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All Rap and some RnB albums ranked 2020
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Covers I would probably hang somewhere on my wall.
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any albums that released in 2020
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All the albums that I've listened through the current year
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All the albums I've heard in 2020, RANKED
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Just a little list of everything I've given an 8 or above with a little description of each one
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All albums are ordered by how much I personally enjoyed them.
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i'm gonna rank every fucking rap album i've ever rated and ever will rate. what is wrong with me you may ask. NOTE: this does not encapsulate every rap album i've HEARD, as i've heard far more than ...
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Judge based off my personal score Only thing I know for sure is Imperial and TA13OO are equal as first, but I'd choose Imperial over TA13OO if I had to.
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