Childish Gambino - 3.15.20
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Everything seems to be falling apart worldwide right now. I don’t even feel the need to elaborate about COVID-19, but I’m just reminding you not to pick that pimple, don’t fulfill that itch, and go wash your hands right now. Stay inside as much as you can to curve the rate of infection. This shit is scary, we don’t know what’s going on, but we’ll all get through it. To go along with that, apparently, nobody knows how, or when, or why, or what this ... read more
Go back to sleep, Donald.

Among the arguments that can be used to criticize a record, there is one - after the hypocritical "it's ... peculiar" - which particularly irritates me: "It's soulless". When someone says that to me, especially about an album I like, I just want to punch him in the face and make him go around his underpants three times in the direction of Pyongyang; hello the lapidary statement to which you can only answer a no less sterile one: "Uh no,... in ... read more
There are certain artists that I admire from decades long past, and there are artists who I have a special admiration for in this current generation for their iconic persona and ingenuity; one of those being Childish Gambino/Donald Glover. Everything the man does I find interesting, I remember being entranced with "Awaken My Love!" a bold reimagining of an experimental funk aesthetic that although some saw it as pretentious, I took it as a refreshing display of nostalgia that few ... read more
That song with 21 Savage is the best shit i ever heard
This has been the strangest month of my entire life. What the actual fuck is going on? Coronavirus, new Weeknd, new Gambino, & new Uzi?

It’s a strange rollout, and I’m a little confused. I was so excited for a Gambino album, and I’m glad it’s here, but it all feels a I was expecting a traditional album rollout, but this just feels confusing. I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. But the music is very good, so I don’t know how to ... read more
Edit: this grew off. Very very hard. I’m sorry thanks for the likes on my positive review but this grew off me so bad. It’s forgettable asf. And no this isn’t because fAnTaNo gAvE iT a lOW sCoRE. I listened to this record at 1:00 in the morning and woke up the next morning to relisten. I have been had this at a 6 since second listen. Now let me have my opinion in this average record. Thanks!
this is truly the perfect encapsulation of childish gambino's music: pretentious nonsense. i can't imagine anyone above the age of 16 listening to this and thinking it's experimental or meaningful in any way. literally anyone could have made this; there's not an ounce of personality outside of the 21 savage feature, which in the context of this album serves as a striking contrast of what an actual talented artist sounds like. the production here is inconsistent, and there are some good ideas ... read more
Uhh.. what the fuck?

Why did 2020 just do that, amongst a pandemic it just decides to make the music scene not dry anymore. This album is great. The many genres on this thing just blend together so well. Funk, pop, soul, hip-hop, ALL THEM SHITS! It's 4:30 in the morning, so I'll keep this review short. But Donald really fucking delivered on this. With production, with vocals, with pretty much everything. Thank you Gambino! Now release Atlanta season 3..

(Grew off me QUITE a bit but I still ... read more
this album is just yeezus with shoes on
03.15.20 is the album that comes at just the right time, witnessing the urgency that we are experiencing at the moment. It doesn't need to have titles to its tracks, the importance is only to live through its content.

Apart from the context surrounding its release, this "concept" album shows the intelligence that Donald Glover shows. 03.15.20 explores a multitudes of musical genres and styles, which can be roughly defined as alternative Hip Hop or R&B in my opinion. In spite of ... read more
But you love me
I always made you cry
No matter how I try
Sometimes I wonder why
Why would you ever want to love me?
There is a lot to unpack in this new enigmatic and mysteriously cryptic LP from Childish Gambino that it kind of feels like Neo trying to break down the Matrix. It's psychedelic effects swirling around the stereo + fluid and seamless transitions make this feel not just like one long track - but a trip in itself. Disorientating on purpose, "3.15.20" is pure chaos filtered through effects which break down musical barriers like a virus overtaking it's host. And it does brilliantly in ... read more
Childish Gambino always finds a way to reinvent himself with every new release. On his newest project, he strays even further away from the hip-hop roots of Camp and because the internet, with a long-winded, pseudo-psychedelic funk venture, and it may be his least rewarding and self-absorbed musical route yet. Donald Glover's sound has always been moderately enjoyable to me, but his mannerisms and musical personality are just way too much to handle for a whole hour. Lazy songwriting and ... read more
so pretentious
An underwhelming mess of an album. Just sounds like a buffet of various sounds, none of which really come together or complement each other. If the album at least had good songs that could work but I honestly find very little enjoyment from any of this. It's all so underpowered, sloppy and many of these tracks drag on and on. Nothing here feels exciting, profound, or emotionally potent.

I don't know I am not seeing what some of you are seeing but I'm glad lots of you seem to be loving it.
Donald Glover had one interesting decade, that’s for sure.

Back in 2009 I first landed on Donald Glover through his character Troy on one of my favorite shows ever, Community, which he was a part of until the fifth season when he left the show. By the time he left the show he already had two hip hop LPs under his belt under the moniker Childish Gambino, Camp and Because the Internet, along with a stand-up special. He was building momentum and I had never expected to see so much exposure ... read more
On his fourth (and possibly final... could be wrong) release, "Donald Glover Presents" us with his most experimental, albeit a little disappointing, project to date while also providing us with some great ideas. The overall production has plenty of variety to come around and I also found a few of his best tracks. "Algorythm" and "Time" are both catchy experimental R&B tracks, with a great feature from Ariana Grande on the latter. "12.38" (or ... read more
So we have a new Gambino finally, something we've been waiting for for what seems to be years (because it is) was it worth the wait? Yea I guess, I mean it's better than After Hours.

This is an odd one for sure, it's difficult for me to really talk about this cos I don't think any of us really know what this is, while it is definitely an album, there seems to be something else going on here that no one has figured out yet. I'm here to just review the music and I can tell you, for the most ... read more
Two incredible mainstream releases in one week? The world’s eating good today😎😎
Intro (Warlords) - 65
Very inaudible in parts, which brings the rating down. But at the same time, it's a fun wild track.

Little Foot Big Foot - 90
It is great! I love when it sounds upbeat to hide the story if you don't realize the lyrics.

Why Go to the Party - 100
All I can say is it's going on my playlist.

Feels Like Summer - 100
I remember when Bino dropped This is America then this. This song is great, and another song that hides the story if you don't realize the lyrics. To people ... read more
Wow wow wow, one of the best first few listens I’ve ever had with an album. Gambino delivered and then some, the production, the constant genre blending, the rollout, everything is so unique and executed perfectly. I wouldn’t be surprised if this ended up being my AOTY at all
UPDATE: From 90 to 100.

Donald Glover needs to drop a full scale opera before I die, because I want to know if there is a limit to the variety of this mans talent.

Donald Glover is the most talented person alive, and he proves it again. This is amazing, to make this weird of an album at his level of fame takes a lot of courage. My favorite thing about this album is easily the variety in sounds, there is a lot of smooth and relaxed music, but then you have tracks like the closer that have a ... read more
He'll never be remembered for his art in any form. Not that it was ever terrible, just consistently unremarkable.
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