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red apple eater >:-(
from an unknown.

Edit: Yeah, sorry, this grew off me super hard. As with every other Insomnia Cafe member's debut, it's got some great ideas, but is crushed by overwhelming length. It's still very etheral but most of the time I'm very unengaged.

I've been meaning to try out something from Elitimesfour's catalog for the longest time, as contemporaries such as MALNEEZY, Concrete Castles and Alkaline Pink have all impressed me with their music in the past. So getting a Shout from them asking me ... read more
you could have dragged out this aesthetic until at least 30 minutes. That's how good the atmosphere of this project is. Some amazing ideas, and lots of AAL influence if I am not crazy. Just wish it was longer, with even more ideas. Love the experience/field recording style of this project
if you times eli by four, is it elielielielieli or eeeelllliiiii?
24:01:2020, 00.26
I was not expecting to be instantly greeted with a 13 minute song when I turned on the album, though I am open to the idea haha.
I am a total sucker for this type of sort of ambient house influenced stuff. 4/4 kicks with some kind of wacky hats over anything electronic will most likely interest me. And this is no exception. But I did think the first part felt stretched out, you could have easily cut a minute off. But once again I am absorbed when that first beat switch comes ... read more
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Added on: March 28, 2020