HAIM - Women in Music Pt. III
Women in Music Pt. III
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We thought they were lost, showing some negative signs on their previous album, but Haim managed to raise their heads and fight in the best possible way to offer us an album that reflects their "rebirth". It's a return to grace, which also shows that like all human beings, going through doubts and trials, it's possible to bounce back, and above all to become stronger.

Women in Music Pt. III is a pop rock/pop punk album, very emotional by its sincerity, showing all the human trials ... read more
What are people hearing in this underwhelming indie pop snooze-fest that I am not?
The Sorority Migos are back with a drawn-out project full of... indie pop? I can't really tell what genre this would classify under. Maybe? NOTHING MUSIC! Credit to @TreyLikesBands for probably coining that term. Anyways, Kengoji Doesn't Approve! Check this out if you want to waste your time.
The Californian Haim sisters just keeps on walking. Their image of frolicking the streets of Los Angeles boulevards and streets linked to their nonchalant and irresistibly awe-inspiring music videos (directed with confidence by their frequent collaborator Paul Thomas Anderson (and also shot the cover art at Canter's Deli) exudes boldness and marks a period of moving beyond their sunny soft-rock influences to an even broader one, a nod back to classic rock, harmonic vocals, and casual way of ... read more
Although it was raining for a couple of days here, in Warsaw, thanks to this album it finally feels like summer.
'Women In Music Pt. III' é tão confortável, aconchegante e redondo enquanto a sua proposta, e é bem aqui onde as irmãs do HAIM souberam como nunca explorar a intimidade de cada uma e concentrar tudo dentro de um disco repleto de emoções e nuances na produção que sintetiza muito bem a evolução artística de uma das bandas mais promissoras do cenário alternativo com as bases firmadas no Indie e Soft-Rock.
Versatility is the right word to describe Haim's third album. I wish I could say that I'm impressed by their work, because let's be honest they ALWAYS serve, even in their second album which most people didn't like, I still think it's full of amazing songs that I listen till this day. But in this one they going different places musically speaking, and also their voices sounds soooo more polished and grown. The 60/70/80's references are very clear btw, it's so good when nowadays artists use ... read more
This absolutely has to be the best album cover of the year so far I haven’t seen anything come close to being this hard. The way that they rightfully represent the music industry as this sort of sausage-fest where they as women have work for a system that gives men special privileges is actually brilliant. I think that the “Now Serving: 69” sign in the back is supposed to be a diss at 6ix9ine and represent the fact that the industry is allowing him as a man to thrive in the ... read more
The first time I listened to this album in full was about six hours after release due to me having a morning shift at the pool I work at. As background noise while cleaning the deck, making sure everything was organized, and basically focusing on anything but the music, I thought it sounded pretty peaceful, and overall had a pretty positive experience with it. Good vocal performances, very clean instrumental work and production... I was having a good time. When I got home, I decided to listen ... read more
I'm not too familiar with HAIM's work, having just listened to some songs off their debut, their work with Vampire Weekend and the singles leading up to this album, but this has served as a good opening for me as it is an impressive piece of work. I loved the pop-rock sound often complemented with additional experimental tendencies or influences from other genres in the instrumentation, which I felt helped create a detailed, exciting and rich experience where it would otherwise have fallen a ... read more

And what better way to kick off the most lively season of the year than with a fantastic new record from the HAIM sisters.

God there is so so much to like here. The vocal harmonies all across this thing are absolutely fucking phenomenal as I’ve come to expect from these gals. There’s some real creative production throughout as well. Some psychedelic and distorted elements sprinkled throughout lovingly. The bass is also super punchy across ... read more
I feel like this is one of the true good releases this year. I think that the name "Women In Music Pt. III" summarizes very well what this women's work proposes: it is an ode to every single good american female musician, I feel Joni Mitchell flow through these tracks, I feel Janet Jackson too, I feel Dixie Chicks, I feel Carole King, I even feel Taylor Swift, but even more, I feel the Haim Sisters more than ever. The lyrics are superb in many tracks here, raw and confessional, some ... read more
SO GOOOOOOD! on his third studio album, Haim brings a more experimental dream, with clear references to the 80s / 90s, making a perfect mix of different styles from that time, like soft rock and indie rock, they make a sound unique, that with each song surprises us more and more by its quality and authenticity.

with each song we are transported more and more to a new reality, guided by guitar and drummer, composition is also a vital point for this trip to be carried out, it is in the ... read more
Good album, nothing groundbreaking but still pleasant to listen to.

I guess that The Shaggs will still remain my number one cool sisters type of band
Trying grasp the convoluted mess that is the new HAIM record.

I was expecting a solid indie pop album from a group that has been very consistent for the last 7 years, but I think they kept the teapot on too long here. The singles like "The Steps" and "Now I'm In It" were esquisite and playful, even "I Know Alone" which turned me sideways at first grew on me with its odd approach. What remains on Women In Music Pt. 3 is complete filler with subtle strokes of ... read more
Haim always knew how to make perfect ear worms (see their entire debut) but Women in Music Pt. III has those and so much personality, confidence and vulnerability. I was almost too sure I'd fall in love with the album. There's a great variety on this that we've never heard from the group. Some Vampire Weekend influence or just having Rostam working on the project adds something as well. I also love all the bonus tracks (no need for them to just be bonus tracks though).
Faves: The Steps, I Know ... read more
IMO it's a step up from the previous albums

favourites: all that ever mattered, now i'm in it, fubt, another try
least favourites: summer girl, man from the magazine
"Without a doubt, Women in Music Pt. III emerges as their best album so far. The Los Angeles girls’ third studio album mixes the catchy Pop, Rock and R&B from their first album, Days Are Gone, which was carefully designed with the mildest pleasures of their second album, Something To Tell You. However, Women in Music Pt. III is not only a mixture of the best faces and facets of the three sisters, but it is also a great and majestic account of liberation. In each lyrics and ... read more
I think that my biggest issue with this album is that it sounds too repetitive and it tries too hard to be “alternative”. Most of the songs here are forgettable, even though they’re not necessarily bad. The production is really well done but sometimes the mix sounds messy and the vocal effect is extremely annoying in my opinion. It’s only there to make it sound “retro” and “cool”. But there are some good things about it too. The lyrical content is ... read more
It's a fun listen I guess but I honestly find that there's is nothing all that great about anything on here. Everything from the production to the songwriting doesn't bore me but just kinda makes me feel just like a blob of eh.
Grab your cocktail and drive to the beach because this new HAIM album makes it feel like summer has finally arrived. Seriously, this album sounds like an amazing summer drive to Venice beach.

This is my first time listening to HAIM. Right off the bat, I noticed how beautifully the voices of the sisters came together in an effort to produce sleek and intricate harmonies. Whilst on their own their voices aren't anything special, together they sound heavenly.

The production is simple yet well ... read more
Women Don't Exist
Despite I've never been there, I must admit that I have a very strong weakness for any song that has the word "California" or "Los Angeles" in it. Thus, imagine how amazingly beautiful the beggining of this album is to me. I really don't know where my admiration for LA comes from. It is a sarcastic, false and plastic city and is mainly ugly but imagine riding a bike on Venice Beach or taking a ride on the Pacific Park rollercoaster and imagining that Hannah Montana will ... read more
Minhas favoritas são Los Angeles, Gasoline e 3am.
(Rating and review based on the 13 track standard LP not including bonus tracks. They ight tho)

Damn we eatin today boys! Not that I didn’t see It coming with their rise in relevancy and recent material, but yup here we have it! HAIM’s slickest, smartest and their best work to date. I hear some strong influences from artists like Charli, Caroline Polachek and a lot of R&B and I’m loving it.

This is great.

FAV: Los Angeles, The Steps, I Know Alone, Up From A Dream, ... read more
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