Fiona Apple - Fetch the Bolt Cutters
Fetch the Bolt Cutters
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EDIT: I've just trimmed down this review. I'll admit I messaged a lot of you to read this review, as I was pleased with what I could come up with in half a day, but it's not worth the crazy number of likes you've all given. Thanks for the appreciation of my little rundown, but a couple of you deserve all these likes more than me.

In the space of the 3 months Fiona Apple has quickly grown to be one of my favourite artists ever. I'm a little bit addicted to rating my favourite artist's ... read more
There's a common Chinese saying I feel faithfully encaptures, in a weird way, the feeling and spirit when indulging in Fiona Apple's art — 留得青山在, 不怕没柴烧 — Where there are green hills, there is wood to burn. It's a phrase worth different meanings, but one can interpret it as taking care of good health, finding hope in life or building oneself strong enough so nothing may tear you down. The Bolt Cutters is a plethora of chaos, yet it's also a liberating starlight. ... read more
Listening to Fiona Apple’s previous works helps put this album to scale, as this has a magnitude and intensity like nothing she has worked on previously. It runs smooth like a hot knife through butter.

It seems to only get more intense and more appreciation from me the more I explore it. I don’t think I’ve ever heard an album like this before. This is really a journey... but this isn’t a starting point for Fiona Apple that’s for sure
It's weird to be embroiled in all this hype while feeling absolutely nothing in regards to this album. Even weirder is that I love Fiona Apple and I love "The Idler Wheel" so it gets pretty hard to explain what I don't like about this project since they're both relatively similar.

At this point in her life, Fiona has already made a figure of herself, "filling the shoes" of her ideal persona. It's easy to generalize her songs as mostly piano ballads accompanied by ... read more

Another near-masterpiece from the goddess herself.
Throughout the past week, preparing for her first album in 8 FUCKING YEARS, I have been listening to all of her albums through once again, fully immersing myself in the quaint vignettes of her past. "Fetch the Bolt Cutters" is nothing different, albeit still invigorating, endlessly creative, and cleverly zany. Syncopated piano arpeggios and drum fills are still very prevalent, calling back to her past release "The Idler ... read more
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haha 1st 100 of the year haha
Fiona Apple has always been that rare artist that gets recognition for slowly and steadily releasing top-quality albums. She and Epic agreed that there will be no deadlines for her work, so she has taken all the time she needed to make her music as good as humanly possible. It's been nearly 8 years since "The Idler Wheel" and she has finally released her latest album, "Fetch the Bolt Cutters". Not only has Fiona surpassed her last album in terms of quality, she has somehow, ... read more
Where to start on an artist who I have immense respect and admiration for, such as Fiona Apple, it would seem insufficient to explain how influential and excellent her music is simply by my words. Instead, understanding Fiona is accomplished only by immersing yourself into her eclectic discography and find out for yourself her musical genius. Fiona Apple is one of the most iconic of the many female singer-songwriters of the late nineties. Widely known for Criminal, and shadowboxer, few people ... read more
If I had to describe Fetch the Bolt crudely, I'd say it's a masterpiece that sounds timeless.Combining perfectly the winning combo in my opinion, a high level of instrumentalization, a splendid interpretation/writing and finally the fact that you will always be pleasantly surprised, has such points that you will ask yourself that she slows down, in order to have time to digest.

How far will it go ? As if her discography career wasn't already out of the ordinary for a "contemporary" ... read more
It appears we got another huge candidate to the AOTY best album spot in 2020. Fiona Apple in all her greatness, releases yet another masterpiece, apparently this woman doesn't know how to not be flawless. Production wise, this songs are elevated to its maximum. Her voice is impeccable, I'm not kidding, it's PERFECTION in all the letters.
Well, I guess the question you must ask yourself before listening to this project is: "Do you wanna go to heaven?".
Fiona Apple is back with a vengeance.

She’s fed up and for good reason. Fiona Apple has never had it easy in the industry that she was thrust into at a young age. Whether it being shamed by the media for an honest-to-god acceptance speech or having to re-record an album in its entirety just to see it released, she’s never seemed to catch a break.

Her life has also been troubled outside of her career too. Due to a traumatic event that occurred to her at the age of 12 (look it up if ... read more
The Extroadinary Revenge Machine

On "Fetch the Bolt Cutters", composed behind closed doors in her home where she has been living in seclusion for several years, Fiona Apple makes few outside borrowings. But this quote-title comes from elsewhere and opens all doors. It's a sentence from an episode of the crime series 'The Fall', pronounced by the investigator played by Gillian Anderson in a scene where she finds a woman victim of rape, kidnapped, and asks for a bolt cutter to free ... read more
After listening to this album three times through, and having loved everything Fiona Apple has done over her long career, the only thing to really say about this album is it's magnificent. The manic and unbridled energy intertwined with the beauty and elegance is something completely removed from any of her previous works. Sure, it tailors itself on the minimalistic and often subdued The Idler Wheel far more than her early work of the 90s and 2000s through its strange yet effective percussion ... read more
What's this? CLJesse...gets the can't be...what have you done to me Fiona? Give me my soul back.

Jokes aside, this may not be a 10, but this is the real deal. FTBC is an easy breath of fresh air from the generally middling, boring side of music that is singer-songwriter. Apple seamlessly blends her pop tendencies with a very earnest, personal, and emotional touch. While the record does tend to drag a bit, this is a must listen for 2020.
I'm really in the minority here but there was hardly anything on this album that stood out to me. Music I love the most encapsulates emotion, with forefront melodies really grabbing at the notion of why and how we feel as humans. Fetch the Bolt Cutters feels like the antithesis of this, and eschews any strong emotion in lieu of cacophany, quirk and humour. While I can admire when these elements are scattered throughout a project, 50 minutes of this doesn't feel warranted, and thus its lyrical ... read more
Everyone's saying this is AOTY but just you wait til Van Weezer drops. Oh boy.
Welcome to my actual review of this album. This album is insane.
In one night, it topped the aoty charts with a peak of 93.
It topped rym with a peak of around 4.5
Pitchfork gave its first 10 in a decade.

What makes this album so special? That's a very difficult question to answer. This album is unique, it is very unique. On its own it may not sound like much, but... there is so much going on here, on every track, everything seems to be crafted to perfection, everything works. The writing is ... read more
Felch the bolt cutters?

Dunt mind if I do

It's been a few days since this dropped and I've been in love with it from first listen but it really didn't seem right for me to put a review up straight away. This is a special album and I think I'm finally ready to format my feelings on it into text.

In my eyes, this is easily Fiona Apples magnum opus. While in a lot of ways it isn't too dissimilar in its structure to some of her previous works, 'Fetch The Bolt Cutters' sees Fiona at her most enthralling, sharp, ... read more
incredibly overrated album.

for aoty graphomaniacs this album is only another hollow reason to write their rave reviews
Ooooh Fiona Apple is here, and this time she is fully in control of her music.

One of the main caracteristic of fletch the bolt cutters is her percussion and oh boy they are so inventive ! Just take Relay, the work is astonishing. She is waving with different rythmic which could have turned a big mess but no, every part of the tracks are pretty much mastered. There are not just percussion, the usual piano is here but also "jazzy" instrumentation here and there (Ladies is a good ... read more
Intricately produced and arranged, dense and layered unlike many albums I've ever heard before and what I've come to find to be one of the most jarring albums I've ever heard, Fetch The Bolt Cutters took a while to really figure out. I still don't know the meaning of everything here. This album sounds like something I've heard before but it's such a unique experience at the same time as the way every sound was placed completely takes it to new territory. Every sound in this album is completely ... read more
What it is Taxi Driver or The Godfather 2 for cinema, what it is The Giaconda for painting, what it is Romeo and Juliet for the theater, and so on, it is what it is Fiona Apple's Fetch the Bolt Cutters for music: an indisputable greatest masterpiece. No question.
AOTY Frontrunner

After an eight-year wait, Fiona Apple finally delivered to us her fifth opus, Fetch the Bolt Cutters. The album delivered sees Fiona at her most unshackled and most audacious hour; a rambunctious collection of thirteen tracks that has as much bite as it does poise.

Studying Fiona Apple’s catalogue, one of the most fascinating things that springs up is the how her music tends to be very personal. Her art strikes me as a mere vehicle for her thoughts and emotions; a ... read more
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