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Sufjan Stevens ranked.
Updated 2mo agoRanked 1
this is way too many albums wtf is wrong with me yes i know this is a lot of /mu/ nerd bullshit
Updated 22h agoRanked 5
Albums that nobody on the site can seem to get an opinion on
Updated 5d ago 17
Updated 1w ago
Out of 134 albums... Flawless albums: 1 Amazing albums: 16 Great albums: 35 Good albums: 25 Decent albums: 21 Okay albums: 11 Mediocre albums: 7 Bad albums: 8 Horrendous albums: 5 Cursed albums: ...
Updated 1d agoRanked 16
Updated 3d agoRanked 4
Music is great!
Updated 18h agoRanked
Updated 1d agoRanked 3
Updated 1d agoRanked
Updated 1d agoRanked
These are all the releases of 2020 ranked,the ones i heard ecco release the full version of play em like atari
Updated 4d agoRanked 4
Updated 8h agoRanked
Updated 7h agoRanked
Music is bad
Updated 6d agoRanked
Releases that came out in 2020.
Updated 6d agoRanked
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