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I think I've just about had it with this "real rap" mentality bullshit. It's been plaguing the mainstream hip hop scene for years, only served to make already toxic online music discussions even more miserable and pathetic. ADHD is the final straw. Joyner Lucas has the lyrical subtlety of a straight line. His brand of overtly generic trap/pop rap seems to only appeal to people who wet their panties over "fast ... read more
This joyner lucas album is just a logic project but Joyner can say the n word
Aha, ayo
Who would've thought that a white boy would bring hip hop back?
Yo, I do it for the real hip hop, you know what I'm sayin'?
Fuck Drake, real hip hop

I'm a spiritual lyrical individual
Spiritual miracle lyrical individual
Spiritual miracle individual
Skippin' and flippin' and dippin'
And skippin' and flippin' and dippin'
The illest, the killest, the skill of the willest
I'm the realest, I'm the realest
I'm bringin' real hip hop back, don't you ever forget it
Fuck Lil ... read more
Joyner Lucas is typically the kind of rapper I hate, firstly because he's got this purist, non-constructive mentality that makes me want to puke, that spends more time trying to show his convictions, at the expense of his content and instead of realising that he's given us yet another lifeless album. If I start by describing musically what I felt, I'll say in a "sympathetic" way that it's both boring by its poverty and without lack of surprises. As much to the production as to the ... read more
From conscious rap to moralizing rap, when the counterculture becomes conformist.

Ah, you could say that Real Rap is finally winning in these dark times where drugs and naked women are on everyone's lips! Indeed, thanks to excellent artists such as Logic, Hopsin or even our messiah Joyner Lucas, Rap has finally returned to what it was in the good old days of Eminem: no more rappers with different hair colours and incomprehensible mumbled lyrics, so let's go back with pleasure to denouncing the ... read more
This album made me hyped for a new Logic album.

Look, I have a somewhat basic principle when it comes to music I don't like. If it's boring, I don't like it. Boring of course is subjective for everyone, but this album was just so B O R I N G. I don't get why people would want to make music like this, I seriously don't. The hooks are bland, the rapping most of the time is monotone and fails to keep my interest, the beats are empty and it is background music that I got nothing out of. The tracks ... read more
Doing my civil duty

Did not enjoy this one. Where most albums have some killer and mostly filler, “ADHD” just feels like all filler. While I do see some redeeming qualities here and there, like a pretty good beat, pretty good flow, almost everything about this project just falls short for me, regardless of the hour long runtime.

Color: White
FAV TRACKS: Isis, Lotto, 10 Bands, Broke and Stupid
LEAST FAV: Finally, Devil’s Work, Kevin (Skit), ADHD, Revenge, Still Cant Love
I have A.D.H.D. but that was far from the only reason this was hard to sit through.
There was a time a few years ago when I thought Joyner Lucas had a lot of potential and I was excited for a new project. But as years have gone by, his corniness has started to annoy me. The weird rollout of this album where he released like 8 singles (most of which were underwhelming) only made me less excited as well. Looks like for the most part I was right to not be excited.

This is like “average and generic: the album.” This is for people who want “real rap” and ... read more
I'm just gonna start this off by saying that I live a few cities away from Joyner Lucas. I'm not proud of that fact.

I know I'm late to the meme (due to an odd Spotify issue that prevented me from listening to the full album for a while), but holy shit. I've never had more of a displeasure listening to a hip hop album more than "ADHD". Hell, this is probably the reason why none of the hip hop albums that came out this year so far aren't appearing on my year-end list. Almost ... read more
Joyner Lucas delivers an album that sums up why so many people dislike modern day lyrical hip hop. Joyner Lucas used to be an artist that I thought was somewhat decent with his verse on Lucky You and his song I'm Not Racist was actually pretty decent. However since then he's dropped way too many sub-par singles to the point I didn't care about him at all. Now his "long awaited" album finally drops and was it worth all of these singles and promotion forever? Not at all. This album is a ... read more
So Joyner Lucas is back with his (not so) long awaited album ADHD. Joyner has never had an album that has interested me with most of them having cool concepts but poor execution with very few memorable songs so when this came out I wasn't really excited. The album rollout would probably be another big reason why I didn't care for it at all, as Joyner decided it was a bright idea to release 9 singles for it. It has 4 skits, 9 singles I've already heard and 5 new songs. So you could say that I ... read more
This album is REAL RAP (fuck mumble rap) but there is one minor flaw to this REAL RAP album, and it is that one where the stupid, stinky mumble rapper Young Thug is included. Damn, Logic and Joyner are the best rappers in the game because they don’t rap about having drugs and bitches and mumbling inaudible bullshit. SORRY BUT I ONLY LIKE REAL RAP.
Am I intriguing?
Am I intriguing?
Am I intriguing?
Am I intriguing?
Am I intriguing?
Am I intriguing?
Am I intriguing?
Am I intriguing?
Am I intriguing?
Am I intriguing?
Am I succeeding?
Am I succeeding?
Move away
Move away
Move, move away
[?] fucking lie
How hard can you strangle me
How hard can you
How hard can you strangle me
Am I intriguing?
Am I intriguing?
Am I succeeding?

M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-Motherfucking ... read more
Ahhh shit. Here it is, guys. The new album by mediocre at best artist, Joyner Lucas, and boy oh boy, does it have some fucking stinkers, and all the skits? More like shits LOL out loud.
This album was very underwhelming, disappointing, repetitive, bland, and directionless. Some of the verses are fine, as well as beats, and some features, although very few, are decent, but the rest do suck ass — plus, there are some bangers on it believe me or not. Legit bops I’d play over and ... read more
Yeah this album is bad and all but who the fuck gave the okay to that cover
First of all, Joyner is not an artist for me, he's the kind of artist that at first sounds amazing because of his fast flow, but in the end his music is really bland in general and repetitive, i had some respect for him after his last project, and some of his singles and remixes of hit songs in 2017 we're interesting, but this album took way too long to be released, i just really forgot about this project until like a week ago

The tracks that came out before this album was released werent ... read more
this is what I call real rap 😤 fuck mumble rap 🤬 Joyner top 5 rappers oat 😤👌

on a real note though, I'm not even going to waste my time on this this corny ass "lyrical miracle" white boy Hip-Hop
Fuck no.

Fuck no dude, FUCK NO. This album basically left me brain dead from boredom. You know this shit is bad when the best song is one with Logic. And may I add, that Logic verse is better than almost any Joyner verse on this album. Usually Chris Brown and Joyner do really fucking good together. But the song they did here wa- *snoring* BORING AS FUCK. Songs like Still Cant Love & Gold Mine are horrendous. Some of the worst shit I have heard this year. And what is this concept? It is ... read more
staring at the sun and going blind is more fun
Joyner Lucas’ true diehard fans that are passionate about him are the ones who like his longer more in-depth storytelling tracks that he was infamous for early in his career. He has always been seen as corny and a “lyrical spiritual miracle” rapper by mainstream/new wave rap fans. On ADHD, Joyner tries to fuse these two styles of rap together and it feels like a compromised mess. He ends up biting styles from many new rappers and it seems forced. I’m not going to sit ... read more
People have this emphasis on "real hip hop". People acting like Thugger, Travis, Pump, Uzi, Future killed Hip Hop. They just took it in a different direction and increased the overall hip hop fan base to people who never listened to hip hop before and liked mumble rap for what it is. On the other hand the actual people that Killed hip hop are people like Joyner, Russ, who didn't take hip hop to an alternative direction but offered to be substitutes for guys like Andre and Lupe. But in ... read more
You ever do cocaine, joyner?

This album is going to get a lot of hate. Rightfully so. Lots of these songs are HELLA boring. I mean this has a lot of what i want in a rap album though, The beats are generally really good, the delivery is confident, and it's definitely got a flow but something about it moves slower than a snail on minecraft soulsand. I don't know. It's probably the insane lengths of some of these songs considering they're trap bangers. This is definitely a pretty decent album ... read more
Nice comedy rap album Joyner

"I wanna get married but my shawtys don't remind me of J-Lo."

"You ever had cocaine, Joyner?"

"I am no iRobot."

"I might hit up Drake and ask him to send me to jail."

Funniest thing I have heard all year
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