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Goddamn it man. This is really, really good. Maybe it's because I went into this expecting beginner quality stuff but I really, really liked this.

To start, I don't know where you get all this stuff but damn. Your personality, fun and engaging. Your lyrics, pretty damn good and unique. Your beats, for the most part spectacular. Your topics, ehhhhhh.

That's my main problem with this album. It's tonally all over the place. It starts out with some pretty serious sounding stuff, but the last ... read more
This was actually surprisingly pretty damn good. I really didn't know what to expect going into this, but ! is full of really fun songs with energetic deliveries, some good flows, and some really great beats.

I feel like the majority of this record is very enjoyable and worth the listen, especially since it's pretty damn short, but it definitely hits its peak at the latter half of the album. While the opening few tracks are certainly good tracks, I feel like it doesn't really show Sol at his ... read more
This is actually a solid project. The instrumentals are great, and the vocals compliment them really well. I enjoyed it, well done dude! :)
I didn't know what to expect, mainly because of the slowthai & Joey Bada$$ influence (haven't listened to them except for features). But, I'm pleasantly surprised.

I think the one glaring flaw is when he says that he can't sing (or he needs vocal lessons, when he's pretty decent anyway), or PROJECT OUT SOON, or any similar things. It totally killed the mood of a lot of the tracks for me. The other glaring flaw, is "garlic bread". I just think some concepts are better left ... read more
Yeah so, the first song with the bass guitar riff was really good and your accent combined with the beat really reminded of an Aussie Hip-Hop song, like some peak Hilltop Hoods. That track sounded like a rock/indie/hip-hop mashup, nice work. MAN! went more into the trap era with a kind of A$AP and Blueface, or that's what I thought it sounded like, but unlike Blueface your actually spitting. WHY! is probably my favourite because the beat was so smooth and Jazzy, with the saxophone that really ... read more
It's got some pretty impressive production and good beat choice. along with confident delivery and some cool concepts. also garlic bread is hilarious. Definitely a very good squadeca album. One of the server's best.

WET! 73/100 (Good)
MAN! 72/100 (Good)
WHY! 79/100 (Good)
RAW! 81/100 (Great)
GRR! 75/100 (Good)
HMM! 77/100 (Good)
HUH! 78/100 (Good)
garlic bread: 77/100 (Good)
It’s definitely a solid body of work with some decent production, confident flow, and some fun and dark lyrics.

Not everything is exactly solid, but when you realize it was made in 8 days, it gives you a new context.
Very positive debut album from Edinburgh rapper Sol.

Enjoyed the lyrics and beats on "!". This album put me in a good mood.

The latter half of the album, from "RAW!" onwards, was slightly more interesting.

I'm no connaisseur of rap music, but I can tell that Sol is an artist to keep an eye on. Excited to hear more from Sol!
Straight fye.
This project sees Sol showcase a dynamic flow and that he’s a capable lyricist, even if it’s a project by a still-needs-to-mature artist.

Full review:
Thanks for leaving the shout @saulrennie, I'm always excited to listen to new voices and especially newcomers who are actively engaging with others (on a somewhat personal level) to promote their work, but like not in an obnoxious insta comment way.

I would say yea, there is definitely a lot of potential here. First of all, the instrumentals, although a little all over the place, all compliment the vocals really well. I absolutely love the grimey, bass line centered WET! and the smooth, jazzy ... read more
After looking at some previous projects coming out of Squadeca, I was a little worried walking into this. I'll be honest, I didn't know Sol's music too well other than the verses he spat on our cyphers. And after hearing this, damn I've been missing out on something special.

WET! - 93
Starting out strong with an awesome beat choice that just bangs. Sol's flow on this track is so damn solid, and the writing ain't bad either.

MAN! - 72
Not as hard as the last track, but a clean hook and ... read more
Holy Shit, this is banging. Front to back, every single song captivated me from the get-go. Scottish bias is non-existent. The flows are perfect, the beats are slick, the accent adds another dynamic on top of the eclectic personality. A good culmination of ideas with lots of potential, p.s, the Spongebob sample was hilarious and a great way to close it out.
Definitely hit me up when you drop stuff again, because I'd be more than happy to listen to it.
SOL- ! - Review

WET!: With an interesting rock loop over odd noises and some hard drums. I like the first verse, it kept getting better on better, the energy brought can be admired, and while the chorus grows on you, in my opinion it gets a little bit tiresome, and the guest verse from Bragginz isn’t bad at all, but compared to the Sol’s verse is heavily underwhelming.

MAN!: With an almost entirely different instrumental, Sol has a chance to prove his versatility, and he does. ... read more
Not bad. Not bad at all. Lose the bonus track and it’s a 72/73. Some conscious stuff, some harder hitting stuff, it’s a decent bit of work, some of the tracks are pretty good. Actually sounds as if it has been produced well too, which is nice. It’s kinda strange hearing Scottish rap (and it doesn’t help the fact that I’m fucking Scottish), but we can make it work. Overall, solid, a few things I wasn’t keen of, some nitpicks and things I’d have taken ... read more
Enjoyable but underwhelming. Pretty solid instrumentals rapper that's lacking a lot in identity and cadence. A lot of the flows a pretty amateur sounding and not really in an admirable way like an early verse from a rapper before they got big might have, but more in a way where it sounds like someone's trying to replicate a lot of the vocal patterns of what a rapper "should" sound like. A lot of the lyrics just felt really generic, even if the experiences that fuel them might be real. ... read more
It sounds like it's an album from a famous rapper.
This is okay album, but my favorites: wet, man, huh.
good luck in your next albums!
I’m not really sure how to explain the album because I’m not much of an album critic myself, but I feel like every each and one of these songs sounds like they were trying to inspire Injury Reserve. It sounds a lot like something that Injury Reserve would make. I’d say, you could totally get along with them very well at this point. However, every each and one of the songs and beats have a really great UK Grime and UK Trap vibe to it.
Here are my ratings on the songs

WET!: ... read more
WET! ft. Bragginz - 78 (Nice, replayable)
I love both verses, Bragginz's and Sol's. The chorus is a bit off, it's just okay.

MAN! - 62 (Mid)
The first verse is pretty good, the hook is mid again, and I'm not too fond of the second half of verse 2.

WHY! - 87 (Good)
Both verses are really nice, and I actually like the hook this time. The production is okay, but repetitive. The outro is really nice.

RAW! - 92 (Almost perfect)
I like his verse and the bridge a lot, and the hook is nice. I love ... read more
good album bro!
This album is so fucking amazing. It really showcases how diverse you can be. Sol and all the features go stupidly hard, the production and engineering quality is incredible for an amateur project, and overall sets the bar VERY high for upcoming rappers.

Mixing: 19/20
The mixing is very good. I don't know who did it (may have been caelix) but everything about the mix is great. Sometimes, like maybe on Garlic Bread it could use a bit more of something on the vocals to make it stand out, like ... read more
! is the debut project of the Scottish lyricist Sol. This EP comes right out the bat with a catchy and energetic track WET! This energy along with the lyrics bring you in and let you know Sol is serious and will do whatever it takes to be successful in hip hop industry. This track is a great attention grabbing opener to have up front.

Following the energy of WET!, Sol brings us into some more melodic and chill tempo songs MAN!, WHY!, and RAW! to truly show his ability to diversify within ... read more
UK Hip-Hop is really not my scene like at all, so I'll try to be objective since I can't be subjective, this project as a whole sounds very well produced and put together. The flow from the WHY song sounds like Tinie Tempahs flow off of Pass Out. Actually I get a good amount of Tinie Tempah vibes from this record. Since I have 0 knowledge in UK Rap I might be wrong. Overall if you follow the UK scene there's no reason to overlook this record.
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