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I think it's safe to say that Nicholas Jaar was my favorite producer of the last decade. His work under several pseudonyms over the past years have been absolutely spell-binding. The finely tuned and intricate microhouse cuts on Space is only noise, his Nymph EPs, the excellent collaboration with guitarist Dave Harrington, that with the addition of harrington's guitar further enhanced Jaar's electronics, and finally one of his most consistent and gratifying works to date under the pseudonym ... read more
lov it alot
This album does NOT let up! Holy shit man, Jaar really outdid himself with this one and it might be even better than 2012-2017. Gotta think about it some more and I'll be back with some actually meaningful sentences.
2017 - 2019 took me by surprise a bit. As was the case for a lot of people, 2012 - 2017 was my introduction to the world of Nicolas Jaar. It was a fun record, full of tons of memorable house tunes that wouldn't sound out of place on a dancefloor in the least.

Being the naive person that I am, I was assuming that this new album here was very much going to be a pure follow up to that record. I was expecting to hear more of the same, and I was looking forward to it because I really did enjoy his ... read more
It is fascinating to think about how A.A.L.'s music parallels the time frame in the title. 2012-2017 felt warm, communal, and inquisitive (and a little gimmicky tbh). The songs bubbled with hope and light. 2017-2019 is more militant and industrial. The warmth that undergirded his previous album is replaced with haunting anxiety and a sense of unease. Jaar's music echoes the contemporary energy; it's paranoid, heavy, and frustrated. The album literally fades away at the end, leaving you ... read more
I was excited to see what was in store for a new AAL project. It’s a fun listen, but there is something that the last album had that this doesn’t...

Memorable songs. Nothing here is memorable at all for any good reasons.
While there are a few spots where I feel like it dragged more than the first set of songs in Nicolas Jaar's sample-based side project, "2017-2019" is still a groovy and fun album that keeps true to what made "2012-2017" a great record while adding in more "industrial" (?) and noisy elements to the mix.

Fav Tracks: Deeeeeeefers; Fantasy; If You Can't Do It Good, Do It Hard; Faith; With an Addict, If Loving You Is Wrong

Least Fav Track: Alarm

i don't mean to get political or anything, but what the fuck is H O U S E music
So a new Against All Logic album is here! It’s a lot less massive and ambitious, however if I had to be honest, I think I actually might prefer this album over 2012-2017. Sure there isn’t as much samples as 2012-2017 , but I just love how much more harsher, noiser, and unapologetic this album, especially on something like Deeeeeeeefers. I would go to 2012-2017 if you want something nicer and more dancable, however go to 2017-2019, if you want something unapologetic as heck
YES bitch.

this is so much better than 2012 - 2017 by a steep margin

if you like those extremely basic deep house jams keep on listening to 2012 - 2017, nobody is stopping u! however, if you want something with a little more grip; then nico fulfills that purpose.

NR for now
lots of banging and industrial noise here, and of course he makes it sound good. a little shorter and a little less impactful than 2012-2017, Jaar is all in on the heavier sound here while still tossing in some songs that are centered around vocal samples. creative, but not fully up to his standards.
Hitting another base of greatness, Nicolas Jaar emerges with a 9 track project that is much more louder, abrasive, and abstract than anything else he has really made before. I believe that the singles he released before this was simply a test of how he would try to dip into this more industrial robotic sound, and let me just say that he succeeds greatly.

I first heard this on my way to school, and unfortunately it was a bus ride of enormous length, so I decided to pop out my walkman and play ... read more
Against All Logic's last album was one that I actually was quite surprised by. I didn't know who the artist was or what I was getting into, but 2012-2017 was pretty damn good. This newest project is quite a bit smaller in scope as 2012-2017 had some massive songs on it that spanned upwards of 9 minutes. That somewhat smaller scope suits this album well. I really enjoy the glitchy and noisy tunes on display here and it being less heavy than the last album makes it a more digestible listen. It's ... read more
In this new album, A.A.L aka Nicolas Jaar, lives up to his stage name and well, goes against all the logic of his last album and changes to a more experimental sound
this was disappointing. nicolas jaar's previous album as against all logic was pretty decent and fun with infectious techno grooves and at least some form of enjoyability. 2017 - 2019, however, isn't any of this, instead opting for a more boring and atmospheric approach to the house genre that doesn't really work all too well. apart from "alarm," which is the only glimmer of hope that this album has to offer, 2017 - 2019 sounds like filler material throughout its entirety. a lot of ... read more
Nicholas Jaar has made an unexpected, but altogether welcome, return into the world of electronic house under the alias of Against All Logic. Jaar continues with the sample-heavy sound that wowed many listeners on his album 2012-2017, but he amplifies the industrial experimentation to a much stronger degree.

While the other album places an emphasis on a mellower more relaxed atmosphere, 2017-2019 is unrelentingly heavier and more adrenaline pumping in comparison. I still, admittedly, prefer ... read more
Wow what happened?
I guess he's calling the old Nicolas Jaar.

Against All Logic is one of the monikers of the chilean electronic producer, Nicolas Jaar. I didn't think we would have another project on the way so soon, the last one took him 5 years of work and this one only 2. The difference are notorious but that doesn't mean 2017-2019 is bad, actually it feels like a whole new project with just little glimpses of the past put into it.

While 2012-2017 seems more like a throwback to the deep hose and techno ... read more
Very good album. It was nice and varied and incredibly consistent quality-wise throughout, with each song feeling unique and very satisfying. What I definitely appreciated was just how focused of an effort it was, as this was clearly the album which Jaar wanted to make: noisy at points, soft at points, and fun as heck at points. Something about the music contained on this album just sucks you in and doesn't let go, even in its noisier and harsher moments. The track "Deeeeeeefers" was ... read more
Nicolas Jaar (under the Against All Logic name) shifts towards a more experimental and unorthodox sound on his sophomore release, and it could not have gotten any better than this.
Pretty impressive but lacks the charm of 2012-2017.

Best Track: If You Can’t Do It Good, Do It Hard
Worst Track: Alarm
House music gone dark.
I recently came across Nicholas Jaar´s wonderful 2012 - 2017, and to be honest I was spellbound from the moment I started listening to it. This new album is a more difficult listening but still has that cool touch that made his previous work so atractive to me. Let's see where Nicholas goes from here, colour me intrigued.
Personal favorite: If You Can’t Do It Good, Do It Hard, featuring Lydia Lunch, it will make you dance where you at, guaranteed.
Yep. This is it. AOTY is already here. Bye.
A worthy sequel that although more immediately gratifying, does not sacrifice too much of what makes the A.A.L. project special to begin with.
Well damn, this is certainly a lot different than 2012 - 2017.

Firstly I gotta say, "Deeeeeeefers" into "Faith" is amazing. Both standouts, along with the opening track. Definitely prefer the track with Lydia Lunch on here than the one on the ep from the other week, of which I'm glad didn't end up on the album, along with the track with twigs. Wasn't a fan.

So I think it's good, but the last album had this energy that I very much prefer (gave it a 91). I feel like some of ... read more
A sure shot pleaser for all listeners of house. Engaging, progressive, and intricate, the latest Against All Logic project serves as a conjuction of thoughful sounds and risk.
did he really use a stock image for an album cover?
Against All Logic is back, after releasing a compilation a couple years ago, of some of, if not the best house music of last decade. This is the alias of experimental artist, Nicolas Jaar and this is the second album under the Against All Logic name. Though I was not actually aware of 2017 - 2019's release date until recently, I was interested to see how he would follow up with a project, which I don't think he would have imagined having the critical success it did. To me, it seems like on this ... read more
Listened to this while playing Tetris. Very intense. I think I freaked out and accidentally hit the space bar as soon as I heard Lydia Lunch's voice
Nicolas Jaar spent basically the entirety of last decade as the producer I looked forward to most. Man didn't miss. Shame that he starts off the new decade with a project that gives me the least I've ever taken from his work. I appreciate that he didn't just regurgitate the success of his last AAL project and is taking risks, but there are a lot of moments, notably the Lydia Lunch sample, that are quite...uhh...Jaar-ing (not even sorry).
I absolutely adore all the different sounds heard on this record, this has the exact kind of sound experimentation I like, it’s never before heard, futuristic, out of this world stuff and I’m just really really into that. I feel like there’s always a new sound that will appear in every song, every synth feels very fresh and original, and it keeps me very interested. Some of the songs had some weird vocal chops and some slightly unsettling chord progressions which did make me ... read more
A surprising turn from the lush and soothing 2012-17, but not without some flaws.
I find myself most attracted to the songs that remind me of that previous record from AAL, With an Addict cruises along with some light psychedelia mixed in, and the euphoria I feel when the choir vocals creep in like fog on Faith remains unmatched across most of ALL's published work so far. I also love the opener Fantasy, it's far and away the best track utilizing sounds from industrial techno and the likes. The ... read more
Please drop house music suggestions below! I don’t know a lot of house music!

If this is what house music is (I’ve never heard any house other than Deadmau5 in 5th grade), then it is one of the most interesting, forward-thinking genres in existence.

Nicolas’ use of samples is crazy, and I don’t know how he came up with all the shit that’s on here. From the distorted, chopped-up vocals to the layered, atmospheric synth strings, Nicolas uses a very admirable ... read more
Not quite as strong as the first, but it still has some great songs.

Favorite Tracks: Fantasy, If You Can’t Do It Good, Do It Hard, Faith

Least Favorite Track: Alarm
Logically good
An insane and ambitious experimental work made by the most tantalizing electronic producer in 2020.
Nicolas Jaar's second project under the Against All Logic name is deceptive. Its opener would have you believe it is a melodic, groovy house fusion outing, but what lies beneath is far more angular and rigid. Its sample heavy, cacophanous beats are a mix of so many different aesthetics at once, it often doesn't all coalesce into moments that truly flow. After AAL's fantastic debut, I was expecting a similar style, but you could slap any label on this, whether it be house, IDM, future garage, ... read more

Was not expecting this. Crazy production, very fast-paced songs, cool sampling and much more. This project was nuts for sure, very good overall. I still need to listen to 2012-2017, but this exceeded my expectations. I could see myself vibing out to this whenever and wherever.

Best Tracks: Fantasy, Deeeeeeefers, You(Forever)
Least Favorite Track: none
ALL's new LP is a broad departure from his 2018 staggering debut, as this time, we see the alias of Nicolas Jaar bring us some... more noisy and psychadelic inspired eletronic music.

Don't be scared by the two singles that dropped before this. Compared to those, "2017-2019" is a masterpiece, although it takes some elements from those two songs but improves on their flaws. Firstly, despite the change of sound, the album is danceable and feels very cohesive. It's a strong listen from ... read more
Against All Logic, Nicolas Jaar's project, which in 2018 launched a project that grows more and more in me, I love it I love it I love that album.

He releases another LP here, this time more alive, with more color, more industrial and more chaotic, quite different from what he did in 2018.

And I have to say that I am a little disappointed, not that this project is bad, because, it is not, but there were many risks that were not always well taken, the attempt to do something more industrial ... read more
I was either super out of the loop or this wasn’t getting the attention it deserved up to release , because this was basically a surprise drop for me , I had no idea this was coming but I’m so glad it did . It’s still fun, fast, punchy, danceable house music and it manages to still feel completely fresh and new. It has some more dreamy elements and feels super textured , maybe even more so than 2012-2017. This project is just so addicting though, I keep coming back and I ... read more
Damn Nicholas!

There's always been a self-deprecating charm to A.A.L's records. In bold letters printed on the back of 2012-2017's LP is "If you don't know jack about house, you'll love this!". On Jaar's follow up record, there's a song titled "If You Can’t Do It Good, Do It Hard". And on this album... he does it... hard.

In Aphex Twin Drukqs fashion, Jaar doubles down on the abrasive extremity of his brand of electronica. Most of the 9 songs here deconstruct and ... read more
this just feels like 12-17 without the memorability to me. there are definitely some cool ideas and samples here, but it's far more minimal. the last album stuck with me after one listen, like i swear i couldn't stop humming the main lick of 'some kind of game' for a month straight. there is zero chance any song on here will stick with me like that.

highlights: FAITH, fantasy, with an addict, if you can't do it good do it hard

lowlight: penny
The perfect mix of melancholy and hope. AAL brings the funk but makes sure that you think twice before getting up and thrashing about. Beautiful fusion of somewhat experimental sounds with a touch of familiarity. There aren't really any misses here except for maybe Penny; and I think some of the songs overstay their welcome for a good 2 minutes. Perfect for studying or just vibing in the dark.
If You Cant Do it Good, Do it Hard is an early SOTY contender.
No, this isn't as good as 2012-2017. This experiments a lot more and incorporates a lot of new, unique, creative, and interesting ideas, but the grooves are gone. The beauty is gone. The heart is gone. The overall concept and cohesiveness is gone. There's not much to latch onto here. It's not really memorable in any way. An extreme disappointment, fails to deliver much in the way of a good time.

Fav Tracks: Fantasy, If Loving You is Wrong, Alarm, Deeeeeeefers
Least Fav Track: If You Can't Do ... read more
A chaotic album that at the same time makes you just wanna move to the music, but then you get these weird experimental sounds thrown in and it’s back to chaos. That could sound like a knock on this album but I actually feel like that’s what makes this album so great, the many emotions captured into this experience is impressive.

Best Tracks: Every Track is at least solid but If You Can’t Do It Good, Do It Hard is a masterpiece
Nicolas definitely took a darker route here and while It still bangs, I don’t feel It as memorable as “2012 - 2017”. Still a nice collection of tracks and highly enjoyable, Just not really what I expected. Overall This still works out for some great background music.

* Loved the deconstruction of Bey’s “Baby Boy”

FAV: Fantasy, If Loving You Is Wrong, With an Addict, If You Can’t Do It Good, Do It Hard, Alarm, Deeeeeeefers, Faith & Penny

LEAST: ... read more
If Loving You is Wrong
If You Can't do it Good, Do It Hard
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