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UNLOCKED sees Curry and Beats take a deep dive into hip-hop fundamentals through a concise, gritty and hard-hitting album.

The Line of Best Fit

If we’re just talking about how this thing sounds, nothing on the record is particularly innovative, but the project innovates in its ideation.


Until Denzel finds the right balance between his lofty conceptual ambitions and his seemingly endless well of punky bangers, a surface level this fun is the best we can hope for.

The Needle Drop

Unlocked is essentially a glitch in the matrix in hip hop form, and that's a great thing.


UNLOCKED, his new project with Kenny Beats, is both the perfect solidification of existing fans’ devotion and thing to show to people who know of Curry but don’t know what all the fuss is about.


This is a playful project, not afraid to dabble with creativity but also showcasing both Denzel’s lyrical ability and Kenny’s creative dexterity, both artists’ visions.


Unlocked is a curveball; for the first time he completely upends his roots, with the help of Kenny Beats.


Although Unlocked concludes almost as soon as it starts, Curry and Kenny pack so much into this short release that repeat listens are a must and, indeed, a pleasure.

"A tool is only as good as its user", said my brother minutes before he crashed the fancy lawn mower Grandma won at a local fair into a cow pen. Needless to say, we both got a hard ass spanking that day.

Apply this kind of everyday concept to most producer-rapper duos, you'll wind up with the same results. Kenny Beats is the tool, mostly as proficient and creative as the talented MC in which he chooses to collaborate with. Have a bad rapper on the mic and you'll be sure to get some ... read more
Some of Kenny Beats best work. Clearly a ton of Madlib influence. Denzel is such a good match with Kenny

But the video really escalated the project, and I would recommend everyone to listen to this album through the video on Denzels channel

The music is great. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Nothing on here is innovative but fuck that. Songs like Diet are fucking undeniably amazing.

Some of the hardest material I have heard Denzel on. Kenny clearly knew how to handle Denzel for ... read more
So I've been wanting one thing recently; Denzel Curry over boom-bap beats. And what can I say other than this provides just that. Before I begin this short review, I recommend everyone sees the YouTube visualizer/short film for this. It's seriously one of the most creative ways to roll out an album I've seen in a while. It was probably even better than the album.

On this album/EP or whatever, Denzel finds a great balance between his aggressive and his somewhat calmer flow over somewhat ... read more
CALM DOWN DENZEL THE YEAR JUST STARTED AND YOU MADE TWO BANGER PROJECTS DAMN. also the first track reminded me of a DOOM skit kind of. The production has a very Madlib inspiration. The cover looks like a Czarface cover kind of with the comic book design. Musically, this whole project is very creative and amazingly well made, diverse, and witty. Kenny Beats really gave it his all, better than his work on that shitty ass fucking Netflix and Whatever the fuck from 2019. I don’t understand ... read more

Pairing Denzel Curry with Kenny Beats makes sense. On paper, they are two of the most consistent and prolific artists in contemporary hip-hop, their continuous flow of production rarely resulting in a decline in quality. Their sounds are distinct and their creative appetite is high. In practice, with the release of their first collaborative project, "UNLOCKED", they are a supercharged duo brimming with life and a spirit of sharing.

Fuck me, but Denzel is truly ... read more
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Added on: February 6, 2020