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I use the shuffle feature with this list to pick random albums to listen to. If there’s any records missing, please let me know! Currently in the process of revamping this entire list. After ...
Updated 6d ago3,524 albums 256
This list was a bunch of recommendations I wanted to send out to the world. Now I made it so that you can do it too. Doesn't have to be vaporwave, it just needs to follow some rules. #1: Real record ...
Updated 1mo ago187 albums 82
Most of the albums here are not popular or weren't popular when they were released. And most of these albums aren't really brought up for any conversation
Updated 2mo ago70 albums 18
Anything with under 50 ratings that I want to listen to (there are some exceptions here and there, though).
Updated 1mo ago549 albums 18
aka: my queue of stuff I should look at :)
Updated 2mo ago381 albums 16
1 project per artist [except if it's a split]
Updated 1w ago210 albums 13
As long as it has metal/punk/hardcore/noise/industrial/emo/dark ambient/darkwave influence it will be here
Updated 3h ago3,020 albums 10
A very long list of albums I wish to listen to soon.
Updated 2w ago2,633 albumsRanked 8
from best to the worst the list will change from time to time
Updated 1mo ago83 albumsRanked 6
An additional addon to AOTD developed during 3969. Just a fun extra thing really.
Updated 11mo ago278 albumsRanked 6
Has nothing to do with the music, just the pictures on them lol
Updated 1mo ago133 albums 6
Before I start. This list is heavily based on this Letterboxd list: I’m making this list to document the records that’ve made me feel something during feelings of a bleak, ...
Updated 1w ago138 albums 5
In order of age (Oldest to newest). Whenever I listen to one of these albums, they will be removed from this list.
Updated 59m ago1,243 albumsRanked 4
𑁍 No particular order, somewhat organized into colors. 𑁍 I will try updating as frequently as possible, (although I am somewhat ...
Updated 1d ago348 albumsRanked 4
Updated 1y ago39 albums 4
Updated 1mo ago2,568 albums 4
List of "Disturbing" albums that I've seen people talk about on iceberg charts and through recommendations. But honestly, most of these probably aren't even that disturbing. I have never ...
Updated 3mo ago68 albums 3
List was originally a list of my 100s ranked but I thought it would be cooler if I added everything I've listened to. There's probably at least 1 album I've missed or forgot to add, but I try to get ...
Updated 10h ago828 albumsRanked 3

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