Låpsley - Through Water
Through Water
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I'm ranking every LP I'm gonna listen to this year. This will be my first full year of real music listening! So I'm excited to do this list. 10's: 0 9's: 3 8's: 13 7's: 24 6's: 12 5's: 8 4's: 0 3's: ...
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I'll be ranking every 2020 project I've heard here as the year moves on !
Updated 10h agoRanked 1
*Whip and nae nae*
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Updated 3d agoRanked
Updated 19h agoRanked
Updated 3d ago
All the albums of 2020 I've heard, RANKED
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Updated 3d agoRanked
everything that i have listened to this year ranked
Updated 1d agoRanked
Full length 2020 Pop releases I've listened to.
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qualquer obra com 30min ou mais / seis músicas ou mais
Updated 21h ago
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