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Are we witnessing the birth of a new Elton John + David Bowie combo? Maybe so.
Declan McKenna is a space-faring, intergalactic rockstar on "Zeros", the humble and promising follow-up to his outstanding debut. Few albums retain just a cascading velocity such as this one, as McKenna proves himself to be one of the most powerful artists in pop rock today with the absolutely memorable vocal refrains on this album. His melodies and harmonies ooze such charisma as heard on his last record, ... read more
the energy declan brings is unparalleled. the production is smart and great.

i noticed my mood improved while listening. some instrumentals and lyricism are at the forefront; everything ranging from horns to piano are apparent in the background. the combination of elements make the music truly charming:

at first i thought “Emily” was a coldplay-type short, acoustic interlude. instead, it turned out to be a lovely, fast paced vampire weekend-esque ballad... then it morphs into a ... read more

Wow, colour me very impressed.

Declan McKenna has always been an artist I enjoyed, however, in a more casual setting. He's always had a talent for effortlessly making fun and charming indie rock tunes, but admittedly his music up to this point has mostly been quite by the numbers and never really did much to truly establish an identity for itself among contemporary artists in the genre.

Well that's what I thought until I finally got the chance to listen to his ... read more
Thank you Declan for rectifying the blue balls Will Toledo gave me early this year.

I have been a Declan Mckenna stan for years now and was very very disappointed with his debut because half of it he had already been released and the other half was just ok.
But THIS?!? this is exactly what i wanted What do you think About the car? to be and more, Anthemic and zany pop rock songs.

If there is one thing Declan has is charm. Being familiar with his previous work this is quintessentially him ... read more
After almost a year of delaying his sophomore, 'Zeros' is finally here, and thank whatever god it's here. Travelling between glam rock and indie pop, Declan Mckenna managed to make a delightful sequence to his already very interesting career. Honestly I don't think his trying to emulate any particular artist, but we see some inspirations, I'm sure many will compare him to some though. The instrumentation is awesome and so is the production, whoever worked on the tracks 'Rapture', 'Beautiful ... read more
There seems to be a rocket ship strapped to the young McKenna; at only 21 years old and already signed to Columbia Records, he is already being given a platform to make what he sees as grandiose and glammy art rock borne out of the UK scene in the 1970's. As overstated as this is for the young artist, he himself has said he would like his career to most closely emulate that of Bowie's, and that writing does seem to be written on the walls. However, the rocket seems like it's still under ... read more
Damn, really was not expecting glam rock to come back like this, I thought we put the nail in that coffin with the abomination that was that Bohemian Rhapsody film. but Declan McKenna barely misses a beat with this album by pulling off his best Bowie impression, incorporating some of the great songwriting he had on his last freshman pop album and bringing in a more neo-psych sound that's comparable to that of an early MGMT, overall it feels like he's reaching across decades of pop rock bringing ... read more
Zeros is an album full of energetic indie rock instrumentation and great lyrics, but those aspects unfortunately can’t compensate the lack of originality that the project presents. It’s hard to define who Declan McKenna is when pretty much every track sounds like a rip-off of another artist. I understand that the purpose of this album was to sound like something that came from the 70’s but still, I was expecting it to have some kind of modern twist. I hear a lot of influences ... read more
pros: grand, majestic and lively, Declan McKenna showcases his dynamic energy and level of skill throughout a mixture of indie and art pop that remains consistent and thought-provoking; the energetic and synth-pop influences create a thrilling experience from start to finish, it can feel varied and large with the songs having a rush of energy and an exciting feel, and it doesn't ever slow down with that but continues with the dynamic energy making for a very enjoyable listen.
cons: it gets ... read more
Declan McKenna’s “Zeros” is a ferocious and often gobsmacking sophomore album from an artist determined (and succeeding!) in setting himself apart from his contemporaries. Through the consistently first-class vocal performances and disgustingly powerful guitar riffs, McKenna has produced a strong Album of the Year contender - and has shown development as an artist at every fundamental level since his last album in 2017.
Obvious Bowie comparison is obvious

21 year old Declan McKenna, an artist i was not familiar with prior to this release, has created a wonderful record that simultaneously celebrates the past through its numerous 70's influences, while looking to the future through Mckenna's versatile lyrics and songwriting.

A bold mixture of Glam Rock and Indie Rock, 2 genres separated by decades of time, were both originally made as representations of youth, opposing the overly complicated, the stale and ... read more
FAVORITE TRACK: You Better Believe!!!

LEAST FAVORITE TRACK: Beautiful Faces if I had to choose

This is my most anticipated album of the year. What Do You Think About the Car? is a perfect record in my eyes and the singles I've heard for this album so far have maybe been the best songs I've ever heard from McKenna. So I really wasn't expecting anything short of excellence from Zeros.

And I got more than what I expected.

I have never felt more shocked by a release in my life. I imagine this ... read more
Zeros is an incredibly fun, melodic, and unique take on 70s and 80s pop-stardom from one of my most anticipated artists of the year and one of the most versatile artists (I think) straddling the indie/pop crossover scene. My one real criticism of this album is that it is a little front-loaded (1-5 and 7 blow out of the water tracks 6 and 8-10) but I think there's a lot to look forward to from him in the future. Also, he's maybe one of the most passionate vocalists (and musicians, generally) in ... read more
Wow, this is a mess and I know Declan can do better than this. This record is flooded with different rearrangements of drums and guitar mixed with random futuristic noise and the mix between production and vocals is majorly bad. As much as I love his voice, this is not it.

Color: Mulberry
Favorite Tracks: The Key to Life on Earth, Daniel, You're Still a Child,
Worst Tracks: You Better Believe!!!, Emily
"Following a style that is becoming a trend in recent times — songs that are played in a universe in which the past and the future collide in a visually and sonically pleasant, captivating and entertaining energy — Zeros takes us to the past where rockets, arcades and neon lights were impressive. Inspired by Bob Dylan’s compositions, David Bowie themes and sonority reminiscent of The Beatles’ ambition, McKenna’s second album emerges as an incredible, ... read more
faves: key, astronaut, beautiful faces , daniel, eventually
least faves:emily, rapture
Declan's sophomore album is an energetic and fun mixture of glam rock and indie rock/pop. Having never heard of Declan before this album, I went into this album with zero expectations and found myself pleasantly surprised with what I heard.

The album has a great flow and the production and vocals are incredible. The instrumentation is well-layered and features lush guitar solos. I think Declan's vocal presence is the clear standout of this album. He shows incredible range and his vocal tone ... read more
TL;DR: I like it

I was a pretty big fan of Declan’s back when he dropped his debut in 2017. He was one of the first artists who I felt like I had discovered totally independently from anyone around me thanks to the Liar EP, and What Do You Think About the Car? had me so excited at the time. Even three years later, I think it’s a really fun pop record, even if it occasionally echoed 2000s brit-rock a bit too loudly.

I think the same can be said for Zeros. My interest in Declan has ... read more
Whilst I still am far from convinced by the Bowie-inspired Glam Rock/Indie Pop bops on "Zeros", Compared to Declan's previous material, "Zeros" is certainly a more refined and cohesive experience, which gives me hope that Declan is only going to heighten his charisma, melodic capability and songwriting.
'Zeros' is full of noisy guitar riffs that make you feel happy anxiety, and with just a few parts this album can seem calm.
the vocal performance throughout the entire record is outstanding. many influences are present without overshadowing declan's own unique creative ability, merging some really cool styles resulting in a cohesive, both incredibly enjoyable and commentative work.
Eu não tava esperando absolutamente nada desse álbum e ele me conquistou de uma forma inesperadamente boa.
Edite: vim aumentar a nota do álbum e dizer que estou completamente apaixonado nele.
heavy david bowie influence on this one. i feel like declan mckenna can easily become a superstar if he keeps dropping albums like this. it’s very reminiscent of 70s glam rock in sound but it kinda has this bedroom pop flare that compliments the glam rock sound every well, making it sound like a very modernized take on a early bowie. the vocals and the spacey effects on them set the tone for this album really well, and the instrumentation has the same feel. the high energy and tendency to ... read more
1st listen: "Alright, this is pretty good, it's probably my favorite male indie rock release of this year."

2nd listen: "Hmmm, maybe the front half isn't as weak as I thought it was, but that second half? Still amazing."

3rd listen: "Okay this album smacks."


5th listen: "I wish my name was Daniel."
What I would want from a Declan Mckenna is just a bunch of catchy, fun, rock jams; and I got exactly that! Nothing to complain about here. Really enjoyable stuff. Kind of reminds me of early Strokes.

Favorite tracks: Be An Astronaut, Beautiful Faces, Daniel You're Still a Child, Emily, Twice Your Size, Sagittarius A*, Eveentuall Darling
Least favorite: -
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