Creeper - Sex, Death & the Infinite Void
Sex, Death & the Infinite Void
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A far more nuanced and layered album compared to the rest of the pop punk scene of modern days, Creeper deliver with something in the same domain as My Chemical Romance by incorporating anthemic, glammy, gothic, and emo elements that give this a denser feeling. For anyone who listened to their 2017 album Eternity, In Your Arms this progression for the band shouldn't come as a deep surprise. Many of these elements appeared on their debut, and their sophomore album merely enhances the qualities ... read more
Creepers debut showed a lot of promise but felt pretty mediocre and somewhat generic, overly dramatic and cliché at times. But it also showed hints of a theatrical sound, and this album gives up the overly dramatic and cliché feel for a more theatrical sound, that's more diverse, unique and creative. Also this is a concept album although honestly I haven't payed much attention to the lyrics to figure out what the concept is about.

The album starts out a bit lame though, the ... read more
If I wanted to reminisce my teen years by listening to 2000-esque pop-punk à la My Chemical Romance, I would've listened to My Chemical Romance. At least the second half offered something different, but to be quite honest I still preferred the first half.

Creeper are back, and they brought the HOOKS! Every song here is sewn together with such a powerful blend of catchiness and camp, to the point that I can’t listen to it without a smile growing on my face. While Sex, Death, and the Infinite Void does lay off some of the in-your-face aggression of Eternity, In Your Arms, it doubles down on the macabre theatrics. The result is something that feels a touch more timeless but every bit as fun. Definitely not for everyone, as I imagine a ... read more
My swagless brothers, have you no honor? What is this?!?!
this record is so redundant.

favorite tracks: be my end, poison heart and napalm girls.

(edit): wait this is my 69th review lets go.
Definitely one of the best rock albums I've heard so far this year. Not all of the tracks are great (there's some filler) but the runtime is still under 40 minutes and it still bangs in places! I got a slight MCR vibe from tracks like "Be My End".

Decent 7/10
Much of this album sounds exactly what you would expect when you hear the words “pop punk.” Vaguely Gerard Way-sounding vocals, santanish lyrics paired with exuberant guitars, etc. But considering even generic pop punk is pretty great, this record still ends up being a treat.

Admittedly, the sound does start to wear thin in the mid-late sections of the record, but this seems more to do with the proportion of songs of a certain style being favored for this section, rather than the ... read more
Creeper is proof that glam rock isn't dead. and while the concept is a little hard to follow, it's a fun listen. it deals with religion, sin, longing, alcohol, love, death, and jealousy. if you're a queer kid, this album is easy to connect to- due to the reclamation of religion and the hard-hitting feeling of love that's not meant to be.
"We count our sins beneath the sun. We know no one forgives the Fugitives of Heaven"
"I drink her every night. And modern love can feel like ... read more
I said it once and I will say it as much as I can, I fucking love pop punk. This is something really important to mention right now because I guess I am kind of biased with the good representations of the genre.

Creeper added its name to the yet strong enough list of pop punk apparitions this year. Following what was a decent performance by Jeff Rosenstock and also Spanish Love Songs, this year has been somewhat a good year for the genre.

Enough introduction, let's get to the review. Creeper ... read more
This is less a sophomore slump for me than a very well executed experiment that just doesn't quite have the same magic as the debut.

I adored Eternity, In Your Arms because it was fast, aggressive, anthemic gothic punk with hooks for days. With this new release, Creeper have sadly dropped the speed and intensity for the sake of making everything larger, grander, and with even greater emphasis on the catchy choruses.

Now, of course, that isn't entirely a bad thing. For the most part these ... read more
Upon entering a pop rock/pop punk album so high rated, doubts arise. And yes, I was fooled too with that tasteless Queen Zee album last year, so I didn't know what to expect. But this time around, the results were far more satisfying.

I did not know about Creeper until I saw them on aoty. And to be honest, I am glad I found them here. While the obvious comparison would be that of MCR (or AFI), Creeper have more flair in their delivery and they do not shout that much (or, like, at all). This ... read more
Sex, Death & the Infinite Void has a fucking killer album title but overall just feels kind of boring, even by pop-punk standards. The songwriting is acceptable (most of the time, sometimes it's gross) but typical, the instrumentation is exactly what you expect out of radio pop-rock, and the vocalists have pretty regular pop-punk voices. The album kind of diverts from the beating path a little bit with its interludes, but they just feel like cheesy monologues that are over as soon as you ... read more
This is an 80 I enjoy like a 100. I keep thinking pop punk has met it's end and there ends up always being one more reason to give it another shot at life. This does remind me of MCR as many people say, that's a huge positive because very few things do that and it makes me so nostalgic. All of the music on here sounds as you'd expect, all really well and tastefully done. I really like the narraitive and consistent imagery and themes as well.
I went into this with no knowledge of Creeper and had never heard any of their songs, and after listening to it I just want to play it on a nonstop loop for the next month with a knife in hand in case anybody disrupts me. I'm not a Pop Punk guy at all so most of my enjoyment of this album came through relating to it's lyrics, which I find somewhat alarming considering the lead singer is 30 and I'm 18. Anyways, these are some exceptionally well crafted songs which have clearly been written with ... read more
I see a lot of potential and influences here, going through punk and goth culture until the basic rock and roll, but at some point it all may seem a lot confusing to many people, which is maybe the big fault of the record, not blending it all on a more palatable way.
Some records really show you which publications are bought and sold, and this piece of unoriginal, surface-level mediocrity is one of them.
This is everything MCR wasn't.

Simultaneously worshipping the ground My Chemical Romance walked on and completely missing everything that made them good, Creeper totally fail to make anything more than a watered-down, forgettable, pretentious, weak, tame, embarrassing pop rock album that feels like how soggy cornflakes taste. A couple of decent songs are scattered throughout the tracklist, but the quality is severely hampered by the pointless, pretentious interludes and melodramatic lyrics. ... read more
This album is about sex, death, and the infinite void like it says on the tin. But it's a more sanitized, light version of those things, it's like The Addams Family of spooky records where it plays with dark subject matter for fun. This album is a return to early 2000s emo in a way that I really appreciate but I understand middling scores. The comparisons to My Chemical Romance I would say are fairly apt which is not a criticism from me. I could also see comparisons to The Hush Sound which is ... read more
Si este disco hubiera salido hace una o dos decadas hubiera sido una bomba. Ahora queda en un limbo extraño que copia elementos de bandas del 2000 sin hacerlos evolucionar. Copia a My Chemical Romance y apela a la nostalgia de la gente que vivio su auge, que como los críticos, se sobre hippean por este disco. 89 es una locura, lo pone sobre Punisher de Phoebe Bridgers o Visions de clipping.
La producción esta muy buena y algunos temas tienen momentos creativos, pero en ... read more
so unoriginal and boring, what are these critic reviews?
There's a handful of songs that I adore and will come back to without a doubt, but there's a couple things that hold back this album from being great. I might end up bumping up my rating as it grows. There's a spark I love watching burn here and any smaller nitpicks will eventually not bother me.

The biggest thing is the compression. Every song is compressed way more than it needs to. It doesn't ruin any of the songs, but it's a hurdle than you have to make it over to get into the record. I ... read more
This is such a special album that I've endured this year.
Creeper has continued to impress me since their debut LP Eternity, In Your Arms and the fact that they stepped up and consolidated this glossy gem of an album is noteworthy. This to me, is pride at its finest.
Ergo, the fact they beat Ronan Keating in the UK Chart is an automatic seal of approval.
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