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"A tool is only as good as its user", said my brother minutes before he crashed the fancy lawn mower Grandma won at a local fair into a cow pen. Needless to say, we both got a hard ass spanking that day.

Apply this kind of everyday concept to most producer-rapper duos, you'll wind up with the same results. Kenny Beats is the tool, mostly as proficient and creative as the talented MC in which he chooses to collaborate with. Have a bad rapper on the mic and you'll be sure to get some ... read more
So I've been wanting one thing recently; Denzel Curry over boom-bap beats. And what can I say other than this provides just that. Before I begin this short review, I recommend everyone sees the YouTube visualizer/short film for this. It's seriously one of the most creative ways to roll out an album I've seen in a while. It was probably even better than the album.

On this album/EP or whatever, Denzel finds a great balance between his aggressive and his somewhat calmer flow over somewhat ... read more
Has Kenny unlocked Denzel's full potential on this project ?

After a very enjoyable record, ZUU, released in May 2019, Denzel Curry is back, and in good company. After three intense days locked in a studio, Curry and Kenny Beats, definitely one of the best producers of modern rap, deliver the surprise album "Unlocked", a fucking perfect futuristic hardcore version of "Madvillainy"!

From the beginning, this short album reminds us of the mastapiece "Madvillainy", ... read more
CALM DOWN DENZEL THE YEAR JUST STARTED AND YOU MADE TWO BANGER PROJECTS DAMN. also the first track reminded me of a DOOM skit kind of. The production has a very Madlib inspiration. The cover looks like a Czarface cover kind of with the comic book design. Musically, this whole project is very creative and amazingly well made, diverse, and witty. Kenny Beats really gave it his all, better than his work on that shitty ass fucking Netflix and Whatever the fuck from 2019. I don’t understand ... read more
Some of Kenny Beats best work. Clearly a ton of Madlib influence. Denzel is such a good match with Kenny

But the video really escalated the project, and I would recommend everyone to listen to this album through the video on Denzels channel

The music is great. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Nothing on here is innovative but fuck that. Songs like Diet are fucking undeniably amazing.

Some of the hardest material I have heard Denzel on. Kenny clearly knew how to handle Denzel for ... read more
Is there anyone in Rap right now that spits, so fearlessly and so confidently as Denzel? Not that i know of. I am inclined to believe it is his love for punk music that fuels his engine, to deliver a style of rap that is unforgettable and fiery. His wordplay has also remained consistent over the years, he wields a double-edged sword, both lyrically and instrumentally. On this new project, he teams up with Kenny Beats, one of the most versatile beat-smiths at the moment. I see this project as ... read more

What have we here??

Matching ideals??

.....OH.... NOOO....


YOU collaborated with Kenny Beats?? WAHAHAHA...


Looks like I've hit the jackpot!

Ahoooooooooooo.... This is just too good!
thank you ♥
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SPOILER ALERT: HE DOESN'T! This is 100% some of Kenny's best work. You can tell that Kenny takes a lot of influence from Madlib and that's just great. This just feels like a fun, short, and sweet project that was made when Denzel and Kenny were bored. And that's what I absolutely love about it. Denzel is back at it again with his amazing flows that go so well together with Kenny's jumpy and catchy beats. And the animation that came with this album is also fucking ... read more
Is there anyone in the rap game who goes as hard as Zel right now?
I really enjoyed my first listen of this, but it started to lose it's charm for me after a couple more shots at it. Kenny comes across to me as the star of the show here; his beats are consistently diverse while still maintaining his characteristic and defining sounds. Denzel, unfortunately, struggles to meet the same energy to me. It's much clearer now in this instance that he's freestyling his lyrics, and there's virtually zero standout bars on this thing, which greatly reduces the punch. His ... read more
Denzel Curry's second "fleshing out?¿" of 2020 is a sign of many things.

One month deep into the year, and this gentleman already released two projects. This time a collab with Kenny Beats. I didn't review the EP that dropped last month, because I didn't find anything interesting in it. The Lo-Fi trap vibe was cool, but the structuring was poor and the songs didn't give their full potential. Usually, I'm a fan of projects like this, they don't exhaust you, and they often have ... read more
First of all, the animated visual side of “UNLOCKED” is fantastic! The sight gags and pop culture references like the Junji Ito dimension cracked a smile on my face. Definitely watch it if you want a good representation of the album. As for the album, it’s also terrific. Kenny clearly had some Madlib influence on this, and it’s easily some of his best production to date! Denzel also drops the lyricism I've come to expect from him, with lots of funny lines (“My ... read more
I'm not going to ride his dick, this thing honestly didn't blow me away. It's pretty good, consistent from front to back but this just feels like an attempt at creating something similar to Madvillainy but they gave up about half way through. It carries a fun vibe with Denzel's relentless rapping, but many songs feel kind of unfinished. The beats are not at all what I expected. I know Kenny Beats as a trap producer and Denzel as a trap rapper but they did a total 180 and made a boom bap EP. The ... read more
Woke up, rolled a spliff, saw my notifications, jumped on Spotify, and saw this... Denzel, my dude, you just don’t stop, do you? This went hard! The beats are absolutely brilliant and Denzel’s flow is as great as ever, the lyrics are dope and the production is godly. Kenny Beats and Denzel are a great pair. This was a great thing to wake up to, it’s made my day. I love how it blends a lot of boom bap with Curry’s usual southern hip hop style. Probably the least ... read more
Pleasant surprise, but you probably high if you think this comes close to Madvillainy
Do you know the best part of a 15-minute album? No one will need to fake they listened to the whole thing - It's just the perfect tolerable length.

Wrong doing of the day: Trying to listen to this through the animated music videos. I always forget about the sound effects artists tend to add on these tracks, but I cannot say that affected my opinion on this album. While I know little to nothing about Kenny Beats, Denzel Curry is a familiar face to me. This year's hip-hop releases will be a ... read more
I mean I guess the bars are quite bad n stuff like if Big Sean said this stuf I'd probs cringe but imma be real when he said 'I'm coming for your tooth call me the pliers' or whatever tf it was I lost my shit jus like I would if a friend of mine were to drop that after going 'ayo throw on a beat ima kick a freestyle real quicc' bc it's Just raw fun innit and the decision to freestyle it all only realises that further to me so I just couldn't get annoyed by it if I tried bruv if he overthought ... read more
Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats deliver a great collection of more boom bap type rap songs. Now this is something I was not expecting. Denzel Curry has always been an artist who usually stays in the trap lane of things with the hard 808s complimenting his aggressive vocals and great lyrics. Kenny Beats isn't the artist I'd really expect to pull off more old school boom bap type instrumentals either but both of them really pulled through on this. Boom bap is a genre that hasn't been fairing well in ... read more
when Zel goes hard, he goes HARD!!

Hip-hop extraordinaires, Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats, team up and combine their talents on this newest record, 'UNLOCKED'. Zel brings his heavy and energetic flows and lays them over Kenny's Madlib-inspired beats. It's only 26 minutes long, but that's okay when it's this good. There's so much killer material packed in such a small package. This is Zel's second good release this year...and we're not even 40 days into the year yet! 'UNLOCKED' definitely tops ... read more
Unlocked is a real punch. I mainly appreciate Denzel Curry for his creativity, and I have to say that the Zuu album released last year, which was good, was mostly like a "simplified version" of Denzel's work, but it didn't really touch me as much as all his previous projects. Fortunately this EP/project is here to win me back, because despite its very short duration there is a perfect synergy between talent and surprises.

I will say that this synergy comes concretely from the ... read more
Right now, we're seeing something incredible in hip-hop. Not even two months into 2020 and on Denzel's second surprise music drop, you can't help be blown away just by the man's tenacity in the industry. UNLOCKED sees both Denzel and Kenny Beats on top of their respective games, showcasing how they are both the vanguards of both rapping and production right now. Thematically, this EP (or album?) treads a wide range of aesthetics, never staying in one place for too long. In this sense, it's ... read more
Zel is the best in the game right now. @ me.

Kenny Beats and Denzel Curry are both coming off of huge years, and they follow up with this HARD AS FUCK PROJECT AND OH MY GOD IT IS JUST FUCKING GAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

Zel is the best because his flow and delivery have such range and it never feels forced. He can go from eerie to calm to aggressive so easily. Kenny brings a lot of flavor to this project, too. All around, what a project. They should beef more often.

I just...wish it was ... read more
[79.29] Kenny Beats, in my top 10 producers, teaming up with one of the best rappers of modern music. Denzel's flow is not interrupted whatsoever. The chemistry is strong, though not innate. Its a good "EP", not a great album.

Favorites - Take_it_Back_v2
Weak ones - Lay_Up.m4a, Pyro (leak 2019)

~~ - Track 01
88 - Take_it_Back_v2
74 - Lay_Up.m4a
75 - Pyro (leak 2019)
82 - DIET_
82 - So.Incredible.pkg
74 - Track07
80 - ꞌCosmicꞌ.m4a

Woah, Kenny AND Denzel.
So, a surprise “album” of sorts from talented producer Kenny Beats and prince of the new school scene, Denzel Curry. And after listening multiple times? It’s grown off me.

At just around 17-18 minutes, an album would have to accomplish a lot to win me over, and this just doesn’t do that. Even if it were labeled as an EP I’d be slightly disappointed. Nonetheless, you see the score, I’m not. I think we all just give high praise to ... read more
A very creative rollout/video to go with the songs and I’m glad they put the project on all platforms just so I could lay back and digest all of the GREATNESS on this. Denzel is just fucking amazing. And Kenny delivers hella on this too.
Not even a month after releasing the 13LOOD 1N + 13LOOD OUT MIXX (which has so far been one of my favorite projects of the year already) Denzel Curry comes back for seconds on this new collaboration alongside Kenny Beats taking charge of the production.

Looking back towards their episode on Kenny’s series “The Cave”, between these two, I felt a chemistry that seemed eager to be explored so much more. Denzel has always kept my attention since Imperial, but with Kenny, his ... read more
I feel like Denzel Curry does incredible flow and delivery wise most of the time but on this he isn’t as on par as he would usually be and lyrically his lyrics are so uninteresting and repetitive that it starts to affect the album itself after a while. Take It Back is hard tho and that battle rappers line was actually hard as fuck

Kenny is the main highlight of this easily
Banger after banger after banger.

I'm just angry at the duration of this thing.
every time one of you compares this to madvillainy i kill a r/hhh user. the amount im at would shake all of you to your bones, you would collapse to the ground and because of that i will not share it. but please stop, im starting to get tired.
You gotta love Denzel Curry. The guy literally made a damn good album with a great producer in only a 24 hour period.

Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats really work together so well. After hearing this, I'm convinced that Denzel could really benefit from making more albums with Kenny Beats. While this isn't my favourite album that Denzel has worked on, I do think this is his best produced project, and there are a lot of songs on here that are straight-up amazing. Honestly, aside from maybe the ... read more
Denzel Curry is a pure force of nature. No matter what avenue he takes, he doesn't seem to fail. After the ode to Florida that was ZUU and the experiment that was 13lood 1n + 13lood Out, he links up with Kenny Beats for a swift punch to the face. WOAH KENNY! Kenny supplies some excellent boom bap beats that work perfectly with Denzel's signature furious voice and flow. I mean it just works so damn good. You can definitely feel the Madlib influences with the samples. It is quite short, but that ... read more
EDIT: I haven't heard TA13OO yet, but this is Denzel's best album. Not only that, it's the best hip hop album I've heard this decade so far; there isn't a single unenjoyable moment on here. I don't understand how they managed to fit so much good music into 17 minutes, it's mind-blowing to me.

Denzel Curry comes out with a surprise banger!

After last year's ZUU, it was clear that Denzel had already passed his peak with trap, and with last month's 13LOOD 1N 13LOOD OUT EP, ... read more
I'm starting to think that I'm consistently missing out on something about Denzel that everyone else is tuned into, because for the past couple of EP's he's put out, I don't see they hype whatsoever. He's a very good rapper and is technically gifted, that's never been a question or up for debate. He also has a hunger in his cadence that is unparalleled in rap at the current moment.

Yet, and I know how fucking pretentious this sounds and I already am cringing as I'm writing this, but do you ... read more
i don't know what i'm apologising for or why i'm apologising, but i feel the strong urge to repent for my sins and bow down to denzel curry after this album

denzel is on fucking fire! as some have already pointed out already, clearly influenced by madlib - and that's only a good thing! when you're inspired by such a legendary producer (madlib, not kenny beats - yet! kenny beats is definitely one of my favourite producers rn and is on the path of greatness at his current rate), you need to back ... read more
I need to get into rap more. My attention span when it comes to rap records is pretty thin, so a rap album of this length kept me hooked.

Beats are pretty nice from Kenny Beats and the reason I got pretty hooked on this is the character and the attitude that Denzel presents himself on the mic. Just the sheer aggression really averted my expectations a bit.

Favs: Lay_Up.m4a, Track07, ꞌCosmicꞌ.m4a
(Decided to re-vamp my review after a few more listens)

Denzel and Kenny challenge each other in a lane of hip/hop that they're not known for dominating. The result is a very solid set east coast boom bap drenched tracks. I'm impressed more with the versatility that both Kenny and Denzel display on this short album. Kenny's ability to avoid being confined to one particular approach to hip/hop production is admirable. Denzel's ability to fit within very particular pockets on the instrumentals ... read more
Denzel just show everyone how to make good EPs in just two months. Different, energetic, conceptual, straight to the point and with a majestic production by Kenny, “UNLOCKED” is short, for sure, but unquestionably outstanding.

"Track 01" - N/R
"Take_it_Back_v2" - ★★★★★
"Lay_Up.m4a" - ★★★★☆
"Pyro (leak 2019)" - ★★★★★
"DIET_" - ★★★★☆
"So.Incredible.pkg" - ... read more
What it sounds like after you've consumed MONSTER Energy
awesome great music hip hop here amazing album cool god oh great music
Jesus fuck Denzel you dropped Zuu only 7 months ago and you're already pumping out a banger EP with Kenny Beats. Praise be to the Curry.

Favorites: Take_It_Back_v2, 'Cosmic'.m4a

Least Favorites: Track 01, Track07
Super concise & tight. Production is super good. Denzel does a much better job this time around of switching up flows and expanding his lyrical content. I just wish he would save this kind of stuff for another full length LP. Blood In Blood Out should have never dropped. Seems like Denzel is still at his Soundcloud roots and wants to release a lot. This is a huge improvement from Blood In and honestly I prefer it to ZUU.
My expectations for this were about as high as they could be. Denzel is one of my favorite younger rappers, and Kenny’s production is always amazing. I don’t think anything they dropped would have surpassed my expectations, but what we got came incredibly close, even if it’s not as crazy and wild as I had hoped it would be.

This is just a project of Denzel spitting bars over great production. It’s not as hard and aggressive as he can be, but it doesn’t need to ... read more
Unlocked has a loud and colorful soundscape. Kenny Beats delivers a range of aggressive electronic-psychedelic beats to futuristic trap - all under the filer of boom bad & 90 nostalgia. Denzel matches the same range; No two tracks had the same flow or cadence. He even hits the nostalgic tones- some serious DMX / Busta Rhymes & ODB energy here, especially on the songs Diet_ & Take_it_back

Per the usual, delivers from extremely awkward lines:
"Surfboard body ass boy with your ... read more
Right now this is up there as one of my favorite albums of 2020,along with Blood In Blood out.Denzel's mini projects have been great (Starting from Zuu),and their greatness peak here,on this short collab with Kenny Beats,who provides gritty beats,while Denzel spits braggadocious,tough bars with an amazing deal of confidence.
Seriously,not 1 track i think is below a 7/10
Best Tracks:Take_It_Back_v2,Lay_Up.m4a,Pyro(leak 2019),DIET,So Incredible.pkg,Track07,Cosmic.m4a
Worst Track:Track 01 if I had ... read more
This project hosts a strong madlib vibe, but that is very rarely a bad thing as it shows in this collaboration.
Denzel and Kenny undoubtedly have chemistry, it feels like they bring out the best in each other. This project could very well be the start of something great. Denzel sounds hungry as ever and brings a ton of memorable verses and bars to the table.
Kenny’s beats sound not only great but handcrafted for Denzel. The old school influence of the instrumentals will get these old ... read more
Denzel can do no wrong, we have accepted that. The inclusion of Kenny and his evolving Madlib-esque production is a masterstroke. This packs a huge punch in it's short run time and is incredibly fun to listen to.

➕ Take_it_Back_v2, Lay_Up.m4a, Pyro (leak 2019)

The transmedia storytelling of this project really payed off, not only Curry is back with his bar-spitting perfomances but Kenny Beats takes the production to a whole new level of epic proportions.

First of all... who knew these idiots were collabing? I swear I thank whoever I have to for making this a surprise because they created a whole story with this release that made it even more exciting. First, a beef that seemed outta nowhere between the two stars on Twitter made fans suspicious, but ... read more
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