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how i'm feeling now
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Cover art makes me wanna sex.

But asides, I think everyone here is at this point aware that this is one of the most anticipated albums of the year. Charli, still fresh off the massive success that is Charli, decides to make a "quarantine LP" with the few producers that got locked in with her at her place.

If you haven't heard Charli, it's an incredible pop album, that succeeded to cross the bridge between mainstream pop recipes and experimental detours, most notably from the PC ... read more
Welp I know what I’m covering Friday

Edit: I enjoy this, this is a fun project. There are a good handful of tracks on here that feel tasteful, especially the songs produced by Dylan Brady. Overall though, this doesn't match the quality of the album Charli XCX dropped last year "Charli."

That project felt catchier, more immediate, more emotional, and more focused. It had tons of material, but all of it felt necessary. Much of this new album feels like filler. The moments on ... read more
Isolated, Charli offers us a fantastic and particularly energetic new project, which not only displays the inexhaustible talent she has, but also continues her crazy race for innovation.

In the space of 7 months Charli is ravaging the pop world, as if her latest super hit album wasn't enough for her. To our great joy she is not content to enjoy success as most would have done, she is thirsty to go even higher. At the top of PC music and Bubblegum bass, she is "slowly" leaving a ... read more
She don't miss 💯

Charli XCX is an artist that has never failed to disappoint me after she started doing her more Bubblegum Bass sound. True Romance and Sucker had their highlights, and songs like Famous, Doing It, and You (Ha Ha Ha) still bang to this day, none of them are as good as her music that came after. She had one of the best songs of the 2010's, Vroom Vroom, with the whole EP having some of the most fun and forward thinking pop music at the time, and easily making it her best work ... read more
For a project that's been hard in the works for over a month in quarantine, this is really fucking impressive! Minus a couple of ideas that could've been fleshed out more, "how i'm feeling now" provides banger after Banger after BANGER! The production is top-tier bubblegum bass shit, Charli's pop songwriting is all here and accounted for and it contains some of her best material to date! Not only is "how i'm feeling now" a rousing achievement when it comes to quarantine ... read more

What surprises me so much about Charli XCX's new album "How I'm Feeling Now" is how everything was created, produced, and mastered IN quarantine. The REAL definition of bedroom (hyper)pop, this record catches the honest feelings and thoughts of a major pop star stuck in her home, while she'd usually be partying with friends, selling out huge shows, and just having a normal life for herself. In that sense, it's very relatable to many ... read more

Amidst all the chaos, Charli XCX has come out with her most abrasive and in my opinion, her best project to date. 'how i'm feeling now' is an album rooted in aesthetics and soundscapes that perfectly represent the homemade nature of the album, and it really is exciting to hear just how brilliantly Charli managed craft an album in so little time. The songs throughout are as intimate and retrospective as her music ever has been and are drenched in very endearing, lush ... read more
This album was made in a month, maybe just over a month. You wouldn't know that if you listened to it. This thing is incredibly polished, incredibly catchy and incredibly fucking amazing.

I wasn't the biggest fan of Charli's last full-length release, it has grown on me over time but I still find some songs lacking. This however, while a lot shorter than Charli, it feels like all the best moments taken from that album and put into one neat little package. It's noisier, it's catchier and it is a ... read more
Charli XCX is revolutionary.
At first when she released 'True Romance' people thought that she was just another edgy girl trying to make different pop music.
Then she dropped 'Sucker' which completely changed how she made music, with a punk pop kinda of album that made her known in mainstream with the iconic 'Boom Clap' single.
But she was searching for a NEW level of music, so she discovered the pc music genre and one of the best producers in history (in my opinion) a.k.a SOPHIE, which took ... read more
Charli's least material album glows with layers of vulnerability and electronic noise. The collection takes a turn from her previous release, embracing a productive roughness that allows her chaotic pop to transform into something raw and immediate. While lacking the polish of Charli, the fact that this album captures the claustrophobic anxieties of quarantine through such fun and endearing music is an accomplishment in its own right. how i'm feeling now is...well, how i'm feeling now: messy, ... read more
Did Charli really drop one of the most fun pop albums of the year? When Charli XCX released new singles I didn't listen to a single one, I thought it was too early and I thought that she would make something underwhelming but this is anything but underwhelming . This album feels more focused and consistent than her previous, still loved her album from 2019 but I prefer the production on this way more. It sounds almost familiar but it's different enough for it to be really interesting and the ... read more
This some bullshit
At the peak of one of the most undeserved streaks of success in the history of music, the trashy MySpace musician once again has shown zero artistic evolution. With her producers not doing nearly as much legwork this time around, the result is a fucking disaster.

I don’t care for the countless reviews here trying to emphasize that this album was made in a month. I do not care.

I’m just listening to a lot of tacky (anthem) and cheaply produced (i finally understand) PC Music ... read more
8/10...very good
i swear she can make any melody sound flawless.
I wasn’t as huge a fan of her last album as a lot of other people were (I still liked it a lot but it didn’t blow me away), but I was really excited to hear this. I really loved the concept of what she was doing and how she was going about doing it, like including her fans in the making of the album. I tried to avoid hearing snippets while she was making it though. I wanted to hear the finished project and then go back and watch the process. And wow I’m excited to go ... read more
while a lot shorter than Charli, it’s honestly way more impressive considering it’s was made only in 1 months and the production on some of these tracks can sound insane. Her performances on this album is pretty amazing too, while she does use autotune, she certainly has her own way of singing/rapping, and it’s all great. Also, I guess this is also her most experimental album consider it’s a lot less pop friendly, and is more wild, noisy, and wonky, which might seems ... read more
And once again, Charli XCX has ruined another normal pop fan's day.

Above all theories humankind chose to support among the years on the internet, there's one the world must stand for and defend: The one that points out how the current trending singers are acting as a key for... The most specifically strange aesthetic build. From 10000000 gecs to Sam Smith, never before have non-"mainstream" celebrities gained so much attention with the weirdest situations the music industry has ever ... read more
Wow! What a sound CHarles has birth with their sound. Very happy music. Very must listen if like music like Charli XXC
Charli delivers a huge improvement from last year's Charli with a much more focused album. If you read my review of the Charli album last year, I admired it's creativity but it didn't really stick with me and it didn't feel that focused to me. This year however, Charli has proven me wrong and delivered a very focused and fun album. I know Oh is going to say "When the Dankest Meme reviews something other than hip hop he's going to say that he hasn't heard much of this genre but he likes ... read more
Haha bass go boom

how i'm feeling now is the 4th studio album from modern pop icon Charli XCX. I haven't delved that deep into Charli's discography up to this point, my only encounter with her music up until this point was her 2019 album Charli which I do remember enjoying but since then I haven't listened to that album much. From that album though I was shown that Charli is more than just another run of the mill pop artist, she was someone who seemed to be capable of pushing the boundaries of ... read more
I mean... I'm just kinda loving this. And I wasn't even a huge Charli fan. This hits the spot though. The tracks feel a lot more fresh to my ears, and many of them are just CATCHY as hell. I could listen to many of these tracks all day long. I'm all aboard this new wave of hyperpop and I'm hoping Charli continue to put out great music in the genre.
Such an effective snapshot of Charli's quarantine. From exaggerated love songs from being cooped up with her boyfriend for a month + to missing life on the outside, Charli lets us into her mind for the last few weeks. The production is killer thanks to her talented collaborators and the lyrics and delivery are just right for the mood. c.20 stands out for me the most. I love how it continues Click from "Charli" for the perfect song for friends that are separated during Corvid-19. We ... read more
All it took was an international pandemic to get Charli back on track

This is like she took everything wrong with her last album, 'Charli', and refined and expanded upon it. My biggest issue with her last album was it sounded like she was forcing in experimentalism on top 40 hits, whereas this sounds so natural and is blended perfectly. There is a lull in the middle, however, it never ceases to be an amazing experience through and through.

Fav tracks: pink diamond, forever, claws, 7 years, ... read more
This is finally here, lets go

See i love Charli for a reason, and it is how innovative she is, there are certainly way more relevant bubblegum bass artists out there, like 100gecs for example, but none of them are known on the mainstream scene of eletropop, and Chali XCX turned from pop to this experimental and alternative bass vibe, and is shifting the culture by doing it, shes an innovator and an incredibly unique and talented artist.

But this album at the end is not perfect, i feel ... read more
About as loud and fun as it can get, Charli XCX returns in less than a year since her last album Charli for an album specifically for those needing something raucous and danceable during these bleak times, constructed in less than two months over Instagram posts. As flawed as some moments can be, with not every song standing out above the rest, you have to commend Charli for being able to make something this bouncy and booming in such a short period of time.

This is pop music at its most ... read more
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