The Soft Pink Truth - Shall We Go On Sinning So That Grace May Increase?
Shall We Go On Sinning So That Grace May Increase?
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Based completly on: This is simply just me doing what Rakk did first....but I'm doing it.
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For clarification, I sorted this list by the average between my own score, critic score and user score with a criteria of having >200 user ratings on November 1, I'll probably only update this ...
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Hi, can I visit you?
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Total: 225 albuns S - A - 20 B - 66 C - 91 D - 37 E - 10 F - 2 Total Score of The Year: 16,244 Avarage of The Year: 72,160 Tier of The Year: C+
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119 álbuns (até agora) (100) - Obra-prima: 0 (90-95) - Excelente: 3 (80-85) - Muito bom: 8 (70-75) - Bom: 35 (60-65) - Decente: 21 (50-55) - Indiferente: 23 (40-45) - Ruim: 13 (30-35) - Muito ...
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Albums I've heard but not sure what to rate.
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Lista de álbuns que dou minha opinião sobre, uma espécie de Review/ Crítica deles.
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just stuff i wanna listen to but haven't yet done so
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My attempt at listening to an album from every genre listed by AOTY.
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things i gotta listen to
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My rankings of all the ambient albums I've enjoyed.
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All albums that have sparked my interest and/or have been recommended to me.
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