Perfume Genius - Set My Heart on Fire Immediately

Set My Heart on Fire Immediately

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[A small aside to thank you very much for the 500 followers !! and especially for all the support and encouragement, thank you for everything !!]

Set My Heart on Fire Immediately has the appearance of a sober record, especially if you look at its cover, in reality it's perhaps his most emotional and profound album to date. God knows that he had already got us used to setting the bar very high.

That's it, here we are. It's neither a mirage, nor a bad surprise, it's Set My Heart on Fire ... read more
Self-love over self-hatred.

From the depressive, emotional instability of "Learning" to pure pop grandeur, "Set My Heart on Fire Immediately" plays out as not just another great Perfume Genius record, it's also an inspiring work of beauty. A continuation of growth for Mike Hadreas, a man gradually learning and overcoming the barriers of his identity and sexuality. Layered in confidence and elegance, the flower, alas, finds itself some more space to bloom in the ... read more

To my ears, Perfume Genius has always been a project that documented growth. Not only has each album dealt with Mike Hadreas’ identity and the experiences that built that identity, but each album has sonically and lyrically displayed a change in its creator. Listening all the way from the fractures of his trauma on Learning and Put Your Back N 2 It through the triumphant No Shape is one of the most beautiful journeys you could take with an artist from the last decade. That ... read more
It’s crazy how an album can be so beautiful that you are literally speechless after l is listening. I can’t even begin to describe how this made me feel. This is easily one of the best and most emotional records of the year!
We haven't talked in so long.
I've missed your words,
sloppy and underwritten.

Please consider pleasing
yourself more often.
Sometimes i like to dance:
from the room to the kitchen
pretending i'm a big tornado,
no one can reach me;
i suspect they can't see me either.

You might find it
i doubt it
i care but
i doubt it.

Don't caress it.
Don't doubt it.
« Elegance is an art, not a virtue. »

If there's something intimately disturbing about Mike Hadreas, aka Perfume Genius, since his begining ten years ago with "Learning" - a debut album full of minimalism, dried tears and bedroom confessions - it's the duality he uses to go from the softest violence to the most scathing caress, to wander from sad laughter to saving sobs, to make his femininity a strength and his masculinity a wound. In short, to cover his tracks like no ... read more
Somehow, in some way, Mike Hadreas strikes a chord in me with every single album he releases and "Set My Heart on Fire Immediately" is absolutely no exception! This is on par with everything else he's done in terms of quality and then some! This is a drop-dead gorgeous and diverse album that takes a lot of loving inspiration without sacrificing Mike's key vision. But the biggest selling point of any Perfume Genius album is the songwriting. Some of his best lyricism is here with ... read more
Perfume Genius has always seemed like one of those artists lurking in the shadows like a vampire just waiting for the opportune moment to make a lunge for my jugular.

That moment has arrived - for a start this release somewhat unexpectedly delivers the three best Arcade Fire songs for over 10 years in the shape of ‘Describe’, ‘Nothing at All’ and ‘Without You’. Add to this the pure pop of ‘On the Floor’ and you have a set of tunes with a level of ... read more
Damn, a day of listening to the brand new Perfume Genius and Moses Sumney really makes me miss d*ck.

Set My Heart has frank and touching lyrics sung sometimes confidentially, but also equally delicately. I cannot pick out a lyric that stands out for me yet, as it's early days.
A runtime of exactly 50 minutes rolls by, supported by IMPECCABLE instrumentation. The sounds explored are varied; they can be a wee bit shoegazey at times, boogie-able synthy retro on one and almost medieval (VERY ... read more
Ah, Perfume Genius, this album was easily on top of my most anticipated albums of the year, Not only is Perfume Genius one of the most consistently good artists of 2010’s, but his albums were pieces of art and some of the best of thedecade. So after hearing how amazingly good the singles for the album, I was extremely hyped. So after listening to this album, I said the album meet the hype.

On the surface to your average music listener, this might just seem like your average LGBTQ+ album, ... read more
Mike Hadreas has always had a penchant for heartache. Over the years, he honed a progressive and decadent style of experimental pop uniquely his own, interlacing various subject about individuality, sexuality, pleasure and pain atop lush orchestral strings and baroque styling, exuding classical art at its most grand and widescreen. It's been 3 years since his last full length, 2017's No Shape, which is undeniably his breakthrough into the mainstream, and ultimately earning a Grammy nomination ... read more
i dont even have words to describe this album man. all the songs are great, theres no bad ones. i'll definitely be returning very soon
It's pretty easy to say at this point that Mike Hadreas is on the roll of his life. Set My Heart on Fire Immediately is his most pulsating and powerful release as Perfume Genius, with the intimacy that he often brings to an album dialed up even further than ever before.

The majority of his fifth studio album sets a far more subdued tone, but that doesn't mean that Hadreas is afraid to accelerate and see how far forward he can get. On the Floor has a dub-like guitar riff over groove-heavy ... read more
This album managed to snipe second best album of 2020 I've listened to so far (currently have a few more 2020 albums to listen to) its just beautiful!
favorite track: without you
least favorite track: just a touch
Initial rating: 6/10
I’m going to revisit this many times but as for now this is what i’m feeling.
I love love love love love the sounds and production of this record. It’s very tranquil and has a hint of psychedelic flavor.
But Mike’s vocals just seem so lifeless and bland to me for a lot of the runtime. I know it’s a very distinct delivery style but maybe it’s just not for me. 100% i absolutely get the appeal but idk it’s just not clicking ... read more
This is just as epic, haunting and unique as it is.
I think this record Mike, Alan and Blake Mills put together it's one of a kind. Musically is very ambitious, lyrically it's captivating and the production is intensely beautiful. I can't find a mistake, a bad idea, lyric, instrument.
Just listen and pay attention, you'll see. As a Perfume Genius fan, this is all I wanted. Mike it's innovating and evolving, this album is him at his best. There's no song like "Slip Away" or ... read more
blake mills’ production, along with mike’s godly voice, forms the ultimate cheatcode.

these two know music at its finest and inject personality and detail.

“your body changes everything” even beats a language barrier when make repeats the same syllables over and over.
Ahhh Perfume Genius, I stan. I have to stan. He's so consistent and is always pushing himself to try new things. This record is so wonderful- it's emotionally powerful front to back, filled with memorable moments. It's artistically profound without ever feeling forced and varied without ever feeling disjointed. I'm not sure if this will surpass Put Your Back N 2 It (please listen to that album if you haven't I love it so much) but I'd put this as second from him for me!

Después de 3 años desde su tan aclamado album "no shape" Mike hadreas regresa con un álbum lleno de toques melancólicos, vulnerables y algo polémicos.

"Set My Heart on Fire Immediately" es un álbum tan conciso que transmite mensajes tan importantes y vulnerables de la vida en general y que a la vez experimenta con toques tan rústicos, acústicos pero a la vez innovadores, es como una montaña ... read more
Perfume Genius pulls out each and every modifier for a pop-subgenre masterclass, knowing exactly what it is going to do at every millisecond.
wow I really haven’t been able to listen to bad music lately huh

This album is consistently stunning; despite being clearly an art pop album, there’s so much stylistic variation being pulled off so well it nearly defies belief. Stunning vocal performances and lyrics too, detailed instrumentation, pretty great production too, what’s not to love? It’s a little disjointed, sure, and I would’ve liked more consistency but this is genuinely fantastic.

FAVOURITE TRACKS: ... read more
A very beautiful and sophisticated album. Despite being consistent, there are not as many high moments as I would wanted but it doesn't take away the merit of this body of work.

Whole Life (9.8/10)
Describe (8.8/10)
Without You (8.2/10)
Jason (8.3/10)
Leave (7.9/10)
On the Floor (8.3/10)
Your Body Changes Everything (8.9/10)
Moonbend (7.3/10)
Just a Touch (6.9/10)
Nothing at All (8.1/10)
One More Try (6.7/10)
Some Dream (7.1/10)
Borrowed Light (7.2/10)

Average Score: 80
Finding the balance between substance and form like never before, Perfume Genius offers us its most uniform and perfect work to date as the culmination of a process of personal selfknowledge through body empowerment. A masterful display of control and love for yourself and for others. A masterpiece.

It's funny how a career like Perfume Genius's has been mutating and evolving from its own shape and definition without affecting any strand of Mike Hadreas's DNA. As if each of his albums were just ... read more
* Whole Life (7.5/10)
* Describe (8/10)
* Without You (9/10)
* Jason (8.5/10)
* Leave (7.5/10)
* On The Floor (9/10)
* Your Body Changes Everything (7.5/10)
* Moombend (6/10)
* Just A Touch (7/10)
* Nothing at All (8/10)
* One More Try (7.5/10)
* Some Dream (7.5/10)
* Borrowed Light (8/10)

Nota Final: 78/100
this is the direction that pop needs to be heading in. this record was fantastically somber with some unexpectedly upbeat moments scattered throughout. not to mention the layers of sound that just radiate creativity. this is Mike's best work yet, for sure.

Light 8/10
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