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Saint Cloud
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A healing record for hard times. Every masterfully chosen word, hell, every lilting, breaking, drawling syllable that escapes from Katie's lips is pure poetry. When the pandemic is over and you get to hug your friends again, it's going to feel like listening to this record.
While it seems that she knew how to chase away the demons around her, Saint Cloud resembles her victory lap, both musically and personally. Waxahatchee's discography was already well worth the detour if you're a fervent fan of 90s music sprinkled with a layer and aesthetic of traditional American music, but in addition to having offered an effort of a much higher level Saint Cloud is her most poignant album, without the slightest hesitation.

If Saint Cloud is synonymous with renewal for Katie ... read more
I've become more and more interested in Americana, folk, and especially the female singer-songwriter over the last few years. The vast majority of times an album that incorporates many if not all of these elements is sure to be a pleasing affair from my perspective and a solid win.

This album by Katie Crutchfield, otherwise known as Waxahatchee, does well in the pleasantness factor but doesn't quite achieve the win from my perspective.

One issue that I find with the album is a relative lack ... read more
Nice, easy listening- which isn't all that bad of a thing right now. But I can't praise this album too much, seeing as it's pretty run of the mill for indie and americana. I do vibe with some of these tracks but there's some duds in the track list for sure.
Waxahatchee's Saint Cloud is music for cowgirl bats.

Test result: positive.
I've always kinda ignored Waxahatchee's music but "Fire" got me interested and is easily one of my favorite singles this year. Her vocals are so distinct and fit so well on this alt-country album (surprised she hadn't done one already). Really lovely album. Great writing and lovely production. Healing love songs perfect for spring. The album trails off a bit in the last few songs but still great writing
Faves: Fire, Can't Do Much, Lilacs
I have been a Katie Crutchfield fan for a long time, all the way back to the days of P.S. Eliot, so it pains me to say this but I find this really underwhelming. you have to go five songs in to "The Eye" before you reach a track that is recognizably hers. most of the album consists of the most benign kind of generic country pop songs that I always took her to be taking a stand against. all the things that she did "wrong" that made her uniquely awkward outsider sound click ... read more
Katie Crutchfield releases a beautiful album with some of her most potent lyrics on the complicated relationship between love and loss. Each Waxahatchee record explores a slightly different melodic space. Where earlier records focused on lo-fi or alternative rock, Saint Cloud comfortably sits within the genre of Americana. Katie draws from artists like Neil Young (and a bit of Julia Jacklin's Crushing) more than ever while never losing her sharp perspective. For some reason, I find Saint Cloud ... read more
After listening to this for the past few days I dropped a score last night, but felt bad that I didn't much care for it. I decided to give it another try in the morning, so here we are. Well, I still don't much care for it. In fact some of the songs outright annoy me. Saint Cloud just sounds too much like too many other popular artists. Perhaps this will expand her fan base, so good for her in that regard. I love Americana as much as anyone, and the backing band is fine enough, but ... read more
Wow. This record has really has grown on me with repeat listens. It feels joyous and celebratory—but it's a joy of overcoming, of a reflexivity-in-action, and that makes it all the more human and endearing.
Starts out really strong. The first half is really good! Around the 7th track it starts to trail off and I feel like it gets less interesting while attempting the same ideas that already worked earlier in the record. It gets reallllly boring over time in my opinion and there’s not a whole lot of variety once you’ve reached the end.
Still some really pleasant & pretty songs that are like therapy in the world we live in today.
This is a refreshing listen with the beginning of spring.

Saint Cloud sounds like it's opening this season for us with some beautifully crafted instrumentals, every sound on every instrument feels as if it has its own grandiose effect on the record as a whole. The way it's all put together, this is not a standardized Americana Album where vocals play on some sounds we always hear and got used, this one has its own character more so each instrument is taking up a unique solo route and it has ... read more
It’s albums like this that makes a genre so unexplored by me - Americana and Folk - fall in love with every aspect of it... I’m just amazed by the way she capture feelings and describes them along with simple yet magnificent instrumentation.

Standout tracks: Hell, Alkadelphia and St. Cloud.
Great tracks: All of them.
Worst tracks: none.
(final entry in my series on Waxahatchee)

This tremendous gem sits atop Katie's discography as her greatest album- by far. After hearing her sound settle and unwind on her previous record, I couldn't help but think she lost some excitement in the process. But by now, I'm not pining for her early day aggression any longer. Saint Cloud is not angry- it is sobering (literally, Katie overcame her alcohol addiction while working on this project). This is beautiful, immaculate folk, introducing ... read more
The further you listen to Saint Cloud the more it becomes long winded and dull.

Track Review

Oxbow 8.5/10
Can’t Do Much 7.5/10
Fire 7.5/10
Lilacs 8/10
The Eye 7/10
Hell 6.5/10
Witches 6.5/10
War 5.5/10
Arkadelphia 5/10
Ruby Falls 5/10
St. Cloud 5/10

Average: 6.5/10
Waxhatchee has a charming, fun, easy-to-listen-to album with some strong ambitions, although it never really reaches those high points that its lyrical ambition implies.

I've enjoyed this album the most while I've been doing work; it has this flow to it that makes it very good background music. It gives off good, sad indie vibes.
Katie Crutchfield has continued to adapt/ experiment with her sound through time always resulting in albums that deliver the precise message she wants. For me I’ve never not enjoyed a release from her. St. Cloud is arguably the biggest departure from the sound we all know to hear out of Waxahatchee but it’s exactly what you’d expect from an artist who’s influences include Lucinda Williams, Jason Molina and several other greats of the melodic/ emotive craft of ... read more
This is a very good album but the main thing I want to highlight here is that "Fire" is one of the most incredible songs I've heard in a very long time. If it's not in my top 5 by December this will have been one hell of a year.
This album is irresistibly charming with some good tracks. There is a certain musicality in her tracks, even her weakest Fire.

Ok so it's cohesive and more pleasant than the average indie rock and folk of these years. What's missing ?

Waxahatchee has one problem in general : she often fails to build up her tracks. She saves most of them by having the "it" factor and a certain dynamic that is incredibly poignant.

With a more conventional sound, this is really difficult to really ... read more
I really like this one, need more listens !
Every song sounds the same but they're all really good and heartbreaking and relevant and have one wow moment. For some reason, it got hard for me to listen to after a while. I think I'm just saving it for future happiness.
Some pretty top notch indie folk tunes. She has such a compelling voice and captures the rhythm exceptionally well. Perfect golden hour spring weather (if we were allowed to outside).
A quiet album, enjoyable, it seems that time passes quietly when you listen to it


AOTY goes country?? I feel like a lot of music recommended to me has been country or folk which is never something that happens. But I understand why this one stands out of the country bunch: Waxahatchee, or Katie Crutchfield, has a spectacular voice and it's the centerpiece of the album. Yes the lyrics are good and the sound is very reminiscent of a mid-90s country sound with its use of simple chords but Crutchfield's voice is what makes ... read more
While I thought Katie Crutchfield’s last album under the Waxahatchee name with a more electric twist was the way to go, I was wrong. Katie here sticks to her roots, brings in a more upbeat Folk Rock vibe and some breezy atmosphere’s and comes through with a series of her best tracks yet by far. Some of the quieter, fainter tracks here may be forgettable, but Katie finally sounds right where she should.

Give A Listen To: “Oxbow”, “Can't Do Much”, ... read more
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