Loathe - I Let It in and It Took Everything
I Let It in and It Took Everything
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Jesus Christ.

OK so put your feet in my shoes. I'm sitting in my house, enjoying another Discord call with some AOTY Buddies. It was going pretty well, some jokes were told, some memes were said and I was pretty happy just chilling out with my friends. At some point when talking about our favorite releases from the year, fellow user @CLJesse pointed out this album as their favorite. And so, I decided to chuck this album on in the call to see what it was like.

Cut to me 10 minutes in, I ... read more
I feel partially bullied by this album in the best way possible
Every time I listen to I Let It In And It Took Everything I come out of it with palpitations, like an adrenaline rush of power, and an unconditional will to play it again. It's finally for me the first metal album of the year that really brings me satisfaction (there's Naiv by Thy Catafalque but it's not really comparable since it's a very multi-genre UFO) because beyond the immense total emotion that the Liverpool band is able to offer, there's a perfect balance between brutality, devotion and ... read more
The more that I listen to Loathes 'I Let It in and It Took Everything', the more I fall in love with it.

Loathes sophomore album is an incredible body of work that I didn't expect to grow attached to with more listens. This album is filled to brim with tracks that are unrelenting in its visceral metalcore roots but also comforting and dreaming with its shoegaze inspired atmospheres, there's clearly a Deftones influence there but I feel like Loathe manage to stray far enough away from that ... read more

Loathe have a ferocious, visceral, explosive.....

what other words can I use to say that this album is fucking INSANE

the riffs are b r u t a l and paired with the lead vocals makes for....



fuck it, read pipe's review

fav tracks: probably same as pipe

least fav tracks: N/A
It was the very early morning of July 25th (in my timezone, anyway) and I was in a Discord call with my AOTY friends. We were pretty much chilling out and talking about our favorite releases this year. CLJesse mentioned Loathe's "I Let It in and It Took Everything", an album I've been meaning to check out, as her favorite and Pipe listened to it right away. We continued sharing our favorite records of each year from the 90's onwards... then I check back in the call and see him ... read more
this does shoegaze better than loveless

best track: new faces in the dark
worst track:
I Let It in and It Took Everything is literally everything you could ask for in a modern Metalcore record. I honestly tire from the endless bombardment of overly fast metalcore records that leave zero room for their songs to air out or expand. It seems to be the trend to go full-force for a 25-35 minute run-time, with cleverly placed breakdowns and an occasional clean-vocal hook. Loathe took the formula and threw it out the window with this adventurous album. What could have been a risky ... read more
In less than an hour I am pummelled and bruised, but in a beat I'm then feeling sensual. That's my favourite kind of...

music, what did you think I was going to say?!
Loathe deliver a strong second outing with their album I Let It In and It Took Everything, an album that blends metalcore with a multitude of other genres, both by incorporating melodic moments as well as the blackgaze and alternative rock moments littered throughout the track listing. Where there are equal moments of shredding djent-based guitar work, industrial tones, and growling screams there are also a plethora of sung choruses and even full songs where the harmonic qualities are focused ... read more
Time for my cljesse review.

Where do I even start with this album? Well, it's metalcore. It's alternative metal. It's basically a Deftones wannabe, from what everyone on RYM is shitting up. I could be wrong. It's from a metalcore band that was formed in the UK, and have released an album or two beforehand. People are comparing this to Deftones because they are also alternative metal, and they also like to dabble in shoegaze. Which is one of my favorite genres/sounds.

But, if I'm going to be ... read more
Loathe's debit, The Cold Sun, gained them a cult following in the metal community. Their enigmatic and unique approach to music stood out in an increasingly stagnant genre, and they showed a lot of promise. Following it up, it would have been easy to write another album of good heavy tracks. But instead, Loathe have produced something so wildly unique that I suspect it will be seen as their magnum opus, and an achievement of the genre as a whole.

I Let It In has a varied yet consistent ... read more
I feel like my initial review, although positive, was a bit dismissive of this band's creativity, so I'm giving it a redo.

Despite obviously borrowing from Deftones, I Let It In is its own thing. The front man's vocals are beefier and not as raspy and nocturnal as Chino´s, which is employed to great effect in the full on screamo cuts. The guitars are closer to metalcore than alt metal and the drums are on full spazz mode most of the time. Still, on about half the songs here, the band ... read more
There was a time when many rock radio listeners couldn't wait for a lot of early 2000's metalcore and alternative metal trends to die, but here Loathe is, bringing them back in 2020, and very faithfully too. Even if you are sick to death of that era in metal music, don't be detoured, because Loathe does something quite ethereal with these old metalcore riffs. I don't find Loathe to be a heavy band, now that may piss some fans off, but I mean that in a complimentary way. The shoegaze aesthetics, ... read more
In recent years many establish metalcores band have more away from their aggresive tone to a more pop oriented sound so hearing an underground band going back to the metalcore roots and brings the brutality and aggression of the genre back and it being the main focus is a breathe of fresh air. Now, that being said, the record does have some problems and the main one being the tracks don't do anything that amazes me which is fine as it is still an enjoyable metalcore record.

Track ... read more
Stupid loathe!!!!!!!!!!! Do you want to be mad or do you want to be happy?!?!?!!??!?! Just pick 1!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
I Let It in and It Took Everything is a controlled and careful album. Essentially a balancing act between ethereal drones and gut-punching, thrashing riffs, Loathe's album is one of my favorite metalcore experiences of 2020.

Apart from a few moments where the homogeny drags down what should be a powerful moment, such as the closing moments of the title track, this album is consistently powerful and heavy. An early track, Two-Way Mirror, also suffers from this as it gets a bit messy when so ... read more
Loathe’s new LP carries metalcore to new heights, filled with so many things at once. This anger-filled LP hits hard, with compelling lyrics, harsh noise and atmospheric toned-down synths, which pressures the limits of the genre. There are definitely some clear inspirations on the LP, from nu-metal band Deftones to the noise of Code Orange. Yet Loathe stands on their own bare feet, leaving me at moments blown away. “New Faces in the Dark” and “Heavy is the Head...” ... read more
This album is like Deftones' bastard son who turns out to be pretty cool in his own right. They certainly have a good grasp on the grooves and when to really pop off the distortion. The shoegazey elements play really well, taking a nod or two out of the Deafheaven playbook from time to time. I would rate this album higher but it takes a few too many cues from it's influences to call it amazing or a 2020 classic. It's not on the level of what it's attempting to be, our new White Pony, but it's ... read more
AOTY for 2020, sorry Éons you had a good run. I still love you bb

But oh my god, did this excel beyond anything I could've expected even given the lavish praise I've heard almost all of my friends on twitter and even a few IRL friends, this was fucking ascension and world destroying on a way I don't think most music could even compare to, nonetheless in the realms of metalcore and alt-metal and such. With the ever melding washes of influences such as shoegaze, djent, and even some very ... read more
This album very much feels like the 2020 version of Linkin Park's A Thousand Suns, which makes it difficult to review. The album blends elements of hard rock, metalcore, sludge, black metal, and shoegaze into one weird mixture. It definitely wears its influences on its sleeve (e.g. Deftones) and it's not ashamed to do so. It makes for a unique listening experience that paints a very abstract, dark world through its ambiance, and so I recommend closing your eyes and laying in a dark room for the ... read more
While they wear the obvious Deftones influences on their sleeve, Loathe creates an emotionally palpable metal record here and that is rare for a small band to do nowadays. The mixture of shoegaze and nu-metal with the industrial twist is turned up on this one and combines so well like Deftones did. The album has some meaty mf riffs like on Gored but also can have some reflective moments with songs like Two Way Mirror making the album have a powerful versatility.
I do love pretty much every track here its just I wish it came together better. I think if the band maybe kept trying to fuse shoe gaze and metal core into one thing I think they will eventually get something mind blowing. However as of right now, it just seems like the shoe gaze parts are breathers for the metal core tracks rather than putting both genres together and running with it. Hopefully they will be able to make a record like that and be able to make it dynamic as well.
Faves: A Sad Cartoon, Is It Really You?, New Faces in the Dark, Two Way Mirror, I Let It In And It Took Everything
I am definitely a new fan.
This album was beautiful.
Positives- for first time listeners this album is unpredictable.
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