Lady Gaga - Chromatica
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Chromatica gives the impression that Lady is at a crossroads, because we feel at the same time the ambition to make an overly hyper-pop album, but on the other hand it's as if she doesn't really want to play the role of Gaga again.

Whether you like the character and her music or not, Lady Gaga has transformed the pop landscape considerably. It's hard to imagine what pop would be like without her, it's so immeasurable. And I don't think that's an exaggeration. In fact, what I've always liked ... read more
And with the bots...comes the fun police.

This is the fun police. I am here to tell you that this new Lady Gaga album could have been better. Stop having fun. This it......

Oh fuck it, I can't keep the charade up much longer! I liked this album, just a little!

Lady Gaga (even though my relationship with mainstream pop in my reviews has been...negative at best) is an artist that I really do genuinely love. Her presence, her live shows, her identity, her sound and ... read more
Gaga In Your Area.

When you're no longer pushing pop boundaries and instead resorting to cheap, sterile nostalgia for ineffectual party bangers, just how quickly does the formula begin to wear thin? The pop diva's latest collection of pop tunes attempt at capturing the catchy, anthemic glory of her Fame Monster days, but severely lacks the intriguing pop presence that defined those iconic pop hits to begin with. Chromatica's aspirant, loud party anthems are instead derivative, stark pop songs ... read more
Even Lady Gaga has a bot clan now? Bruh..

But anyways, to keep it brief: Chromatica is eeeeeehhhhhhh quite bad. Which comes as really sad to me because this album has many admirable things going for it, and it's clear that Gaga really went ambitious with this one.

Mainstream Pop veteran Lady Gaga comes with a new project, relatively fresh off the A Star is Born thingy, and it's honestly what one would expect a 2020 Lady Gaga album to be like. Not to knock her abilities off the table or ... read more
Dearest Lady Gaga stans, we are not here to sabotage your precious album. We're actually here on this website for music criticism to do, well, exactly that. Art is subjective and music is art. Therefore, music is subjective. Now, on to the actual review.

So, "Chromatica" is alright. I'm actually surprised at how much I actually enjoyed some of it. Some of my favorites from the record, "Sine from Above", "911", "Enigma" and "Alice", are all ... read more
Lady Caca

Os fãs e pessoas que acompanharam toda carreira de Lady GaGa sabe de todas as origens da cantora e entendem o quanto ela se dedicou para fazer com que suas eras fossem todas extremamente especiais. Dentro da era "Chromatica" nós temos uma retrospectiva de todos os álbuns e trabalhos da Gaga desde o "The Fame" ao "Cheek to Cheek".

A estética da era é linda e muito bem trabalhada, é um auge e um marco ... read more
Lady Gaga looks like she should have visible stench lines above her at all times.
Y'all smell bots?

Like actuality. The stans came to the site for *this*?
No One Cares About Your Washed Up Popstar, Screw Off.
'Chromatica' is played incredibly safe; not daring, devious, or adventurous. Yet, in this mostly consistent 43-minute run, conveniently divided into three sections by some charming interlude music, is neat EDM-based escapism that grabs at both nostalgia for 2000s house music and stereotypical emotional cues that are best used in this kind of dance music. The album is formulaic as all hell though, so while there may be some great moments from time to time such as the funky guitar riff of ... read more

Gotta love that BLACKPINK feature.
With the catchy and memorable lyrics, and the bright, sleek production, Lady Gaga is able to present herself as relevant and... still here? I don’t know, I think her sound is just dated at this point. I can’t bring myself the energy to talk about the project much either. Yeah it’s fun while it lasts, but I’m left wanting more. Be like Britney Spears and GIMME GIMME MORE!

Color: Green
FAV TRACKS: 911, Sour Candy, Stupid Love, ... read more
1. Chromatica I 100/100
2. Alice 100/100
3. Stupid Love 80/100
4. Rain On Me (Feat. Ariana Grande) 100/100
5. Free Woman 70/100
6. Fun Tonight 70/100
7. Chromatica II 100/100
8. 911 100/100
9. Plastic Doll 60/100
10. Sour Candy (Feat. Blackpink) 90/100
11. Enigma 90/100
12. Replay 90/100
13. Chromatica III 100/100
14. Sine From Above (Feat. Elton John) 100/100
15. 1000 Doves 70/100
16. Babylon 80/100

Ok, I defended artpop, I liked Joanne, but this... I can't, this is bullshit really, it's not good, almost all songs sound like they are the same, I am really sad about it because I really really reeeally wanted to like gaga's new album
Lady Gaga just pressed RESET on her career and constructed a WHOLE NEW WORLD of pop music. I'm beyond impressed, and I'll be the first one to say that I don't give a single FUCK, to the indie pseudo edgy users of this website, this is everything I've EVER WANTED from Gaga since day one!!!! BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR. I wanna dance and cry to these songs till the day I die........
A real disco so hot, but still lacks something that has essential Lady Gaga. I see good and well produced beats, but much of it ends up being exaggerated but still does not lose its magic. I missed productions like Mark Ronson, but it's not a point where he sinned and where I find the best tracks on the album and in the end and their partnerships stand out. Gaga's vocals are impeccable, and I remembered a lot of a strong, powerful woman. It is noticed that the album was worked in detail, and ... read more
Chromatica, Lady Gaga

2. Alice - 80
3. Stupid Love - 85
4. Rain On Me - 100
5. Free Woman - 90
6. Fun Tonight - 75
8. 911 - 80
9. Plastic Doll - 70
10. Sour Candy - 65
11. Enigma - 85
12. Replay - 50
14. Sine From Above - 100
15. 1000 Doves - 100
16. Babylon - 100

good ~ lady gaga's highly anticipated album "chromatica" has finally been released following a push-back due to the covid-19 crisis. and while i did have strong expectations for this project, i do feel a little let down. this album has a really messy tracklist, and it pulls influences from too many different places. and that's not to say that i hated or disliked this album, i just wanted to something better from lady. the better songs on here are the ones that have an instrumental ... read more
O álbum consegue ser dançante do início ao fim sem ficar enjoativo ou desconexo. Gaga fez a melhor era dela -desde todo o visual e conceito/estética- ser o seu melhor álbum.
Chromatica marks the return of Lady Gaga to pop after 7 years ""out of it"", and honestly, this return is TERRIBLE, this album seems to belong to any other singer, Britney Spears, Ava Max, or any other generic...... except Lady Gaga, this is extremely generic and totally lifeless, even on Joanne, which was the worst album of her career, before having this position stolen by Chromatica, we have incredible and authentic songs like "Million Reasons" and "John ... read more
Solidifying that she's not musically worth a damn after Bradley Cooper sukked on her tiddy's in a cowboy hat, Gaga comes out with the least forward-thinking pop music of the new decade... and of the last.
This is to pop what Father of All was to rock. It puts a stain on an entire genre and unfortunately this is what the masses will hear.
Chromatica is essentially 13 attempts to make massive anthems for commercials, montages, you name it. There’s 3 orchestral like interludes that don’t really do much but stop any sort of momentum the record may have mustered. And there’s not much momentum or cohesiveness to speak of.
Basic hand clapping & rising choruses that have ... read more
Gaga has proven herself over years to be one of Pop's best singers and songwriters, but even the best have the occasional dud

From her ridiculous debut The Fame and its semi-sequel The Fame Monster, that introduced the world to the most wonderfully over-the-top performer that world had seen since Bowie. The album produced hit after hit and most people would be hard pressed to name a song from that era that wasn't catchy and fun if not straight up brilliant. Born This Way began to include some ... read more
Why this sounds like a playlist from H&M?
Lady Gaga has always brought something new to the table- or at least for pop music. Many albums (Lady Gaga, Born This Way, The Fame Monster) have influenced the musical landscape of the 2010’s. And even the times when she misses (ARTPOP and Joanne [her most recent pieces of work] they still sound interesting and fresh- at least to a mainstream audience. Who knows: I have a feeling ‘ARTPOP’ is going to be remembered as extremely influential towards the new generation of ... read more
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