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Metal Hammer

Not for the faint-hearted, Mestarin Kynsi is a thoroughly intense and captivating departure from this earthly realm.


This blown-out, bad-trip soundscape is a sensory assault that will alter your perception of what black metal can do entirely.


Mestarin Kynsi is best enjoyed as an oddity. If you're the kind of person who cranks Swans to terrifying volumes or still likes the occasional Sunbather binge, this could be the one for you.

Woozy, unbridled psychedelic goodness!!

Mestarin Kynsi is the kind of cherry-sweet treat that'll put listeners in a deep trance state, their bodies gasping for air or coughing up blood as consciousness is lost. Fans will satisfy their cravings, new listeners maybe left puzzled, but ultimately, no matter how one may look at it, the band's eclectic, cosmic fusion of psych rock and electronic, synthetic elements is pushing black metal in an intriguing, thrilling direction. Who knows just how far ... read more
Metal of the Third Kind

You are in the heart of a Finnish forest. You are completely naked; knee-deep in snow. Strident guitar riffs are repeated as the darkness of the taiga comes straight to your frozen, innocent ears. But you don't have headphones. You don't even have a walkman. So where does this music that goes straight to your brain come from? Suddenly a strange noise startled you, inhuman screams... Wood trolls! Horrible, uncuddly gnomes that are always super hungry. Better to run if ... read more
I had already pegged the 10 minute long "Uusi teknokratia" as one of the top songs of the year and the rest of this album supports that standard. black metal can be melodically simplistic but this is not the case for the Orange Wind Demon (or something like that). their skillful melange of space rock, psychedelic, and progressive elements makes for a multi-dimensional sonic space that seems to be coming at you from all angles. this genre is far from my comfort zone and I am a neophyte ... read more
Is Gollum the vocalist here? This man sounds like he's constantly vomiting all over the microphone every time he opens his mouth and it's really annoying.

Other than that, this album masters this fun and trippy atmosphere that surrounds and really makes this project stand out. With an expert sense of composition, balancing low repeating bass notes, this funhouse sounding synthesizer, and sound effects straight out of a 1950s Sci Fi movie. It really gives this great uneasy and chaotic feeling ... read more
This is so nutty, man. Every time I listen to it, I love it more.

Who arranged these songs? They can't be a human person, dude.

Top Tracks: Uusi teknokratia, Kuulen ääniä maan alta, Taivaan portti
Rating: 9.4/10
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Added on: February 8, 2020