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Porter Robinson - Nurture
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Nurture is not just an album, it is also a life lesson. Porter Robinson has come close to the basics in order to develop himself artistically, offering a lively and unabashed adventure, and for this reason Nurture is seductive both in its great qualities and in its flaws.

It's no surprise that Porter Robinson has become both a fixture and a fascinating artist over the years. Indeed the emergence of the Atlanta native at the age of 20 years old has made the effect of a bomb on the electronic ... read more
Porter Robinson- a musical anomaly. Laying in a field of spuriousness, a flower of authenticity blossoms, surrounded by insincere and cheap pastiches. In the seven years since the release of his debut album, while his fans’ mouths were left watering for more, Porter Robinson’s music, contradictory to nearly all of his EDM contemporaries, has done the preposterous by withstanding the test of time. A tasteful wunderkind of indie-pop and electronic dance music, Robinson's rapid spiral ... read more


I felt my whole body light up. I felt an intense frisson as I blasted the volume right into my ears. I’d never felt this happy in a long time. I’d never felt this intense amount of euphoria simply from listening to a song.

What I’m describing is my immediate response to listening to Get Your Wish by Porter Robinson.

It had only been announced the day before. I had gotten home from school and looked at my phone. My ... read more
Porter Weston Robinson, professionally known to the public as Porter Robinson, is a Synthpop/EDM artist from Chapel Hill, North Carolina who has been noted for his unique musical styles and vocaloid melodies. Porter Robinson came into the music scene at a time where the mainstream was absolutely reeking with “EDM” like LMFAO, Zedd, Jack Ü, and The Chainsmokers. Although his music is not nearly as successful as those artists I have just mentioned, it’s safe to say that he ... read more
Nature vs. Nurture is no longer a debate. The euphoric powerhouse adventure of “Nurture” may seem like an exploration in the nature of our world, but it’s truly nurtured by our own mannerisms. “Nurture” simultaneously exhibits a disconnect from the digital world but also has its roots in it, but arguably, “Nurture” ends up the most humane, tactile and emotionally potent project in this sphere of music.

“Nurture”, producer Porter ... read more
8.7 - Phenomenal

Well, it’s finally here. reedy, what did you think?

Porter Robinson is an artist I have not had the most close relationship with. His music to me always felt fine, sweet, but not much else. I knew of his extremely passionate fans, with the amount of comments on this album as we know it. The hype for this album was so extreme to so many, and I love how Nurture alone helped bring so many people together. MirroredComfort, Riskr, SMT (gone but not forgotten) have been so ... read more

"Porter Robinson redefined the notion of paracosm; drawing a rope between the real and the imagined."

I can appreciate "Nurture" more than I actually enjoyed it. If solely based on a level of enjoyment, I’d prefer "Worlds" to this.

I remember when I put this album on and "Look at the Sky" began playing after the mysterious intro that commences this album. I was thinking "well... this album is going to be "Worlds" ... read more
I am in love with Porter Robinson. Listening to this album has been a totally new experience to me. I can’t possibly match some of the beautiful reviews here, but I really wanted to talk about this album; here I decided to write about how I, personally, feel about Nurture. <3 <3 <3

[In the beginning, I sum up my experience with this album]

To be honest, I’d never even heard of Porter until around early- to mid- March. I’d never heard of Worlds, I’d (somehow) ... read more
...where do I begin?

Let’s go back to the release date of “Look At The Sky.” I was sitting there, looking at this website, when I found a single that had hit #1 on the “highest rated singles of the year” section. I listened to it out of curiosity, and I was IMMEDIATELY blown away with the production on the track. As someone who never kept up with EDM, I was astonished at the fact that music could be so overblown yet beautiful. I’d heard that kind of thing ... read more
Fuck...what can I even say about this? For one, I'm definitely biased. I know this has already been discussed a ton on this site, but I don't really care if I'm being annoying at this point.

This record is more than just an album to me. To me, this is the memory of a close friend, an everyday comfort, a hope, a connection, and a love. And though that memory is a short one, I won't let myself forget it. I know I sound pretentious as fuck right now, and I'm sorry, but I think this might be the ... read more
I’m pretty sure that the saying “music keeps me alive” is cliché and overused, but I really can't find any other way to describe what Nurture represents in my heart.

I’ve been using AOTY for a long time now, but have never really spoken much about who I am. That’s mostly because I’m terrified of what I say on the internet and because I am really bad at doing it in general. But here’s my attempt: I am a 16-year-old male teen from South America. ... read more
Ouvir o "nurture" foi uma experiência única e extremamente agradável. Esse álbum é belo de um jeito incrível, enquanto o ouvia tive uma ótima sensação de calmaria.

"Lifelike" é um excelente jeito de começar um álbum, é uma bela intro, provavelmente uma das minhas faixas não single preferidas. "Look At The Sky" e "Get Your Wish" são belas ... read more
I haven’t really been in a real writing mood for a while. Ever since I finished my last big review (which I would of course implore you to read, I’m very happy with it) I just haven’t had the motivation to just sit down and write, not only that I’ve been busy with other life things. I’ve been seeing my partner a couple of times over the past two weeks, visiting them on the train, and it’s been amazing, but I’m of course not here to talk about my travels ... read more
Mini Review:

"This sounds like a Ghibli Movie!" "This sounds like a Disney Movie!"

Damn I don't remember those movies using Monstercat comps for their soundtrack. If the name "Porter Robinson" wasn't attached to this I'm very sure it would be written off as just more music to chuck into a 24/7 EDM stream. This feels like a commodity.
The hype for "Nurture" is nothing to scoff at. I mean, we literally have a record-breaking comment box on this site (around 14,000 at the time of writing) that users used as a sort of group chat! That is fucking dedication!

Since the singles of this album were really starting to resonate with me earlier this week, I decided to listen to "Worlds". While a bit flawed, I would be lying if I said I wasn't hit with a huge wave of nostalgia from my early middle school years, ... read more
Maybe it’s about time I add a little more to this review.

I think I made it very clear that I didn’t find Worlds to be all that remarkable. Despite that, I was honestly pretty pleased that after a seven-year hiatus of releasing music under his name Porter Robinson was able to pull through and make one of the most impressive glitch pop records I’ve heard to come out in a minute. I say glitch pop in that it doesn’t feel like it’s in the same lane of music that ... read more

Nurture. An album that is very important to a lot of people on this website. Even though I have had this in my 2021 list since it was announced, I wasn't extremely interested in it. I mean shit, I hadn't even listened to any of the singles from this album before it came out. But then I got involved in the phenomenon that was the Nurture Chat/Comments. Gosh, I wish I had discovered it earlier because so many cool people were, and to some extent, still are active in it. I'm pretty ... read more
first listen: 60

second listen: 80
ok it's growing on me


edit 2:
17th listen: 100
yeah this is pretty good
the vibe of this album is perfectly encapsulated with its cover. it feels like laying in a bed of flowers on a beautiful day and absorbing the beauty of nature. you look up at the sky (no pun intended) and see clouds in all shapes and sizes. you hear the wind blowing, you see the beautiful flowers all around you and you realize that life is an incredible thing that needs to be appreciated. this album is beautiful in a way i’ve never heard before. it’s not beautiful in a way that it ... read more
I'm a J-walker, and I'm proud. The law is always pestering me use the crosswalks, but what do I look like? A pussy? Well, you are what you eat after all. I don't ONLY J-walk though, I play frogger on the highways. I've only been hit 2 times, and look at how I came out: completelyyyyy fineee. I can scientifically prove that I'm the ballsiest pedestrian in my town... By jumping from a bridge onto a busy freeway. And I'm going to do it right now...!
So now, I've arrived at the The Lilac Road ... read more
I have tried to listen to this album several times waiting for the moment to "click" but I just can't find the hype about this, it's just decent at most for me. Many of the songs are way too overproduced, which may be pleasing to many, but in my case I don't think it matched very well with the artist's sweet vocals. The melodies are quite good and relaxing (just like the cover art), but their execution is quite underwhelming for me. Overall I liked the aesthetics more than the music ... read more
IMO Porter Robinson is what the future of eletropop looks & sounds like. To add generic adjectives to this project as a form to express is mere bullshit, everything you think could define this album is only the surface of 'Nurture' geniality. I admit I've been on this hype train for a while, but only now I can finally realize the dimension this project has, and I couldn't be more fucking impressed. Even though the album is 1 hour long it feels like 10 minutes, you can dive slowly or fast, ... read more
CANT wait for the actual porter album I loved the B-sides 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

But seriously, I honestly was so hyped for this album and I’m so disappointed. I’m glad porter is growing as an artist, but I personally don’t enjoy sadly, this all feels like demos of songs that he’s working on. Although, I don’t particularly enjoy this album, I do hope he builds on it and creates ANOTHA masterpiece.
I can certainly see why 'Nurture' and Porter Robinson in general appeals to so many people and if you love this album then I'm happy for you, but the hype for this album was well and truly overblown in my opinion and unfortunately I was underwhelmed by what was presented on here sonically. Far too many moments on 'Nurture' feel way too overproduced, overblown, and derivative for its own good and while I like the warm, hopeful soundscapes and some of the influences that went into the ideas on ... read more
Nostalgia for the upcoming 5 years, in both bad and good ways.

So until this album, I'd heard jack shit from Porter Robinson aside from Shelter and that was only because every Minecraft PvP YouTuber circa 2016 used it in their "free blender template" intro. But for that reason it holds a special place in my heart - the small teaspoon of happiness and fond memories I have of 2016 are embodied in that song. It stands slightly higher than the rest of the YouTube-core EDM with punchy ... read more
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