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I'm ranking every LP I'm gonna listen to this year. This will be my first full year of real music listening! So I'm excited to do this list. 10's: 0 9's: 3 8's: 13 7's: 25 6's: 12 5's: 9 4's: 0 3's: ...
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I'll try to remove the albums from here when I rate them
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Albums I've reviewed/scored from the 2020s (EPs included)
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just stuff i wanna listen to but haven't yet done so
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Just a bunch of albums I'm meaning to listen to.
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This isn't a ranked list it is just a way for me to track releases I've listened to and enjoyed this year.
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Álbuns lançados em 2020
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Albums that I`ve listened since March 2020.
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