Against All Logic - 2017 - 2019
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UNPOPULAR OPINION: "2017-2019" is better than its predecessor, and I'm going to explain why...

About two years ago, Nicolas Jaar dusted off his record cabinet full of disco and house albums and resurrected one of his old pseudonyms for a compilation album full of ingenious samples and limitless mixes, with the particularity of making you happier with each new listening. And although "2012-2017" is one of the most solid electronic projects of the last decade, I really think ... read more
lov it alot
I think it's safe to say that Nicholas Jaar was my favorite producer of the last decade. His work under several pseudonyms over the past years have been absolutely spell-binding. The finely tuned and intricate microhouse cuts on Space is only noise, his Nymph EPs, the excellent collaboration with guitarist Dave Harrington, that with the addition of harrington's guitar further enhanced Jaar's electronics, and finally one of his most consistent and gratifying works to date under the pseudonym ... read more
i don't mean to get political or anything, but what the fuck is H O U S E music
It is fascinating to think about how A.A.L.'s music parallels the time frame in the title. 2012-2017 felt warm, communal, and inquisitive (and a little gimmicky tbh). The songs bubbled with hope and light. 2017-2019 is more militant and industrial. The warmth that undergirded his previous album is replaced with haunting anxiety and a sense of unease. Jaar's music echoes the contemporary energy; it's paranoid, heavy, and frustrated. The album literally fades away at the end, leaving you ... read more
2017 - 2019 took me by surprise a bit. As was the case for a lot of people, 2012 - 2017 was my introduction to the world of Nicolas Jaar. It was a fun record, full of tons of memorable house tunes that wouldn't sound out of place on a dancefloor in the least.

Being the naive person that I am, I was assuming that this new album here was very much going to be a pure follow up to that record. I was expecting to hear more of the same, and I was looking forward to it because I really did enjoy his ... read more
I was excited to see what was in store for a new AAL project. It’s a fun listen, but there is something that the last album had that this doesn’t...

Memorable songs. Nothing here is memorable at all for any good reasons.
this is so much better than 2012 - 2017 by a steep margin

if you like those extremely basic deep house jams keep on listening to 2012 - 2017, nobody is stopping u! however, if you want something with a little more grip; then nico fulfills that purpose.

NR for now
While there are a few spots where I feel like it dragged more than the first set of songs in Nicolas Jaar's sample-based side project, "2017-2019" is still a groovy and fun album that keeps true to what made "2012-2017" a great record while adding in more "industrial" (?) and noisy elements to the mix.

Fav Tracks: Deeeeeeefers; Fantasy; If You Can't Do It Good, Do It Hard; Faith; With an Addict, If Loving You Is Wrong

Least Fav Track: Alarm

The urgency of this combative & inspired collection of tracks, help portray an otherworldly experience that is memorable in it's excitement and enchantment. The fluid progression of intensity and militant atmospheres using increasingly distorted, warped basslines combined with IDM infected drums dance their way through our synapses at 100mph. But somehow through the chaos - there is still enough gentle beauty present for us to catch our breath whilst losing ourselves in the moment. The ... read more
This project is overall good, it is definitely very creative, and i do admire AGAINST ALL LOGIC for changing techno music so much in the last 3 years, Nicolas Jaar is such an amazing producer and i love how hes shifting the culture, but this album as a small issue attached to it, and it is the fact that Nicolas ended up releasing an album better than this less than a month later, which made my consideration for this album go down a lot, but it still is a nice techno house infusion, and it ... read more
I like listening to music while working or doing things, in fact, in the middle of the week, I don't have enough time to stop and enjoy music - I'm trying to do this more often, but with my whole family at home in quarantine I don't even have privacy for it. I appreciate experimental or artistic music, but, after all, I also want a record that I can dance or vibe while I do my things and, for that, I prefer the more energetic ones.

I believe this record works for this, I can listen while ... read more
lots of banging and industrial noise here, and of course he makes it sound good. a little shorter and a little less impactful than 2012-2017, Jaar is all in on the heavier sound here while still tossing in some songs that are centered around vocal samples. creative, but not fully up to his standards.
Hitting another base of greatness, Nicolas Jaar emerges with a 9 track project that is much more louder, abrasive, and abstract than anything else he has really made before. I believe that the singles he released before this was simply a test of how he would try to dip into this more industrial robotic sound, and let me just say that he succeeds greatly.

I first heard this on my way to school, and unfortunately it was a bus ride of enormous length, so I decided to pop out my walkman and play ... read more
Against All Logic's last album was one that I actually was quite surprised by. I didn't know who the artist was or what I was getting into, but 2012-2017 was pretty damn good. This newest project is quite a bit smaller in scope as 2012-2017 had some massive songs on it that spanned upwards of 9 minutes. That somewhat smaller scope suits this album well. I really enjoy the glitchy and noisy tunes on display here and it being less heavy than the last album makes it a more digestible listen. It's ... read more
In this new album, A.A.L aka Nicolas Jaar, lives up to his stage name and well, goes against all the logic of his last album and changes to a more experimental sound
Nicholas Jaar is a great musician, he is one of the people that brings new and interesting ideas to the table when it comes to genres like idm, house, electronic and industrial music. And this new AAL album isn't an exception, it sounds really unique with all of it's punchy and creative, mostly distorted production. A lot of the tracks on here have so much momentum and urgency without any type of vocals, there's just this noisy instrumental changing more and more as the track progresses, it ... read more
Nicolas Jaar Parte 1/3

Siguiendo la idea de revisar álbumes de artistas latinos, es momento de analizar los TRES proyectos que sacó este año el productor chileno/americano Nicolas Jaar.

En principio, este álbum sigue un orden totalmente diferente a la música que Nico suelta bajo su propio nombre, debido a que su proyecto principal se basa mucho más en música ambiental, mientras que AAL sigue ritmos de house, tech-house y ousider-house. Debido ... read more
I remember listening to "This Old House Is All I Have" 2 years ago and instantly falling in love with it. The haunting intro which transforms into this funky rhytyhm was one of the coolest things I've heard in a while. Fast forward 2 years and Nicolas Jaar has become one of my favourite producers and this project was a very welcome surprise as I kinda assumed for some reason that he wouldnt release anything else under A.A.L. "2012-2017" was for a very special album for me. ... read more
‘House Music’ Is not a genre I’m particularly familiar with, but I’m surprised just how much i liked this record.

One aspect of this record that I think deserves the highest praise is the production. It’s all round so clean but not to the point where it sounds inauthentic. The production is layered and actually quite varied with some of the beats sounding soulful, minimalistic, ethereal and even a bit harsh..? Yeah, alarm goes freaking hard.

The sampling is ... read more
This album feels like club music dipped in IDM and noise, but only just enough to give it flavor while still being fun to listen to. It is definitely a crashing of a few different styles, and the tone is a little all over the place, but I enjoyed it every time I put it on. Tracks like Fantasy and If You Can't Do it Good Do it Hard have grooves so good you can't not move to them, while other songs like With an Addict and Penny feel more like somber IDM cuts.

Like I said, the tone is a little ... read more
this was disappointing. nicolas jaar's previous album as against all logic was pretty decent and fun with infectious techno grooves and at least some form of enjoyability. 2017 - 2019, however, isn't any of this, instead opting for a more boring and atmospheric approach to the house genre that doesn't really work all too well. apart from "alarm," which is the only glimmer of hope that this album has to offer, 2017 - 2019 sounds like filler material throughout its entirety. a lot of ... read more
Listened to this while playing Tetris. Very intense. I think I freaked out and accidentally hit the space bar as soon as I heard Lydia Lunch's voice
Pretty impressive but lacks the charm of 2012-2017.

Best Track: If You Can’t Do It Good, Do It Hard
Worst Track: Alarm
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