What's Your Pleasure?

Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure?
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What’s Your Pleasure? deepens the singer-songwriter’s commitment to her craft with the album marking a striking and sultry chapter in her canon. One can be sure that there are even more good things to come from Ware in the future.

God Is in the TV

She’s never sounded this bold and carefree before, and it’s a revelation. All these factors make What’s Your Pleasure an exceptional and life-affirming album that could keep company with 21st century disco pop classics such as Discovery, Fever, Overpowered, Honey, Hercules & Love Affair and Anniemal.


The result is surely one of the best pop albums of 2020, and is possibly Ware’s finest to date. A sensual delight, What’s Your Pleasure? is the ultimate in post-disco gratification.

It is a beautiful, enigmatic, joyous, sultry, utterly fabulous and insanely-inventive album that delivers above and beyond its expectations, quite a feat for a record conceived by one of the best British artists around at the moment.
Stylistic deviations are few, well-placed, and maintain lyrical continuity with references to the senses as they relate to emotional and physical connection.

British diva Jessie Ware cooks up a glittery collection of hedonistic disco tracks and delivers one of the year's best records with What's Your Pleasure.

The Line of Best Fit

Made in the wake of 2017’s Glasshouse, an album where she felt encumbered by commercial expectations, Ware answers with twelve fiery cuts which are brighter, salacious and disco to the core.

Rolling Stone

It is ... , undeniably, the British pop star’s best album yet: a sumptuous tribute to both peak- and post-disco as well as the black, brown and LGBTQ people the genre resonated with most deeply.

The Needle Drop

The power of disco is on full display on What's Your Pleasure.

On her disco-inspired new album, Ware sounds bolder, looser — and frankly, more fun — than she has in a near-decade.
The Guardian
Without the burden of reinvention, Ware’s fourth album of defiantly sexy, plush post-disco is a flirtatious joy.

Her best album to date, refining her earlier sound and gifting us with sexy and sultry disco that is begging to be heard on the dancefloor, and the bedroom.


An intoxicating cocktail of seductive beats, exhilarating choruses and sleek production, ‘What’s Your Pleasure?’ is pure escapism.

Slant Magazine

What’s Your Pleasure? is an album that, just a few months ago, might have felt like a nostalgia trip or a guilty pleasure, but now feels like manna for the soul.

The Independent

What’s Your Pleasure? reveals the magic that happens when an artist feels truly free.

The Sydney Morning Herald
In focusing on pleasure, she’s delivered her loosest, most fun record yet.
The Telegraph

What’s Your Pleasure has a sleek and sensual disco glamour replete with fantastic pop hooks, taking a spin around the dance floor worthy of Studio 54 in its glitterball glory days.

The Observer
Heady and rooted in lustful disco, this album proves that the singer is a cornerstone of contemporary pop.

The conversation surrounding Jessie Ware's luxurious What's Your Pleasure? has been a tug of war between reinvention and return to form — is it a bold new frontier or a homecoming to the dance music of her debut? The answer, it turns out, is both and neither.

Spectrum Culture

What’s Your Pleasure? is one of the few albums made since trad-disco’s revival to intimately know not only every nook and cranny of the genre’s blueprints but how to trace each aspect to present-day manifestations.

A lot of the best dance music has always had a heartfelt emotional core, and you can hear that at the very core of, 'What's Your Pleasure' which mirrors the whirl of intense feelings that this very physical and stirring music conjures.
Beats Per Minute
Though the album title poses a question to the listener, it feels directed inward – as if Ware asked herself what she wanted out of her own music, and then delivered on it.
While ‘What’s Your Pleasure’ doesn’t quite hit the heady heights of classic disco its soft-focus imagery might suggest, it’s both a more exciting - and natural - fit for the singer than we’ve heard in some time.
Loud and Quiet

Ware’s fourth record is an unadulterated good time, concerned only with the dancefloor.

Crack Magazine
Her control of different styles may be untidy at times but in the end, Ware wows you enough to render her stylistic change-up a success.
Q Magazine

What's Your Pleasure? is a very grown-up night at the club, Ware in stylish control its highs and lows.

In 'What's Your Pleasure?', you don't come to club, club come to you! Brilliant in its infectious, sensual energy and escapist club mood, Jessie Ware dabbles in 80s nostalgia for a record so tight and groovy, even the most stubborn of listeners may find themselves bobbing their heads a bit. As for fans, be sure to bring some extra water.

There seems to be a general misconception that pop music, the ones played for those drunk nights at the club, is reserved only for the younger, teen to late ... read more
Incredibly hypnotic, incredibly groovy, What's Your Pleasure is a radiant work that cannot leave you indifferent. It sticks perfectly in the air of the time, combining beautiful writing with a dancing mood.

Jessie Ware was for me recently, a brilliant artist that I learned to discover, for which I surprised myself to have missed it. She has a career in constant evolution (despite the small slack in her previous album), which not only shows that she has been able to reinvent herself, but also ... read more
Amongst the disco revival that occurred in 2020 there's one album that managed to shine more than others, that being Jessie Ware's critically acclaimed record "What's Your Pleasure?", as she presents what's easily the most alluring, vivacious, creative and infectious set of songs in the midst of the genre's revitalization.

It's one of those albums that contain multiple cuts that gave me the impression that I had heard them before even though I hadn't at first, which isn't inherently ... read more
In her fourth studio album, Jessie Ware take us to a dance planet, where you can think of everything and still don't miss a beat. I literally couldn't stop moving while listening... it's soooooo good, omfg!!! Kind of a mashup of all the best things in dancehall music. A very necessary project for the current climate. Also her voice is delicious, the production is absolut fire (one of the most polished of the year), the details after the beats....
In resume, if you want your year to be a little ... read more
Fuck, I adore this album. Thank you, Jessie, my summer is saved.
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Added on: February 27, 2020