Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure?
What's Your Pleasure?
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Incredibly hypnotic, incredibly groovy, What's Your Pleasure is a radiant work that cannot leave you indifferent. It sticks perfectly in the air of the time, combining beautiful writing with a dancing mood.

Jessie Ware was for me recently, a brilliant artist that I learned to discover, for which I surprised myself to have missed it. She has a career in constant evolution (despite the small slack in her previous album), which not only shows that she has been able to reinvent herself, but also ... read more
In 'What's Your Pleasure?', you don't come to club, club come to you! Brilliant in its infectious, sensual energy and escapist club mood, Jessie Ware dabbles in 80s nostalgia for a record so tight and groovy, even the most stubborn of listeners may find themselves bobbing their heads a bit. As for fans, be sure to bring some extra water.

There seems to be a general misconception that pop music, the ones played for those drunk nights at the club, is reserved only for the younger, teen to late ... read more
In her fourth studio album, Jessie Ware take us to a dance planet, where you can think of everything and still don't miss a beat. I literally couldn't stop moving while listening... it's soooooo good, omfg!!! Kind of a mashup of all the best things in dancehall music. A very necessary project for the current climate. Also her voice is delicious, the production is absolut fire (one of the most polished of the year), the details after the beats....
In resume, if you want your year to be a little ... read more
Fuck, I adore this album. Thank you, Jessie, my summer is saved.
She promised dancefloor love and she gave it here, a seductive, head-bopping ode to disco and funk with sweet, slick results. The whole time I was dancing listening to this. It's that good, ugh.
Don't Look At Me Like That
As an ode to disco-era glitz and glamour, as well as the groove of funk through instruments like the driving bass lines that litter this album, Jessie Ware succeeds wholly. It's a full genre-bender, interweaving pop melodies and hooks into all this sheen, all while sounding slick and smooth in its delivery.

It's an interesting idea to see a pop artist take on the role of a disco artist,in 2020, but here we are. What's important here, of course, is that What's Your Pleasure? doesn't feel like ... read more
Em 'What's Your Pleassure?' Jessie Ware traz o Nu-Disco, French House, Electro-Disco e o Dance-pop alinhado ao synth numa ambientação nostálgica e refrescante ao mesmo tempo, e sem nenhum esforço ela consegue contemplar suas emoções através de letras sensuais e tentadoras na medida que as canções desenvolvem várias camadas de uma intensa produção, que de cara é a melhor em termos de ... read more
This album is great! Had me dancing around the house with headphones on like a fool the whole time.
What a gorgeous album from Jessie Ware. Oozing with confidence and passion, it's a perfect album on my first few listens. Love the production, the vocals, the writing etc. Everything works so well. The sound is focused on that disco revival train that a lot of my faves silently agreed to pursue it seems but Jessie adds a lot variety to something that can be seen as one-note.
Faves: Ooh La La, Remember Where You Are, What's Your Pleasure?
future nostalgia... it was good until it was over, isn't that so?

first of all, the production here is absolutely lushious. it sounds expensive; extremely consistent, it stays clean and polished from track one to finish, perfectly adapting all of the nostalgic pop elements and influences guiding the album but adding a bit of a spice to them, bringing them forth to modernity while still keeping that familiar, groovy retro appeal. top notch mixing and atmosphere

this is actually my introduction ... read more
2020 new groovy age

This is first Jessie Ware project I've ever heard and I'm damn impressed. This is one of the most engaging and entertaining pop albums I've heard in a long time, largely due to the immaculate production which takes heavily from the worlds of house and nu-disco music and combines them with contemporary pop values to create a final project that is both intricate and exciting yet still familiar and comforting. Not to mention Jessie Ware's performances are absolutely ... read more
STOP OH PLEASE NO 😭😭😭 SWISHE😭😭 I am four tracks in If it stays this strong itll bw my aort sorry rina I will update but my god I am jiggling swiggling minnlieing so far 🀰🀱

edoit; wow so basiclally i cried,

favs; ooh la la, spotlight, whats your pleasure?, in your eyes, soul control, mirage (don't stop), read my lips, save a kiss, adore you, the kill, remember where you are, step into my life

least fav; no
Y’know, when I first saw the extremely high ratings for the album, I thought it may have been bots or y’all just overreacting.

Turns out, this is an incredibly fantastic pop record (one of the best of the year in fact) and I have now come to terms with the fact that I have been sleeping on Jessie Ware, this shit is pretty bomb.
Bringing sleek MILF energy into the clubs, Jessie Ware delivers on her promise to return to the dancefloor in full force. What makes the album so smart is how Ware wields her voice. Sometimes sultry, sometimes desperate, but never out of control, Jessie Ware confirms that disco has returned, and we are all the better for it.

Sleek dance-pop often sacrifices relatability for universal pleasure. Ware doesn't ignore this concept and instead makes it the core theme of the album. The album ... read more
So this year has pretty much been huge for the revivalism of 80’s inspired synth-pop music and dance-pop and it really has yet to get old or overdone. So many artists are just being so innovative and charismatic with their implementations of the genre and Jessie Ware is no exception here. It’s such a sultry and mature sounding blend of soulful and exciting sounds and it’s overall just a really fun listen. My one main issue with it is the fact that a lot of the songs run on for ... read more
I've not really been a fan of the 80s nostalgia that has been popular as of late and honestly feel like it's gone on for too long now, but at least when it's done well even i can enjoy it

I've been aware of Jessie for several years now, her song Say You Love Me in 2014 acted as my introduction to her work and while i did enjoy that track, i wasn't particularly enamoured by anything else she had done at the time. When her third record dropped in 2017, i had kind of forgotten about her and it ... read more
Spotlight 8.7πŸ’š

What's Your Pleasure? 8.5πŸ’š

Oh La La 8.6πŸ’š

Soul Control 8.8πŸ’š

Save A Kiss 8.9πŸ’š

Adore You 8.8πŸ’š

In Your Eyes 8.5πŸ’š

Step Into My Life 8.6πŸ’š

Read My Lips 8.6πŸ’š

Mirage (Don't Stop) 8.2πŸ’š

The Kill 8.3πŸ’š

Remember Where You Are 7.7πŸ’š

Nota Final:86πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š(Muito Bom)⭐

Indo Na Onda De Álbuns Com Influências dos Anos 70/80,Jessie Trouxe Mais um Álbum Com Pegada Retrô Bem Feito E Bem ProduzidoπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

Jessie Ware es una artista la cual ya tenía bastante tiempo en mi radar desde su tan aclamado debut "devotion" que fue una mezcla muy interesante de soul y rnb, por lo cual esperaba algo similar, mi sorpresa fue todo lo contrario, no me mal entiendan, ya que fue muy gratificante ver la versatilidad de la artista para adentrarse al género dance, disco y house de una manera consistente y disfrutable en su totalidad, literalmente siento que la voz de ... read more
jessie ware's fourth album can probably be compared easiest to dua lipa's future nostalgia, since they're both great disco-inspired pop albums. whereas dua's album is more danceable, what's your pleasure? is lush with just about everything imaginable—love, emotion, you name it—and the music follows suit with some of the best pop production ever? which just just sounds so so good and like i'm being swallowed into jessie ware's world. loved it.
What’s Your Pleasure? is a fantastic blend of disco, synth pop and house music. It’s full of pop bangers that sound fun yet mature and fresh. Jessie Ware’s sultry vocals matched with this production is pure bliss and the instrumentals sound extremely groovy and clear. The bass lines in this are crazyyy! My only problem with it is that it’s so cohesive that it gets a little linear and it’s way too long but it still doesn’t sound repetitive. I guess retro music ... read more
This is the perfect example of an artist who takes an overused genre and makes it her own rather than sounding like a cheap imitation. This sounds like it belongs in the 1970s, but also feels perfectly apt for 2020. Literally every single song is perfect. There isn't a dull moment on this record. Dua Lipa is quaking because this is the true definition of Future Nostalgia.

Best Tracks: ALL OF THEM!!
The singles hinted at a disco paradise: the album delivers. This is pure joy in disco-pop form, a splendid mixture of old and new where there's not a bad groove to be found. Supreme fun and perfect escapism.

Standouts: Spotlight, What's Your Pleasure?, Ooh La La, Soul Control, Save A Kiss, Step Into My Life, Read My Lips, Mirage (Don't Stop), Remember Where You Are
"Spotlight" and "Soul Control" are like SOTY material for me. As for the rest of the album, it's incredibly well crafted dance-pop material for the ages.
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