I could give to it is the singer. While his voice isn't "Great" persay, his voice is versatile enough to keep you entertained for a little while longer (despite it sounded like he's trying to imitate mid 00's Emo bands). It was a solid album but it was 15 years late to the emo party.
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