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In a recent interview, That Kid claimed that his project, Crush, is a mixtape, but it’s still very cohesive and would make a good debut album of it had that title, as it is very cohesive and displays That Kid's artistry well.

The first half of this mixtape is dedicated to the faster and more energetic tracks, including a cover/remake of Soulja Boy's "Kiss Me Thru the Phone", albeit with some modifications to match That Kid's feminine brand of hyperpop. The latter half of the ... read more


Go Fast
Spells on U (feat. LIZ)
7 Minutes in Heaven (feat. Ravenna Golden)


PC Music is becoming my favorite genre ever, and so many icons are being born in it. The production is spetacular honestly, I thought this was going to be very basic gay songs but they're quite cool.


In the big sphere of Hyperpop, in the same corner as Slayyyter and tracks produced by Ayesha Erotica, there's That Kid. He had his debut with the help of Slayyyter and Ayesha Erotica, making for a hell of a debut.

And in 2020, that That Kid released Crush, and its great. If you're not into hyperpop/pc music, you're going to hate this as this is hyperpop bliss. I can only really describe this album as "Ayesha Erotica if she went fully hyperpop". It just has the winky, Y2K-like ... read more


The balance between heavy production and autotuned voice is great.


reviewing crush after superstar because why not

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Added on: March 2, 2020