Half Drunk Under A Full Moon

The Fratellis - Half Drunk Under A Full Moon
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With every album, The Fratellis tweak and develop their sound to show a new side of themselves, without compromising that part of their music that makes them instantly recognisable. Once again, the lyrics are sensational, and production has reached new heights.


If The Fratellis made a deal with the Devil, album six proves that he’s still in possession of some decent tunes.

"And if I walked with you awhile; You would make it worth my while; And proceeded to tear me limb from limb"

The old ways are never gone, but at the same time, still keeping us on our toes with different tones.
So after a lengthy delay that was supposed to be released a year ago, The Fratellis are back with their 6th album. Now, The Fratellis to me were stuck in limbo, still searching for their true, glory days and still admire their ability to deliver such significant albums, they ... read more
This sounds like a more upbeat but less original adaptation of ‘Tranquillity Base Hotel and Casino’ (the best Arctic Monkeys album). The pre-chorus’s and guitar work is really good. There are some bright and danceable instrumentation choices that make for stand-out moments (like the horns on ‘Need A Little Love’). Another good feature here is the drum builds that are slightly derivative but very effective. Although being 42 minutes of a good time, this album is ... read more
If you take Arctic Monkeys, take away from them everything that makes them Arctic Monkeys (special cocky British charm, charisma, energy, Alex Turner's vocals, whose timbre cannot be confused with any other) - you will get this group.

They have always sorely lacked some element of uniqueness to be sufficiently popular. And this album is no exception.
I don't want to say much because since this was leaked so far in advance, there could be big changes to the record by October. Hell, I wasn't even originally going to rate this thing, but I said fuck it. May change it when official release comes along.

Luckily, there isn't a lot to say. The Fratellis made their mark as one of the biggest Brit rock bands of the 2000s and made a few extremely iconic songs. They were full of fun, upbeat instrumentals and enjoyable vocals. However, they started to ... read more
Фрателли впрыгнули в наши плееры в 2006 году, очаровав всех бойкими треками, которые одинаково удобно как орать на стадионе (Chelsea Dagger), так и напивать а обнимку в пивнушке (Whistle for the Choir).
В 2009-м группа успешно справилась с синдромом второго альбома, выпустив Here we stand, развивающий ... read more
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